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Home » Is getting a snake tattoo bad? Does it symbolize anything bad?

Is getting a snake tattoo bad? Does it symbolize anything bad?

Is getting a snake tattoo bad? Does it symbolize anything bad?

Is getting a snake tattoo bad? Does it symbolize anything bad?

Interpreting tattoos is like peering into a complex mosaic of culture, symbolism, and personal significance. Some might immediately think, “Snakes? Bad news. That’s original sin, temptation, and all that Garden of Eden jazz.” And that’s a valid historical context snakes have often been cast as the villains in religious and mythological texts.

But flip the coin, and you’ll see a whole different side. In many cultures, the snake is seen as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. Think about it: snakes shed their skin and appear shiny and new. It’s the ultimate metaphor for transformation. So, if you’ve gone through a personal metamorphosis, a snake could be the perfect emblem for your new chapter.

In Eastern philosophy, snakes command a different kind of respect. Take Kundalini yoga, for instance—the serpentine energy at the base of the spine that, when awakened, can lead to spiritual enlightenment. And then there’s the whole realm of medicine: the Rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, remains a symbol of healing and medicine today. Let’s remember our slithery pal’s contribution to the medical field.

Now, let’s talk about personal symbolism. Maybe you think snakes look cool. They have this sleek, primal aesthetic representing cunning, power, or even protection. Here’s the crux: A tattoo means what you want it to mean. Your skin is your canvas, and its designs are your stories. Before you ink up, remember that tattoos are more permanent than most marriages. Your perspective on what’s “bad” might evolve, but that tattoo is sticking around.

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Is getting a snake tattoo bad? Does it symbolize anything bad?

So, if you’re in Portland, OR, looking out at the rain and considering that snake tattoo, ask yourself: “What does the snake mean to me?” If you can answer that with something personal and positive—then that’s your truth. Embrace it. And maybe, just maybe, that snake tattoo will be the start of a personal renaissance. If you’ll excuse me, I feel the pull of those gorgeous Oregon trails calling my name. I have to recharge amidst some of that lush greenery. And who knows, I might spot a snake out there—sans tattoos, of course.

There’s no universal language whereby every tattoo of a specific thing means the same thing. Snakes can represent a lot of different things. To some, they represent change because of how shakes shed their skin. They can represent healing, such as the caduceus symbol.

To some, they can represent gaining knowledge based on the story in Genesis. They could just represent that someone loves snakes and other reptiles as species or keeps them as pets.

I have a snake tattoo myself. It’s in front of my ear, and it’s the sigil of a character in a book I have loved for decades, and it was adapted into a TV show a few years back. This is a character I named my cat after, and the fandom of this book and show is lovely and supportive, which made the pandemic a lot more bearable for me.

Animals have long been used to symbolize characteristics people wish to ascribe to themselves. Thus, a badger is a fierce fighter who never backs down. But it helps to know (or ask) the person with a tattoo what it means to them because it might not be what you assumed.

For many these days, rattlesnakes (as on a Gadsden flag, “Don’t tread on me!”) mean something different (& likely political) than for someone like me, who loves rattlesnakes for who they are. To many people, snakes represent danger & aggression, but to those of us who know & understand the real creatures, they’re shy & fascinating souls that aren’t out to ‘get’ anybody.

A similar thing happens with dog breeds, like Dobermans & pit bulls- many dog lovers see them as devoted family pets, but to others, they may send a chill because of associations with how these dogs are sometimes misused. Back to a snake tattoo, if the snake depicted is mouth open, showing fangs & in a fighting posture, it will send a much different message than if the snake is peacefully coiled up or flicking its tongue. Body language makes a difference for all things.

What is the truth about salvation?

The truth about salvation is that we have to become one with God. But we do not go to a paradise somewhere up in the sky, where we meet God on the day of judgment — this is a lie. The truth is that we will all die. The body will die. But before we are dead, let us get it into our heads that we need enlightenment.

We need realization; we need liberation. We need unification with the Divine. This is salvation. Some people call it Nirvana. Some people call it Moksha. The truth is that it is because of ignorance that we are suffering here on earth. And heaven and hell are not on some distant planet.

We experience them when we take rebirth. If we realize that we’re not the body, mind, or ego, we are the Divine Soul. Then, we will achieve that goal of salvation, Moksha, and Nirvana.

Can tattoos have harmful long-term effects?

Most of us consider human Skin as just a tunic, but it is actually much more than a simple wrapper. It shields and protects, controls the temperature and water content of the body, manufactures some very important vitamins, and conveys sensation whether the coffee cup is too hot or the handshake too cold.

Most of the complex structures of the Skin, like the pain receptors, the nerve endings, and the sweat gland complexes, are located deep inside a layer called the ‘dermis.’ The dermis is protected by a covering called the ‘epidermis,’ a fast-growing layer, the top of which flakes off continuously, acting as a bumper to the dermis.

Who is Yamato in One Piece?

It takes the brunt of most daily-life traumas, like rubbing, scratching, and bruising. Normally, nothing gets past the epidermis except a bullet wound in the war field, a knife attack from a backstreet assassin, or the more common injection prick from the nurse.

Imagine the quiet, sleepy dermis waking up one fine morning to an unknown intruder. A dark blob of a complex chemical, delivered by a sharp needle, deep into the dermis at a speed of 50 times a second, a plan more sinister than the ‘dermis’ had ever imagined.

The overwhelmed dermis does what it is meant to do. It sounds like a fire alarm. Local blood vessels are dilated; cells that fight infections are recruited and quickly transported to the site. Suddenly, the quiet town of Dermis turns into a battlefield.

Neutrophils, phagocytes, and macrophages, all the top-ranking anti-terrorism cells of the body, move in with the idea to gobble up and digest the intruder with strong intracellular enzymes. Human immune cells are programmed to do that. But human plans are much more sinister. The Tattoo ‘ink’ is designed to be an indestructible chemical resistant to intracellular degradation.

The activated immune cells gobble up the ink and die. The dead cells contain the ink inside their dead bodies. The fibroblasts form a strong envelope to contain the damage, making sure the dye would not fade with time. However, the non-degradable ink remains inside those cells permanently.

A tattoo done in an aseptic ‘licensed’ ‘hygienic’ parlor by an ‘authorized’ specialist is considered safe in the US and UK. However, even the US Red Cross prohibits a person who has received a tattoo from donating blood for 12 months, while it is six months in the UK, just to make sure that you have not acquired a blood-borne infection.

Chance of needle-related infections like hepatitis and HIV could occur if disposable needles are not used. In 1995, after more than 13000 cases of tattoo-associated hepatitis made headlines, licensing of parlors became stricter in the US.

In 2006, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia, reported 44 cases of antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus infection (MRSA) from unlicensed tattooists. As long as an approved dye is used, allergic reactions are rare. However, many colored tattoo dyes use mercury and azo, and their safety is questioned.

Some traditional tattoo inks contain metallic salt, including toxic lead. It is estimated that up to 20 micrograms of lead may be present in a stamp-sized tattoo. It is estimated that 40% of the colors used for tattoos in the US and Europe are not approved for cosmetic use.

Metallic salts in tattoos can interfere with MRI scanning, where strong magnetic fields used for this scanning excite the metallic molecules. Burn, bleb, and skin peeling of the tattoo area after MRI scanning have been reported. In India, with a lax health licensing system, where we are trying to fight needle recycling and fake medicines, tattoo licensing is a nonissue.

Finally, in the era where change is a norm, we expect fashion to change – dresses, shoes, jewelry, hairstyles, everything. Cut hair would grow, the new dress would replace old ones, and recycled jewelry would give you the latest look, but the pigment delivered deep inside your dermis will not unless you are ready for another painful, expensive, and long session to undo the tattoo by laser treatment.

A fingernail-sized tattoo might need 5 to 10 sessions of Laser therapy to remove it, costing Rs. 500 to 1000 per session, taking a time period of up to 12 weeks, with variable results.

So outdated or not, it will be there for life. Be ready and prepared to explain that skull and snake stuff to your spouse, your kids, and perhaps a couple of decades later, to your grandchildren. If Skin had a political affiliation, it would have put up a poster: “ We want justice; we are not a canvas.”

What does a snake tattoo symbolize?

There is no single meaning for a snake in a tattoo because snakes are a virtually universal symbol.

A serpent could represent:

  1. Satan (by way of the Bible);
  2. Yulunggur, a giant serpent from Aboriginal legend;
  3. Jormungand, the serpent in Viking legend, is wrapped around the earth and is said to cause earthquakes by tightening his coils.
  4. It could refer to the Chinese zodiac.
  5. A python could refer to Ibo traditions.
  6. A cobra could refer to Shiva or to ancient Egypt.
  7. A rattlesnake could refer to American independence or to the Maya/Aztecs.

This list is not exhaustive. But the simplest explanation is that a person with a snake tattoo may simply like the way that it looks. Not everyone who gets a tattoo attributes deep, esoteric meanings to the image.

What is your opinion on girls who get tattoos of snakes and spiders? Do you think they are bad luck symbols or something like that? Do you know any stories behind such tattoos?

My 26-year-old daughter got a wonderful realistic tattoo of a King Cobra on her lower calf. She did that as an homage to me since the King Cobra is my favorite snake, and she was raised around snakes her whole life.

She has several other tattoos, none of which impressed me as much as the cobra, lol. She’s a great person, and her tattoos simply speak to her own individualistic style. It’s not for everyone, but she likes it, and that makes her happy, and that makes me happy.

What does a snake tattoo symbolize?

Hey there! Snake tattoos are a favorite among ink enthusiasts, and they can represent a whole host of meanings depending on the person and the cultural context. So, let’s shed some light on the versatile and enchanting world of snake ink!

Snakes have been fascinating humans for millennia, and it’s no wonder they’ve found their way into the world of tattoos. One of the most striking aspects of snake symbolism is transformation and renewal, thanks to our legless friends’ impressive skin-shedding abilities.

But snakes are also associated with healing and medicine (ever heard of the rod of Asclepius?), as well as knowledge and wisdom, especially when you think about that crafty serpent from the Garden of Eden. On the flip side, a snake tattoo can represent danger, power, and protection, highlighting the creature’s venomous prowess.

And let’s not forget the intriguing duality snakes embody – good and evil, life and death, light and darkness – all wrapped up in one sinuous package. In the end, your snake tattoo’s meaning is as unique as you are, so embrace the symbolism and let it speak to your soul!

What is the medical symbol that has a snake or serpent wrapped around a pole, and what is its origin?

As far as I know, the staff is called Caduceus. It was owned by Apollo, the god of the Sun and of music. It was given to Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, in return for his musical instrument, the lyre. Caduceus has the ability to stop any two feuding creatures and make them make peace.

Hermes held the end between two snakes who were fighting, and they immediately stopped fighting and wrapped themselves around the wand. It became the symbol for medicine since it stops two things from fighting, and when we’re sick, our body is fighting something, external or internal.

Is the tattoo of a snake bad according to the Hindu religion or any sort? Is there any reference to someone who had a snake tattoo as per mythology?

I am writing about the Hindu religion and ignoring the ‘or any sort’ part of the question. ‘Hindu religion’ consists of many tribes, sampradayas (communities), panthas (schools of philosophy), etc. It may be possible that a particular tribe, sampradaya, or pantha may prohibit the tattoo of a snake for various reasons( e.g., sacredness, bad omen, etc.), but in my opinion, unlike the case of the killing of cows, there is no overt consensus among all varieties of ‘Hindu religion’ over whether snake tattooing is appropriate or inappropriate.

As far as my knowledge of Hindu mythology, snakes have been used as ornaments by demons and gods (and goddesses) alike, but none of the mythological figures that I know of have been described to have a snake tattoo or any tattoo for that matter.

My girlfriend knows I have a pathological fear of snakes. Am I wrong to be hurt that she wants a large snake tattoo on her wrist and hand?

I’m seeing a lot of answers saying absolutely not and that she is wrong. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Is she getting it just because you’re scared of them? If so, then by all means, she is ABSOLUTELY in the wrong! Is this a tattoo that she’s been planning for a while?

Is it something that has meaning for her? Does SHE really like snakes? Just because you have a fear of snakes doesn’t mean she has to feel the same way or live her life around YOUR fear. Yes, she should respect how you feel about things, but respecting you doesn’t mean that she can’t get the tattoo.

Maybe a good compromise would be the placement of the tattoo. Maybe put it somewhere you won’t have to see it every day. Maybe the compromise would be size, and she doesn’t make it quite as big as was the original plan. Or MAYBE maybe you just learn to accept that this is something your girlfriend really wants and realize that it honestly doesn’t affect you very much.

It’s not your body. You don’t have control over her; she is her own person and, with that, has the right to do whatever she wants to her body. If her getting a snake tattoo bothers you THAT much, then leave her. If you really love her, learn to deal with it! Learn to get over your fear of snakes little by little, whether that means being able to look at a picture of them or seeing them behind glass or whatever the case may be.

Whatever it is, I honestly think you just need to kind of. “Deal with it.” I don’t mean this in a rude way whatsoever, but I really do think it isn’t a huge deal for her to get a tattoo of a snake on her hand/wrist; 1) I think it would look really, really cool, and 2) it’s just a drawing of a snake. How realistic is a flat drawing on someone’s arm going to be? Yes, there could be a lot of detail about it, but it’s still on someone’s arm.

Are snakes symbols of the devil?

No. Christians believe it so because they pay attention only to the myth of the serpent in the garden of Eden, but they ignore all the other serpent myths, such as the brazen serpents used by Moses as a symbol of faithfulness/divine healing

And that were also symbols of the Seraphic order of angels, not to mention all the other times throughout myth when serpents were symbols of healing or wisdom (look up Hermes and his serpent staff or Aesclaepius). There is a reason that the symbol of the medical profession is a staff with two serpents intertwined around it.

The serpent represents Kundalini’s power, the healing fiery force that resides at the core of each of us. It is so typical that the Christian church would have a vested interest in making sure that the healing magickal force is associated with “The Devil!!!”

Should you trust someone with a snake tattoo on his face?

Having any tattoo on the face(or anywhere else that can’t be reasonably expected to be concealable from the public is an automatic red flag least regarding anyone reared in a “western” society. Even among people as recent as Generation X, it, BY DEFAULT, represented a dedication to an unconventional/unemployed lifestyle.

There are only a few lifestyles that offer a sustainable lifestyle outside of the legitimate economy, foremost among them being gangs and other criminal cultures. Nowadays, the only thing that has changed with successive generations is the proliferation of people getting face (unconcealable) tattoos.

How can I get a physique like Leon Edwards with just calisthenics?

This means more people are getting them that do NOT necessarily intend to use them as a display of dedication to a lifestyle estranged from civilized/legitimate culture. But two things should be considered. Illegitimate cultures have also increased in proliferation simultaneously, and such persons might be or have been as youths influenced or connected to such sub-cultural realities.

The high proliferation has also resulted in wider acceptance of such tattoos in the professional world, but certainly not universal acceptance. At the very least, it can be regarded as a red flag that the person is or has been easily influenced to make a very thoughtless choice, most likely involving themselves with people who are happy to encourage people to ruin their future prospects with legitimate parts of the economy.

They either have been impetuous or badly influenced youths or have, at some point, made the conscious choice to gamble with their prospects of finding legitimate work in the Western job market. You have every right and rational impetus to judge them based on this criterion of bearing an irrevocable tattoo in a conspicuous place.

While it may have no connection to their skill sets, it has every indication of the kind of decision-maker they have been and their potential proximity to criminal elements. That being said, if you feel they deserve a chance, research their visible tattoos and the generally accepted meanings behind them

Perhaps then, if you are interested in hearing what they have to say about it, go ahead and ask that person what their tats mean to THEM before you connect yourself to anything they are trying to do in life. It’s true that many people(not all) make impulsive decisions early in life and then try to work around or walk back what might be a mistake. Knowing this obligates no one to commit themselves to being an opportunity that gives any given person any chance of redemption.

Remember, tattoos almost ALWAYS mean something to the wearer or artist who did it. Most will be proud to tell people how and why they got them, assuming they like you enough to share if a person has a frivolous tattoo on their face. I don’t care what generation they belong to…. Do you really want someone who is rashly handling your money or anywhere involved in your personal or professional life?

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What does a tattoo design that snake is wrapping libra mean/symbolize? What does it represent?

There is no book on the official meaning of uniform tattoos. Tattoos can mean something different to each person. The tattoo you ask about means something specific to the person who got it done.

It may easily mean something different to you. I read the gobbledygook someone else wrote, but that’s not what such a tattoo would mean to me at all. Tattoo meanings are subjective to the person with the tattoo first and to others observing the tattoo second.

What is the meaning behind people getting tattoos of snakes around their necks or shoulders?

The meaning behind a tattoo of a snake around the neck or shoulders can vary depending on the context in which it is used and the personal significance of the tattoo to the person who has it.

In some cultures, snakes are seen as symbols of transformation, rebirth, and healing. A tattoo of a snake around the neck or shoulders could symbolize these concepts, as well as the idea of overcoming obstacles or challenges.

In other cultures, snakes are seen as symbols of protection or strength. A tattoo of a snake around the neck or shoulders could symbolize these qualities, as well as the idea of guarding oneself or one’s loved ones.

In some cases, a tattoo of a snake around the neck or shoulders may be chosen for its aesthetic appeal or because the person likes the design. It is important to communicate with the tattoo artist about your specific intentions and desired design so they can help create a tattoo that represents your personal meaning and symbolism.

Is it bad luck to have a snake tattoo?

The tattoo design can be of a snake or mongoose; there is no luck connected to it. It is your choice. But, what you need to know before getting yourself tattooed is, ‘Do you really need a tattoo?’ Are you aware of the possible skin rashes and infections? Instead of worrying about bad luck.

What does a circle snake tattoo mean?

Ouroboros is a symbol that originates from the ancient Egyptian iconography. It depicts a serpent eating its own tail. The term derives from Ancient Greece and represents the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Ouroboros tattoos are very popular

A circle can carry symbolic meaning, such as the cycle of life, perfection, ouroboros, mandala, or enso. However, the circle can also be an aesthetic or geometric tattoo design choice used to create a simple piece of body art or help in the wider design of a large-scale concept.

Is getting a tattoo of an animal that you like a bad idea? Why or why not?

Oh, I don’t think so. My daughter has a tattoo of her two dogs on her right leg just above the ankle. Just a silhouette of their unique and contrasting ears. It’s very well done, discreet, and tasteful. She loves those dogs, so why not.

Is it ok to get a tattoo?

Having tattooed most of my body, I can tell you one thing. Getting a tattoo is a decision you should make without asking anyone or without having any second doubts.

The reason is – that there is a price to pay once you get a tattoo because even in today’s day and age, there are a lot of beliefs, stereotypes, and categorizations that take place once you get yourself inked.

So my request to you as a friend is – DO NOT ASK ANYONE. Instead, do this – get a temporary tattoo (the one that can be washed off within a few days), wear it, and see how you feel. Try different designs and varieties.

And once you are absolutely convinced of one design, i.e., the one you keep putting at the exact same location – without having anyone say anything negative (especially who matters) and without you having to worry about anything – then it is time for you to go right ahead and get it.

BUT – MOST IMPORTANT – if you are under the age of 25, trust me, DO NOT GET IT. Almost ALL OF US – as we grow older – wish so many things we had done – we would never do – and getting inked is sometimes – what most people who are older – wish they didn’t do. Because 99% of the time – they would end up either

  1. Chosen another design from a better tattoo artist
  2. I never have gotten a tattoo in the first place.

I wish you all the best in deciding what is right for you.

I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo on my leg that wraps around, but everyone does snakes and dragons. Is there anything else that could work?

Why not go with the snake or dragon but make it unique to you? I always wanted a snake tattoo when I was a teenager – starting with the tail wrapped around my toe and then wrapping around my leg with the head on my upper inner thigh and the tongue out.

I never had the money for that sort of massive piece, and now I am 50; I think it would look a bit odd if I got it now. The fact you are asking us what you should get implies you are not confident in your choices. I also worked out the image before placement, but that’s me, not you.

At what temperature does honey catch on fire?

Is it bad to get a cliche tattoo even if it’s meaningful to me?

The only reason for it to be a bad idea is to go to a cheap artist just to save some money. Even if it’s a cliched tattoo idea, bring your idea to a good artist or an artist who does works in a style that you like and see what they can conjure.

That’s what I did for the geometric-styled ouroboros around my forearm. The ouroboros can be considered quite a cliched tattoo idea, but I was insistent on having one wrapped around my forearm. So I approached an artist known for his black and line work, told him that I wanted something in a geometric style, and left him to work his magic. Honestly, even on the day of the tattooing itself, I had no idea how it would eventually turn out, but the result speaks for itself:

Does a tattoo mean anything?

Some do and some don’t, depending on the person. All ten of mine mean something personal to me. I have noticed that in perhaps 45% of tattooed people. I feel and have been told by the others that 55% of them are typically “ornamental.” For example, I have seen many women with floral tattoos. And I find those beautiful, often more than mine are perceived. But that does not matter to me as far as the type of tattoos I have.

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