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Home » Does McDonald’s Sell Smoothies in 2023? (All You Need To Know)

Does McDonald’s Sell Smoothies in 2023? (All You Need To Know)

Does McDonald's Sell Smoothies in 2023? (All You Need To Know)

If you have ever got your hands on McDonald’s delicious yet petite esculents,, you’ve probably wondered if they sell smoothies. Let’s find out if McDonald’s has smoothies on the menu in the year 2023. We have something for everyone, whether you like sweet tastes or something a little more decadent.

Even if you don’t like McDonald’s, you can’t deny that their drinks are pretty tasty. But do they use real food to make them, or do they have other options? Read on to learn about the different smoothies you can get at McDonald’s and why you should try them.

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Does McDonald’s Sell Smoothies?

Yes, McDonald’s sells smoothies. You can find them on the McCafé menu.

Smoothies come in different flavors depending on where you are, but the most common ones are strawberry banana, tropical mango, and mixed berry.

If you want a cool treat, a smoothie from McDonald’s is a great choice.

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What Type of Smoothies Does McDonald’s Have?

These are the main types of smoothies that McDonald’s sells right now.

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Wild Berry
  • Strawberry

The Strawberry Banana smoothie is made from strawberries, bananas, low-fat yogurt, and sugar.

The Mango Pineapple smoothie is made with mangoes, pineapples, low-fat yogurt, and sugar.

The Wild Berry smoothie includes blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, low-fat yogurt, and sugar.

The last smoothie is the Strawberry smoothie, made with strawberries and low-fat yogurt.

On top of that, each of these smoothies is made with real fruit and berries. Plus, they’re a quick and refreshing way to snack.

Do McDonald’s Smoothies Have Fruit?

Yes, McDonald’s smoothies have fruit.

Since real fruit and yogurt are used to make the fruit smoothies, they are a good source of protein and calcium.

Does McDonald’s Have Strawberry Smoothies?

Yes, you can buy strawberry smoothies at McDonald’s. But they are not always available in all places.

You can get both strawberry smoothies and banana strawberry smoothies at their stores. A small glass costs $2.29, and a big one costs $3.29.

So, if you want a strawberry drink from McDonald’s, you should call ahead to ensure they have it.

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Are McDonald’s Smoothies Seasonal?

No, McDonald’s smoothies are not seasonal. But from time to time, their taste may change.

For example, you can get a strawberry and banana smoothie right now, but they may switch to a different taste in the future.

How Much is a Smoothie From McDonald’s?

As of 2023, the price for a small smoothie ranges from $2 to $3. But this price changes depending on the type of smoothie.

For example, a small Mango Pineapple McDonald’s Smoothie costs $2.29, while a bigger one costs $3.29.

In the same way, a small Strawberry Banana McDonald’s Smoothie costs $2.49, and the bigger size costs $3.49.

Does McDonald’s Add Sugar to Their Smoothies?

Yes, McDonald’s smoothies do have sugar in them.

But their smoothies are made with 100% juice and pureed fruit. They are in pretty good health.

Also, each dish at McDonald’s has between 44 and 77 grams of sugar.

Are Strawberry Banana Smoothies Healthy?

Yes, they can be good for you. Like any other food, they taste different depending on how they are made.

Using fresh or frozen fruit and not adding sugar or other bad ingredients can be a healthy and tasty snack or meal.

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Can We Order Smoothie Online From McDonald’s?

Yes, you can order smoothie online from the McDonald’s website. Simple go to their official website and search for your favourite smoothie you want to drink and then select the size of the smoothie between small, medium and large. And then order it!


McDonald’s has smoothies on their menu and they’re available 24/7! These smoothies are made from real fruit and come in delicious flavors such as banana, pineapple, and strawberry.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy breakfast option or a refreshing afternoon treat, McDonald’s smoothies are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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