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Home » FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending Meaning 2023 [COMPLETE GUIDE]

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending Meaning 2023 [COMPLETE GUIDE]

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending Meaning 2023

So you receive a status update from FedEx on a shipment, and it says: “Scheduled Delivery Pending”.

What’s the meaning? Can you do anything to change it? And how long until your package gets there? All of these are possible questions.

Well, we’ll go into more detail about this today so you know exactly what the planned delivery pending is. So Let’s Start exploring!

FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending Meaning

When you notice a “scheduled delivery pending” state, It means FedEx has changed its original delivery commitment, which means there has been a delay. FedEx sends a status update to let you know about the delay and comfort you that they’re doing everything they can to get the package to you as soon as possible.

So the delivery of your package has been delayed, and the status is pending. Is there anything you can do to help get things back on track?

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Should you call FedEx Customer Services?

It is up to you alone sometimes, If can tell you exactly why the package is late and report when it might arrive.

But when I talked to FedEx customer service about this problem, I mostly got a canned answer.

They are doing everything they can to get your package to you as soon as possible and keep the wait as short as possible.

They’ll tell you you can track your package to find out what’s happening.

The person will also tell you how to use the FedEx arrival Manager to get up-to-date delivery information.

In other words, it might not be worth your time, based on how long it took to get a customer service rep on the phone.

But if the state stays the same for over a day, you’ll have a good reason to call FedEx and ask why.

Reasons Your Package is Scheduled Delivery Pending?

There are a number of reasons that your package has been scheduled for delivery pending:

  • General logistical issues in transit such as flight or vehicle delay.
  • Adverse weather conditions may also impact the speed of delivery, causing delays
  • It is has made it to the local depot but has yet to be scanned ready for dispatch.
  • Covid disruption on logistical transit routes. This has impacted international shipping for the length of the pandemic.
  • Holidays and staffing issues (again covid) have also caused delays.

It’s important to keep in mind that FedEx’s tracking method is done automatically. The arrival date depends on the service you chose for your package, such as express, overnight, etc.

When it looks like the package will take longer to arrive than the service said it would, the system will automatically make a pending scheduled delivery.

Most of the time, the delay will be small, but the update will still have been made. and there’s no need to worry

Is FedEx’s Scheduled Delivery Time Accurate?

This leads to the question of how true it is. Is the state correct when it’s made?

Yes, that is the clear answer. The FedEx system is built on the information from the millions of letters and packages that move daily from one place to another.

During the delivery process, packages are scanned while they are in motion.

Depending on where it is in its journey at any given time, the system can correctly predict how far along it is about when it is supposed to arrive.

If the package is not scanned within a certain amount of time between scans, a state of “delivery pending” will be added.

There is, however, one exception to this, and it happens near the end of the trip.

The courier driver has a lot of control over the item once it has left the depot and is on its way to its final destination.

The delivery time that day will depend on where they go, how busy it is, and if they break down.

You might have to wait until the next day if they still need to finish their rounds. Your package will be late because of this, of course.

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Where is Your Package When it’s Scheduled Delivery Pending?

This really depends on where the problem happened on the package’s trip.

Taking a look at the list of causes above, packages near the source could be affected by foreign shipments with flight delays or problems with the covid.

Bad weather or delays at the depot can happen anywhere.

Using the Tracking Number on the FedEx website is the best way to discover where your package might be stopped.

This will show you where the last check took place and where the package is now.

Text Options & FedEx Mobile App

It’s a good idea to put the FedEx app on your phone. It means you can check in to find out what’s going on.

It will also let you know when the situation changes with push notifications.

Once you have the app, you must enter your shipping number to get real-time information.

If you want to send a test message, send your tracking number and the word “follow” to 48773.

You can also call 1.800.463.3339 and choose “Track package” from the menu.

Delivery Manager FedEx

FedEx’s Scheduled Delivery Pending help page suggests using the FedEx Delivery Manager to keep track of your package.

You can check on your future deliveries and even change the address of the person getting them. You can also change the arrival date and, most importantly, find out where your package is.

The service is free and has a lot of other options, so you should check it out.

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So, when you get an update that says “Scheduled Delivery Pending,” there’s really no reason to worry.

It means that FedEx is doing everything it can to get your package to you on time, but there has been a holdup.

The best thing to do is check the FedEx phone app or Delivery Manager to see when your package will arrive.

If the state doesn’t change for more than a day, call customer service to find out why and where your package is.

We hope you got a very detailed answer to this question. We’ve answered all of your questions in this article, so you don’t have to look for more information about it.

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