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Home » How To Cancel Doordash Order Easy Way In 2023?

How To Cancel Doordash Order Easy Way In 2023?

How To Cancel Doordash Order Easy Way In 2023?

Did you order food on DoorDash to be delivered, but then something came up, and you couldn’t stay home for the night?

You should cancel your DoorDash order for many reasons, like changing your mind or finding a better deal elsewhere.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to Cancel a DoorDash order and give you tips on how to get the best results and tell you when you can’t cancel the order.

So, let’s continue…

How To Cancel a DoorDash Order

There are two options to Cancel a DoorDash Order.

You can either use the app or a desktop computer.

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1. Through the DoorDash App

The first thing you’ll do is log in to your DoorDash user account. Then, do these step-by-step things:

  • Find the “Orders” tab on your dashboard
  • The order menu offers a drop-down that shows your in-progress orders.
  • Find the order you want to cancel and click “View Order.” It should be at the top of the orders menu.
  • Then click “Help” to start canceling the DoorDash order. Clicking “Help” will bring up the Support menu.
  • DoorDash will show you the extent of your refund (full, partial, or zero).
  • Click “Cancel Order” if you’re happy with the cancellation terms.

2. Using a Personal Computer

Use your computer’s browser to go to the site. Then, do these step-by-step things:

  • Find the Hamburger menu. Typically, it’s in the left-hand corner of the landing page.
  • Select “Orders” from the drop-down menu. It should be somewhere at the top of the list.
  • Choose the order you’re looking to cancel.
  • Click “Cancel Order”

Cancel your order by following all these steps.

How to cancel your order on the DoorDash app

Go to the Orders tab and tap Help in the top right part of the app to cancel your order. Tap Cancel order in the customer service menu. Follow the steps on the screen, choose a reason for canceling, and confirm your choice.

DoorDash will tell you if you can cancel the order, how much you will be refunded, and why you are being charged if you only get a partial return. You can either confirm that you want to cancel the order or tap “Don’t cancel” if you change your mind.

How to cancel your order on the DoorDash website

Log in to your account on the website, click on the three horizontal lines icon in the top left area, and then go to Orders. Go to the order you’re working on and click Help in the upper right.

Select Cancel order to continue.

Like on the app, DoorDash will tell you the progress of your order and the amount of your refund. Then you can confirm that you want to cancel your order. You can also choose not to cancel it if you only get a partial return or the order is already on its way.

Other Ways To Cancel The DoorDash Orders

Aside from “How do I cancel my Doordash order? “buyers have many other questions. Here, we give you a complete picture, except for how to cancel a Doordash order, so you can learn the basics about how to cancel orders on DoorDash.

  • If you still need to get your order, you can cancel it at any time. But you have to move quickly if you want a refund. Let’s say you try to cancel the order when the delivery person is already at your house. Then you won’t get any money back.
  • Most of the time, a dasher can’t back out of order. If there is a problem getting the order from the restaurant, the Dasher will call customer service or ask the customer to cancel the order.
  • The right time is critical when you want to cancel a DoorDash order. You will get a full refund if you can cancel the order before the restaurant confirms it. And if a Dasher is given, you will only get a half return. DoorDash has to pay both the business and the Dasher, so that’s why.
  • There are some things you can do if you want to cancel a sale. There are times when you will get your money back in full. Here are a few instances.
  1. You get someone else’s order
  2. Missing any item 
  3. Late arrival of your order
  4. The food preparation is incorrect
  5. Delivery time extends
  6. Quality issues

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  • There are other situations besides getting a full or partial return. Doorcash sometimes gives you credits instead of cash back. The credit will work the same way as coupons. You can use these coupons on sales you place in the future. You can also give the Dashers tips with the credits.
  • If there is a problem with your delivery, like if your food gets cold, if it arrives late, if something needs to be added, or if something else goes wrong. When this happens, DoorDash will send your order again.
  • DoorDash will ask you how you want your money back if you request a return. You can get a credit or cash for your return.

DoorDash Cancellation/Refund Policy

You can cancel your DoorDash order for many reasons.

Depending on your situation, you might get a full refund or a partial return.

The order state is one of the main things that affect whether or not you can cancel and get a refund on your order.

You only have a short time after placing an order to change your mind and get a total return before the restaurant checks your order.

You can still cancel the service even after the restaurant confirms the order.

But you might have to pay for the food if the order has already been approved and cooking has begun.

The next step is to choose a driver to pick up the food and bring it to you.

You can get a 50% refund before a driver is given to your delivery.

After the driver is given the order, you are responsible for the whole amount.

You can’t cancel an order once it’s been delivered.

You have to pay for all the food at this point.

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You can get your money back if the food isn’t what you ordered or very good when you get it.

You will have to show photos or videos of any problems you have.

DoorDash credit refunds are put back on the account right away.

It takes three to five working days to get a credit or debit card refund.

The business, not DoorDash, is in charge of giving refunds.

If you’re buying from a small Mom-and-Pop shop, understand if they have to cancel your order or don’t think it’s fair.


Now you know how to cancel the Doordash order. If you still have questions, please reach us through the comment section below.

Thank You.

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