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Home » What Does USPS No Access to Delivery Location Mean? (Easy Solution)

What Does USPS No Access to Delivery Location Mean? (Easy Solution)

What Does USPS No Access to Delivery Location Mean? (Easy Solution)

A USPS “No Access to Delivery Location” notice from the post office is frustrating.

Not only does it mean that you missed your mail or package, but it also says little about why.

So, what do you do when USPS tells you there is “No Access to Delivery Location”?

What’s the meaning? Why is it happening, and what should you do about it? In this guide, we will answer all of these questions and more.

So let’s get going.

What Does USPS “No Access to Delivery Location” Mean?

On The face of it, the message seems clear. USPS tried to deliver the mail item to your home, but they were unsuccessful at the delivery location.

For some reason, your mailman could not get to where he was supposed to drop off your mail.

However, it is slightly more complicated than that. This failed delivery can happen for a number of reasons.

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Main Reasons You Have Received a “No Access to Delivery Location” Update

So let’s know the real reason for his not reaching.

USPS Cannot Reach Your Address

If a USPS worker cannot physically reach your address due to bad weather, an accident on the road, or construction, a “No Access to Delivery Location” will be reported.

The same is true if something in the way at your home stops delivery.

Work could be done on your house or on the street outside your house by a utility company.

Even cars parked in front of the mailbox can stop mail from getting there.

“No Access to Delivery Location” means that a USPS worker tried to send the mail item physically but couldn’t get to your mailbox or doorstep.

No Record of the Delivery Address

If your sending address is not in the USPS’s records, a mail item sent to you may say “No Access to Delivery Location” instead.

It can happen to homes that are brand new. It could also happen if the system needs a correct record of your home.

You can check with USPS to see if your location is correct.

Also, if some of your address information needed to be corrected by the shipper, it could be flagged as not being in the USPS national address database, which would cause no access to the delivery location change.

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USPS Worker Avoiding Delivery

Now, for the reason that we would like it not to be true, it is.

It is not unheard of for a USPS worker to write “No Access to Delivery Location” on a package when they haven’t even tried to bring it to your door.

It could happen in many different ways. The worker could be late with the delivery, but they plan to get to your house the next day. It could be a weekend, and they might want to leave earlier.

Your address may be hard to reach and doesn’t work for them.

All of these reasons are clearly against USPS rules. Because of this, online talks where these reasons are given cannot be checked.

But it would not be very reasonable to think they don’t happen.

What Happens to Your Package After a USPS No Access to Delivery Location?

If the USPS worker can’t deliver your mail, it will be returned to the post office and kept there.

There will be a second delivery attempt unless your address is not in the USPS system.

You can also call the post office to set up other ways for the package to be delivered.

USPS No Access to Delivery Location – What to do?

So, what should you do if you get a “No Access to Delivery Location” notice from USPS?

In the beginning, there are four main steps you should take.

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1. Contact/Visit Your Local Post Office

The first step is to go to or call your neighborhood post office. You can ask for more information about why you don’t have access.

It will help you determine what went wrong and how to stop it from happening again.

You will also be able to find out where your package is and make plans to pick it up.

If you went to your post office to find out why you couldn’t get your mail, you might also be able to pick it up immediately.

If they can tell you why the USPS worker couldn’t get in, you should try fixing the problem immediately.

2. Call USPS Customer Service

The neighborhood post office might need help to help you, or they might take a long time to do so.

If this happens, please call (or email) the main USPS customer service line.

The toll-free number for customer service at the USPS Postal Service is (800) 275-8777.

A person there can look into your case more and, if necessary, give the local post office more reasons to figure out what’s happening.

A call from the main office should be enough to get even the lazy post office managers to look into the problem more.

3. Speak to Your USPS Mailman Directly

If you can catch your local USPS worker on their route, you should talk to them about the no-access problem to find out what’s happening.

They can tell you that it might have been a one-time thing. If it’s a problem that keeps coming up, the information they give you can help you fix it.

The worker should also be able to tell you where the mail item is right now or give it to you if they have it.

4. Add the Address to the USPS System

What should you do if, after following the steps above, you find that your address is outside the USPS system?

The answer is easy to figure out. You must ask the USPS to put your home information into their database.

You’ll need to call your local post office and ask to meet with the mailman and office manager.

You should call the USPS and explain what’s going on and that you need to add a new address to their records.

You must show proof of your identity and, if possible, papers like a lease or a contract to buy a house.

You will be given a form to fill out at the post office. Once this is done, it will be scanned, and your information and address will be put into the USPS Address Management System.

The “No Access to Delivery Location” message should no longer appear.

A better way to track your mail online

Receiving a “No Access to Delivery Location” message is frustrating. As a marketer, these issues can impact your campaign and result in waste. The best solution is to sign up for Postalytics’ Mailing Service.

Postalytics automatically creates tracking status codes for each mail recipient when you create a campaign. Postalytics delivery and response status codes capture information from the USPS Intelligent Mail barcode system for delivery, so you know when they have been successfully delivered. It is another great way to track your bounce rates when sending mail.

You can view or export these in your campaign dashboard. You also benefit from receiving less “dead mail” thanks to Postalytics’ address verification tools, reducing the number of notifications that do not have access to the location for good.

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USPS “No Access to Delivery Location” can be frustrating. However, as we have seen, there are a few reasons it might occur, many of which can be cleared up by contacting USPS.

There are also steps that you can take to either remedy or prevent the situation from occurring.

That will solve your problem. In this way, apply these ideas to solve this problem. Let us know if you get help from our post in the comment.

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