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Home » What Is the Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly? [Meaning + How To Fix]

What Is the Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly? [Meaning + How To Fix]

What Is the Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly? [Meaning + How To Fix]

The world we live in is changing. At the same time, the ways we can improve ourselves are also changing. Remember when we wrote long letters to the people we cared about?

At that time, we were used to writing a lot, so we were good at it. We made fewer mistakes. But now, to check everything, we need tools like Grammarly.

In this article, we will learn about Intricate Text in Grammarly. So let’s get started!

What is ‘intricate text’ in Grammarly?

We know that Grammarly helps writers do their best work. It suggests that they need to write better lines. But when your words are hard to understand or too long, they make it harder than it needs to be to read them.

The highlights lines that Grammarly shows the same text that fits together. It also says to change the line to be both short and crisp. Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly

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Intricate Text

In simple words, when someone writes his sentences too long. Or, he is trying so hard that it makes the sentence hard to understand.

These texts become difficult to read for many sections of readers. Because of this, it is best to write easy texts so that everyone can read and understand them. Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly

Examples of Intricate Text

If you’re just making short, simple words, Grammarly won’t bother you. But mistakes, long lines, or words that are used more than once can make the sentence hard to understand.

2. Long, Complicated Sentences With Repeated Words.

  • The main reason they do not achieve success, despite rigorous training and hard work is concentrating on the result rather than the process.

 Here what we have seen is that the sentence needs to be shorter. To fix intricate text, Grammarly will suggest you either break this sentence or make a simple sentence. The main focus should be making the sentence crisp and easy to read.

Here we can see that the sentence has various parts, and we can easily split the sentence for easy understanding.

2. The word “They“

  • In the line above, when you say “the main reason they don’t,” Grammarly can tell you that you are not making it clear who they are.
  • When writing the sentence, ensure each word fits the rest of the statement. So that there is no misunderstanding at all.
  • You can fix the sentence by connecting the phrase and the word. Or, you could change the words.

3. The Word “this” or “that” at the Start of a Sentence.

  • You now know intricate text meaning. One should always remember that words like THIS and THAT should not be used in the first line of a paragraph. You will only sometimes know why Grammarly makes the sentence hard to understand.
  • But you can change the words for sure. So the highlighted text will be fixed as a standard one by itself. You only need to think about how simple the line you frame is.

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How to Fix Intricate Text in Grammarly?

It’s easy to fix complicated writing. Anyone who knows a little bit about language and English can fix it. And the easy thing to do is to make simple sentences. And we already know that Grammarly only shows complex text problems when your words are too long., or you are speaking in a way that is too hard to understand.

We all know that there’s a reason behind everything we write. We’re writing for kids, adults, or people of different ages. So the words are also set up in the same way. But Grammarly needs to learn about the age group you are writing for. Its job is to tell you when you use wrong, complicated words.

If you don’t know how to make your words clear but want to, you can use the “Hemingway app,” which is a complex text checker.

Is Grammarly actually good?

Yes, Grammarly works for sure. It is better than any other checker at finding spelling and language mistakes. At the end of the day, that’s what makes it most appealing. Grammarly has always gone above and beyond to help you, no matter how complicated the mistake or advice is.

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We hope you now understand what a complicated line means. Now, Grammarly makes it easy to fix these kinds of alerts. Complex writing in Grammarly is an alert in and of itself. With the help of these alerts, one can change their material. It will make your material better than others in the long run. Just make sure to use easy grammar, as if you were writing something for people of all ages.

In the end, you must have got the answers to all your questions and you must have understood, have you read the post till the last? Phrase ‘Intricate Text’ in Grammarly

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