Urging Dispatch Meaning In Shein [EXPLAINED 2023]

You made an order with Shein, and on the page where you can track it, you see an option to “Urge Dispatch”

Just what does this mean? If you choose this choice, what will happen to your shipment, and does it make a difference?

Let’s take a look…

Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein?

Urging Dispatch Meaning in Shein just means that the parcel may have been delayed in shipping for some reason, like a quick change in weather, a holiday, etc., and that it is now being rushed to ship: “urging dispatch.”

With thousands of orders coming in every day at a fast pace, customers sometimes have trouble with their products being late.

So, the “urging dispatch” method was put in place to speed up the shipping of products and ensure customers that their orders were on their way, even though it’s not a sure thing that they will get there faster.

In simple Words, “urging dispatch” doesn’t mean anything very strong or important. Instead, it’s a way to comfort a customer.

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Does Urging Dispatch With Shein Cost More?

No, you won’t have to pay extra for the “urgent dispatch” choice.

Basically, you might as well choose this if you see it in the tracking section of your Shein account.

As I said earlier in the piece, there are no guarantees that the logistics provider will act on the Shein urge request or even have the ability to do so. As has been said, most of the time, cheap carriers are used.

So, you have nothing to lose since the delivery price will stay the same. so you don’t need to worry

Is There Anything Else to be Concerned About?

Generally speaking, this is a rather excessive option that Shein offers.

A customer said in an online review that they called Shein to ask about the choice and were told they could choose it, but it would keep the order the same.

It makes you wonder, “Why did they include it then!?”

Some Shein customers may have seen the benefit, but since they were happy, they had no reason to start talking about it online.

Please let us know if you fit that description and are reading this. Did asking for your order to be shipped right away help? If so, how much faster did your package get there?

Overall, if you see this choice in your tracking, you should click on it… You know it will only slow the arrival time if nothing else.

The good news is that you might get lucky…

How does Shein Urging Dispatch work?

When you select “urgent dispatch” at checkout, Shein will put your order at the top of the list and try to ship it as soon as possible.

It means that your order will be given importance over other orders that were made at the same time.

It’s easy to ask for something to be done.

When you’re ready to check out, look for the option to choose “urging dispatch” and add it to your order.

Shein will work to get your order shipped out as soon as possible after you place it.

When the “urgent dispatch” choice is chosen, most orders will be sent out within 24 hours.

It can change, though, based on the items in your order and where they need to be sent.

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The cost of the ‘urging dispatch’ system is $0. You won’t have to pay anything extra to use this choice, and you can choose it if your order is eligible.


The following are the benefits of the ‘urging dispatch’ system for Shein customers:

  • You might get your order sooner than the time they say it will take.
  • There’s a better chance that you’ll get the package on the expected date and time, so there won’t be any problems.
  • The system helps Shein and its users get to know each other and build trust.


Below are the challenges faced during the usage of the ‘urging dispatch’ system:

  • Not every order can use this method, so you might have to wait longer for your delivery.
  • Even if you call customer service to tell them about a delay, you can’t be sure that the delivery will be on time.

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What does urging dispatch mean in shipping?

Shein made up the term “urgent dispatch” in the shipping area. If the order is late for some reason, the company will use the system to speed up the shipping and delivery.

What Is the Difference Between “Dispatched” and “Out For Delivery”?

People often ask if “dispatched” means “out for delivery,” but when buying online, the meanings of these words are different.

“Dispatched” means that all of the information about the package has been filled out and is ready to be delivered.

“Out For Delivery” means that the item has been sent and is on its way to delivery by the mailman or carrier.

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