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Home » What Does ”Delivered, To Original Sender Mean? USPS (EXPLAINED)

What Does ”Delivered, To Original Sender Mean? USPS (EXPLAINED)

What Does ''Delivered, To Original Sender Mean? USPS (EXPLAINED)

You are expecting a package from USPS and have received a “Delivered, To Original Sender” tracking update.

What does this mean exactly, and is there something you need to do?

So let’s continue Let’s take a look…

What Does ”Delivered, To Original Sender Mean?

The tracking update “Delivered, To Original Sender” means that USPS is sending the package back to the address of the person who sent it. It usually happens when the address information needs to be corrected or completed or when the package cannot be shipped, no matter how many times it was tried.

Next, we will tell what it means and what we can do, so let’s start.

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I Am the Recipient and I Wanted the Item Delivered

If you’re the receiver and you get a “Delivered, To Original Sender” notice when, as far as you know, no delivery attempt was made, you’ll be frustrated.

Your first step should be to call USPS and ask why the package wasn’t sent to your address.

USPS couldn’t get in touch with anyone to check the address.

Access might not have been easy, or the contact information might not have worked… In either case, if you call USPS soon enough, the package might be returned to you.

If you still need to, you must contact the person who sent the package and plan for it to be sent again.

Steps to Avoid a “Delivered, To Original Sender” Alert in the Future?

If you think this situation should not have happened, there are a few things you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Triple check Address Details

Whether you’re the recipient filling in your address on an online order or the sender making a shipping label, ensuring the address is right is the first step to avoiding return shipments.

If USPS can’t find the recipient’s address, the “Delivered, To Original Sender” update will happen quickly.

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Be Available to Receive the Package (Ensure the Mailbox is not Obstructed)

As the recipient, you would take simple steps to ensure that someone is at the address to receive any signed things or that other delivery plans are made.

Also, the mailbox should be clear of anything that could get in the way (and empty) so that new mail can fit.

Notify the Recipient

If you’re sending the package, you must let the receiver know it’s on its way and give them the tracking number.

It will let them know where their package is and give them a chance to make plans to get it if they are away when it arrives.

Include all Necessary Address Information

Ensure the shipping address has all the necessary details, like the person’s full name, street address, apartment or unit number (if there is one), city, state, and zip code.

Taking these steps will make the package less likely to be sent back to the sender without the sender’s permission.

Do I get a refund if my package is returned to sender USPS?

Can I get my money back for a package I sent back? Neither USPS nor UPS offers returns for packages that are sent back. They think their job is done because they took the package there and back.

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What happens when USPS returns to sender?

With “return to sender,” the mail worker will pick up the item, even if it was sent to the wrong address or person, and return it to the person who sent it.

Why is my package getting sent back to sender?

A possible reason for a return could be that the person who was supposed to get the package refused it. UPS couldn’t find your physical address. Unable to deliver after multiple delivery tries.

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