What Does Code 1,000 Mean In IKEA In 2023? [Full Guide]

Millions of people worldwide go to IKEA because it has a massive selection of cheap furniture, appliances, and other items.

When shopping, you might hear staff using secret numbers like “Code 1,000” to talk over the intercom. But what does it mean? Do you know? Let’s find out by reading on.

What Does Code 1,000 Mean In IKEA In 2023?

Code 1,000 signals the staff at IKEA that an emergency needs the whole store to be evacuated. IKEA will sound the alarm to protect people from dangers like fire, smoke, or a building that falls. The code should always be taken seriously, even if it is said to be a drill.

Read on if you want to learn more about IKEA’s secret codes.

What happens after code 1000 is announced in an IKEA store?

When code 1000 is announced, all customers and workers are told to leave the store immediately. The fire alarm system in the store will also go off, and the fire service will be called.

What Do IKEA’s Security Codes Mean?

IKEA set up codes for security staff to help them act quickly. However, given the size of the stores, workers also act when they think it’s necessary.

In most IKEA shops, Code 500 means that someone has stolen something or that a customer is being violent in or around the store. If the cops are called, staff may use severity codes to tell them what’s going on.

IKEA takes security seriously and wants to keep you and your employees safe. Check out their website to find out more.

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What Does Code 22 Mean At IKEA?

Too many people are in the shops, and the lines to pay keep getting longer.

Most shops will choose some cashiers only to work the cash register. These cashiers will also do other things, like clean the stores, paint, or do anything else that needs to be done.

What Does IKEA’s Code 99 Mean?

When a kid goes missing, the alarm goes off and everyone starts to worry.

In most shops, the play area is just a small room with a few pieces of furniture. It’s a great place to play hide-and-seek.

When a child is found hiding in a display wardrobe, it is often because they have some kind of emotional problem.

What Are IKEA Safety Codes?

When IKEA’s intercom announces “Code 5,” it means that there is a medical emergency at the given spot.

If they call an ambulance, they may speak in Code to tell the rescuers how bad the situation is.

If you hear “Code” over the intercoms, it’s best to stay away from the area and let the right staff or professionals handle the problem.

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An Unexpected Secret Code At IKEA

If you’ve been to IKEA, you know how many turns and twists you’ll take through the stores.

The long path you take is called the “Long Natural Path” by the people who work there. It is said to be curved to keep customers interested.


At IKEA, Code 1,000 tells employees that the whole store needs to be evacuated because of an emergency. There are codes for risks like fires, smoke, heavy flooding, and other similar things.

If you hear the code, don’t freak out. Just go to the nearest exit in a relaxed way. Code 1,000 is always taken seriously unless said to be a test.

We hope you liked the article and learned something from it. If so, thank you very much for reading to the end.