Is Cainiao Tracking Fake in 2023? [Revealed]

Is Cainiao Tracking Fake in 2023? [Revealed]

You’re expecting an order from AliExpress, and Cainiao is the logistics company responsible for the shipping. You are also keeping a close eye on the tracking alerts, and nothing makes sense.

Cainiao Network, the logistics part of Alibaba Group, started Cainiao Carrier Service in 2013 as a logistics platform. It works as a middleman between AliExpress sellers and shipping companies, which speeds up the process of getting orders shipped.

The service works with a huge network of shipping partners, including national and international courier services. As of May 2018, Cainiao was worth 100 billion yuan and was one of China’s biggest “unicorn” companies.

Is Cainiao tracking Fake?

So Let’s Start..

What is Cainiao?

Wait, for real? I was buying an FPV plane kit and chose one of the sellers that specified around 2-3 week delivery and Aliexpress shipping. Some cheaper ones had Cainao shipping and 2-month delivery. The seller shipped it (there was a whole ordeal about that, too), but it showed up as Cainao shipping. Even though they specified it was Aliexpress.

It should have arrived based on the estimated delivery, so they just ripped me off and didn’t send it by plane. (Some tracking website says “Hand over to airline” on June 2. It usually takes 1-2 days until the next update, and we’re on two weeks)

If it doesn’t arrive next week, I’ll open a dispute and get my money. That’s what the Aliexpress support did without telling me anything when I asked about the package, and then they closed the chat. I am okay with packages taking a while to arrive, but ONLY if the seller specifies it in the listing.

Cainiao is a service from Aliexpress, so if your option was Aliexpress SAVER, it’s the same as Cainiao. If your method was Aliexpress STANDARD, the seller just used the cheaper option to cut costs. Since my old reply was four months ago, nowadays, I get items around 25 days with Cainiao/AE saver, so it’s okay. From the point of “hand over to airline,” it supposedly arrives after about a week and is received in 7-10 days.

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Is Cainiao tracking fake?

Cainiao may provide a fake tracking.

I order parcels to Cyprus, delivered here by local post service. The problem is that all tracking numbers provided by Cainiao are not traced in any post-tracking service, including Cyprus Post. But.. Cainiao is showing parcel movement as if it is traceable. How is it possible in their system if any other country provides no information?!

Also, almost all parcels from Ali to Cyprus delivered by Cainiao service are delayed by 3-4 months. I can only imagine this if Cainiao ships these parcels to the EU in containers around the African continent. Okay, but stop providing fake tracking and delivery estimates!

If you try to open a dispute, Ali relies on the tracking information from Cainiao, and you lose this dispute without a chance to appeal because, according to Cainiao, your parcel is on final delivery! What a scam!

Also, the tracking numbers format is strange: UA – stands for Ukraine as the sender, and HU – Hungary is a receiving country.. what?

Cainiao is one of the slowest options for Europe since they use trains. Their transit country was Belgium six months ago, but now it seems hungry. I can get the item in about 35-40 days in good times. With COVID and the new EU tax law, we noticed that we get more delays and receive items within 45-70 days. Depends also on local backlogs.

As for your tracking number, if your order was from a few days ago, the seller gave you the wrong one or is trying to scam you. Ask the seller about it and show a screenshot of the details showing last year’s dates. If and when you can open a dispute, make the same claim. The seller provided fake tracking and showed them your order details, showing the order date and then the tracking details, marking the dates of 2021.

UA means it is untraceable, not Ukraine. HU is correct, Hungary. UA numbers are mostly traceable only within China, so that you won’t get any other info in official post offices worldwide. You can also use the trackchecker app on phones/Windows apps to check the status.

Cainiao Tracking Controversy: Fact or Fiction?

A recurring concern among AliExpress shoppers is the authenticity of the tracking information provided by Cainiao.

Let’s face it, and this is probably why you have reached this article in the first place… your experience with Cainiao has led you to question whether the tracking is fake.

Some online forums have comments from customers claiming that the tracking updates appear inaccurate, delayed, or even fabricated.

Let’s explore this controversy in a little more detail:

1. Cainiao Tracking Accuracy

AliExpress sellers often give customers tracking numbers that can be used to see where their items are in the shipping process.

Even though delays and wrong tracking information can happen for many reasons, such as customs clearance, limited carrier updates, or unexpected logistical problems, it is important to tell the difference between rare glitches and systemic issues.

2. The Complexity of Global Logistics

The complicated nature of foreign logistics can make it hard to keep track of things.

Once a package is given to a shipping company, Cainiao uses the company’s tracking system to find out where the package is at all times.

Problems can happen when the systems of different companies need to match up, which can cause tracking information to be late or wrong.

Also, some carriers stop following a package once it leaves China, so there can be long gaps between tracking messages.

Customers get new information once the item arrives at its final location and is tracked again by the local carrier.

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3. Communication and Transparency

Cainiao has implemented ways to make it easier for customers and AliExpress sellers to talk to each other and share information.

For instance, they added the “Seller’s Shipping Method” to give more transparent information about shipping carriers and estimated arrival times.

This project aims to improve the customer experience and make tracking changes less confusing.

Who delivers for Cainiao?

UPS, ZTO Express, FedEx, Pony Express, Yunda, and YTO Express are some of the best shipping companies that Cainiao works with.

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Who delivers for Cainiao?

Some of the best delivery firms that Cainiao partners with are UPS, ZTO Express, FedEx, Pony Express, Yunda, and YTO Express.

Is Cainiao real?

Today, Cainiao is one of the largest logistics solutions companies in China.

How accurate is Cainiao?

The company appears to have accurate tracking but still receives many complaints. Cainiao is one of the slowest shipping options, so customers use the tracking information to see how long orders are sitting in warehouses, not moving while waiting for packages to arrive.

How long does Cainiao take to deliver?

Shipping MethodShipping TimeCost (1-10 Best)
Cainiao Super Economy30-50 days10
Cainiao Expedited Standard20-40 days8
Cainiao Super Economy For Special Goods20-40 days8
AliExpress Standard15-45 days7

Does Cainiao use planes?

Our companies operate the world’s largest fleet of 747 freighter aircraft, providing customers with the broadest array of Boeing 747, 777, 767, and 737 aircraft for domestic, regional, and international cargo and passenger operations.

How can I contact Cainiao?

Where is Cainiao based? Hangzhou, China. Head Office

  1. Address: Room 1A, 23 Floor, Saigon Centre 2 Tower, 67 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam.
  2. Telephone: +84 866 78 78 60.
  3. Email:
  4. Website:

How does Cainiao deliver?

Cainiao is a global order-tracking website. They do not ship. Instead, they partner with different shipping companies to be able to track their packages and show which step of the shipping process the shipment is in. If the package shows lost or pending, or the delivery can’t be made, contact the shipping company directly.

What is Cainiao warehouse?

Cainiao’s proprietary warehouse management system leverages artificial intelligence (AI), cloud, and automation in smart warehouses to support the exponential rise in demand and parcel volume during global shopping festivals such as Double 11.

Is the tracking number fake?

You can check the tracking number’s format on the carrier’s website. It’s real if your tracking number matches the carriers’ format. If the format doesn’t match, the tracking number is fake.

What does Cainiao sell?

Cainiao provides warehousing and parcel tracking services. The company operates a logistics data platform that offers access to information and delivers shipments to any city. It caters mainly to the online and mobile commerce sectors. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

What is an example of a tracking number in Cainiao?

Your tracking number will have anywhere from 10 to 20 digits and letters. Two capital letters (usually “LP”) will always be the first in your number; random numbers should follow them. An example of a tracking number is LP37523395482.

What is the return policy for Cainiao?

Upon successful pick-up, consumers will receive a return order code to enter into the app, complete the return process, and initiate payment refunds. Cainiao has also upgraded its app’s pricing transparency for customers’ shipping preferences.

Is Cainiao under Alibaba?

Alibaba Group Holding’s logistics arm Cainiao unveiled an express delivery service on Wednesday to facilitate sales from its e-commerce platforms, in Joe Tsai’s first major business move since he was named incoming group chairman last week.

What is the company name of Cainiao?

Founded in 2013, Cainiao Network (“Cainiao”) is a smart logistics company and the logistics arm of Alibaba Group. As part of its commitment to create customer value, it adopts a collaborative approach to logistics that aims to improve efficiency and customer experience for all players along the supply chain.

Conclusion: Is Cainiao tracking fake?

Even though what I’ve said above might make it seem like I’m backing Cainiao and trying to dispel concerns about the accuracy of the tracking information, it’s essential to make it clear that things aren’t as simple as they seem.

AliExpress is in charge of a huge amount of global transportation, so there are bound to be mistakes and delays. But they mean something other than that Cainiao’s tracking skills are broken systemically. They could be better. Very likely, yes, but were they made to be fake? That shouldn’t be likely at all.

At the end of the day, if you are getting bad tracking reports, this answer doesn’t help you. I hope you get your order soon, though.

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Is Cainiao Tracking Fake in 2023? [Revealed]