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Home » Is Fun Dip Gluten Free? [Full Guide]

Is Fun Dip Gluten Free? [Full Guide]

Is Fun Dip Gluten Free? [Full Guide]

Fun Dip sweets are loved by kids and adults alike. These round, multicolored treats taste great and are great when you want something sweet and sour. But people who eat gluten-free often give up this candy because they think it has gluten.

Is Fun Dip free of gluten? Yes, Fun Dip does not contain gluten. In fact, candy makers in the United States say that most sweets are gluten-free.

Still, it would be nice to know for sure that your favorite Fun Dip doesn’t have gluten in it. Read this piece to find out what the candy is made of and how to enjoy it in the most delicious ways.

Is Fun Dip Gluten Free? – Ingredients List

Fun Dip is completely free of gluten, so people with celiac disease can eat it. I looked at what these colorful sweets are made of to see if there was anything that could bother people who have gluten.

This candy is safe because it doesn’t have any bad ingredients that can make something greater. Here are some of the things that the Fun Dip candy is made of.

  • Cherry
  • Dextrose
  • Maltodextrin
  • Natural Flavors
  • Red 40 Lake
  • Citric Acid less than 2%

Most of these items are in their natural state and come straight from the package. Yes, they have colors and some chemicals, but they are not bad for your health if you don’t eat too much of them.

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Is Fun Dip Dairy Free?

Next, a lot of people ask me if Fun Dip has any dairy in it or if it doesn’t have any dairy. Yes, Fun Dip is dairy-free. It doesn’t have any egg, milk, yogurt, fish, or other ingredients that come from or are part of dairy products.

Is Fun Dip Vegan?

A: Fun Dip sweets are vegan because the sugar powder used to make them is vegan. There are no products that come from harming animals.

Tasty Flavors of Fun Dip

Now that you know Fun Dip is gluten-free and can be part of a coeliac diet, it would be great to know which types are the most popular. The brand has a lot to give, and each flavor is different in ways that will make you love it.

I’ve tried all their tastes, but the grape one blows my mind. Here are some different kinds of Fun Dip you should try.

Original Fun Dip Flavors  

  • Grape 
  • Lime 
  • Cherry

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Most Common Fun Dip Flavors 

  • Apple/raspberry (this is the flavor that changes color in your mouth and is usually loved by kids)
  • Grape 
  • Cherry 

Gluten Free Alternatives to Fun Dip

Fun Dip is already gluten-free, but if you want some tasty alternatives, I’ve got you covered. Here are some famous candies that you can try today instead of Fun Dip.

Ferrara Candy

Ferrara has a lot of well-known sugary treats. Also, the company has made some sweets that people with celiac disease can eat. The best gluten-free treats made by Ferra are:

  • Atomic Fireballs
  • Boston Baked Beans
  • Ferrara Gummies and Jellies
  • Jujubes


Hershey’s has a set of sweets that don’t have gluten. Also, most of their sweets don’t contain wheat, spelt, Kamut, triticale, farina, or anything else like that. On Hershey’s website, the following sweets are listed as “Gluten Free.”

  • Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit
  • Almond Joy
  • Heath Bars
  • Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Mounds

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Jelly Belly

The taste and look of Jelly Belly sweets are a lot like those of Fun Dip. Also, these sweets don’t have any gluten in them, so you can eat them without worry.

Is Fun Dip sour Gluten Free?

Yes, Fun Dip Sour is gluten-free and can be eaten by people on the celiac diet.

Are Fun Dips allergy free?

Yes, Fun Dips are allergy-free and do not cause allergic symptoms when eaten in limited amounts.


Now that you know Fun Dip is gluten-free, you can eat your favourite sweets. All of the new flavors from Fun Dip are free of gluten and can be eaten by vegans. But these sweets can have a lot of sugar, so it would be best to only eat them in small amounts.

Make sure to try out the different Fun Dip recipes I’ve shared in this article to enjoy this candy in different ways.

And we hope you liked this article and will also like the information we gave you. If you still have questions about it, please let us know in the comment section below.

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