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Home » What Does the ”Received by the Carrier” Mean In 2023?

What Does the ”Received by the Carrier” Mean In 2023?

What Does the ''Received by the Carrier'' Mean In 2023?

Your most recent AliExpress order has just sent you a tracking update, and it states, “Received by the Carrier.”

What does this actually mean? Is there anything you need to do, or where your package is?

Let’s look at this and learn about…

What Does “Received by Carrier” Mean?

A similar-sounding update is “Order information received by the carrier.” Your item is still in the warehouse in this instance, though.

The alert informs you that a shipment has been ordered by the carrier in charge of sending the consignment.

In other words, the carrier has received information on the shipment.

During this time, before the item is in the carrier’s hands, you can also get an “Awaiting Fulfillment” update.

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Where is Your Package When You See the “Received by the Carrier” Tracking Status?

Your package is still in China if this is an AliExpress order.

Depending on the method of shipping booked, the shipment is at the exit port, which may be an airport, railway, or harbor.

The fact that your item has been “Received by the Carrier” indicates that it is currently being prepared for international transit toward the destination country, much as the “received by line-haul” status alert.

My Package is Stuck on the “Received by the Carrier” Update

Unfortunately, AliExpress shipments frequently get stalled for a very long time on the “Received by the Carrier” page.

It occurs when a shipment is not scanned at the origin country’s exit point.

Your shipment may start its international transit without you having any concrete proof of it if the carrier fails to offer any updates at this point.

It is understandably aggravating for the recipient. It, however, is the reality of ordering things from China through AliExpress (or any other eCommerce company). Tracking can be limited in the early stages of a package.

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So What I Should I do if My Tracking is Stuck?

The first thing you should do if your AliExpress tracking updates are stalled is to practice patience.

Comparatively speaking, AliExpress Standard Shipping claims that delivery timeframes typically range from 2 to 6 weeks. That delivery window is quite large.

All you can do in this circumstance is sit back and trust that the box is indeed on its way, especially given that early tracking updates might be unreliable.

“No news is good news” in regards to an AliExpress shipment a lot of the time.

For example, you should be aware of your 60-day Buyer’s Guarantee Period. It indicates that AliExpress will care for you if an order does not arrive within 60 days.

When this time frame expires, and you still haven’t received your box, you should file a complaint to find out what happened to your order and, if required, ask for a refund or another item to be sent.

“Received by the Carrier” Status Alert Loop

Customers of AliExpress occasionally see the “Received by the Carrier” status signal more than once.

It happens when the initial notification is issued as soon as the item is shipped from the seller to the carrier and again when it has passed through customs and is being prepared for international transit at the exit port.

If the alert reappears after that, it typically means that there was an issue with the cargo at the carrier facility.

The consignment’s repeated attempts to depart the origin country via the appropriate transit method led to the alert loop.

It gets rescanned as it returns to the warehouse, which causes the tracking notice to recur.

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What is AliExpress?

A global online marketplace called AliExpress provides a wide range of goods at competitive costs. Due to its large variety of available items and aggressive pricing policy, it has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity, becoming a top choice for clients worldwide.

Customers who make purchases on AliExpress receive tracking notifications that help them through the delivery process. One of these notifications states, “Received by the Carrier,” informing the customer that their order has been given to the shipping business in charge of sending the item to its destination.

It’s critical to remember that until the package reaches its destination, this notice confirms that it has been delivered to the carrier and makes no other promises.

A friend of mine was concerned that her shirt buy from AliExpress wouldn’t come on time a few weeks ago when she placed her order. But after receiving numerous tracking notifications, such as “Received by the Carrier,” she could rest easy knowing that her order was on its way to her house.

The tracking alert system on AliExpress is like trying to decipher an unknown language in a dark room without a dictionary. A hangover, too.


In essence, “Received by the Carrier” is a tracking update that notifies you that the order has left the seller’s warehouse and is now in the care of the company in charge of the shipment’s international transportation.

The shipment is still in China, and there is still a great distance to travel.

Do not panic if it takes some time before you receive another update. Most of the time, the package is moving slowly forward. Visit our website to learn more about this.

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