USPS Package Looping – What to Do In 2023? {EXPLAINED}

You’re expecting your delivery. and your USPS package is looping between facilities without actually being delivered.

Why is this happening and what can you do to solve it? so that it’s okay

Let’s take a look..

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USPS Package Looping

When a USPS package gets stuck in a loop between facilities, it’s usually because the barcode on the label is broken or there’s an extra label on the package, causing it to be re-routed over and over. You will need to contact USPS with the full details of the shipment to rectify the problem.

When a USPS package is looping back and forth between facilities/distribution centers, you know that a problem has definitely happened.

Because USPS sorting centers are so automatic, a package can go through the delivery system and end up looping without anyone on staff knowing about it.

The fact that the tracking is acting strange and showing that a loop is taking place will not always trigger any action.

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It comes down to the recipient or sender to notice the problem and then to contact USPS so that shipment can be stopped and routed according to its physical location.

In other words, a person needs help, and the only way to get that help is to call USPS.

Note: On some occasions, mail will get flagged as loop mail, bringing it to the attention of USPS sorting staff so that they can physically handle the package to resolve the problem.

For some reason, not all loop mail gets flagged, leaving you in a situation where it keeps going back and forth.

Why is the USPS Package Looping?

As the summary says, a USPS box going back and forth between facilities usually has a problem with the barcode (i.e., it is damaged or causing a miss-scan) or has more than one label.

The loop happens because there is “confusion” in the network about where the shipment is going.

The problem’s cause is only one of the important things in many ways.

The problem should be fixed by contacting USPS as soon as possible.

What Does USPS Do To Fix Looping Mail?

Most of the time, the fix is to put a trap on the package so that any sorting machine will hold it out as loop mail.
It can then be sorted by hand so it can be sent to the right place in the delivery line.

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One of these problems is a USPS package that keeps going around and around.

If the package is on its first run, the USPS network might mark it as such so that the problem can be fixed.

If this doesn’t happen, your mail item will likely keep going back and forth between facilities until you call USPS and have the package manually moved and put back on the right track.

Don’t worry too much; we hope you know the answers to these questions.

Good luck. I hope you get your package soon.

If this article helped you a little, please let us know in the comments.

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