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Home » Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools In 2023? [Shocking Answer!]

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools In 2023? [Shocking Answer!]

Does Lowe's Sell Milwaukee Tools In 2023? [Shocking Answer!]

Lowe’s is a well-known store that sells a wide range of well-known hardware brands, like power tools, and a growing number of exclusive brands. 

Milwaukee workers and people who like to do things themselves, like a particular brand. But does Lowe’s sell this brand? Here is what I discovered! Keep reading to know.

Does Lowe’s Sell Milwaukee Tools?

Lowe’s does not sell Milwaukee in their stores or online. Lowe’s used to sell Milwaukee goods, but because of a disagreement with Milwaukee Electric, they haven’t done so since 2008. You can buy Milwaukee goods at Home Depot and on their website.

Keep reading to learn more about why Lowe’s no longer sells Milwaukee goods, what tool brands Lowe’s sells, and which other stores sell Milwaukee tools.

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Why Does Lowe’s Not Sell Milwaukee?

In 2008, Lowe’s and Milwaukee broke off their business deal because of a disagreement about payment.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation says Lowe’s owes them about $1.2 million for tools that Lowe’s shipped before the end of their contract but for which they did not get paid.

Lowe’s has turned down the money and can no longer sell Milwaukee tools and other goods. After this disagreement, Milwaukee made a deal with Lowe’s rival Home Depot to sell their goods instead.

Some online shoppers have seen that Lowe’s sells some Milwaukee accessories, but these may be older goods left over from when the two companies worked together.

What Tool Brands Does Lowe’s Carry Other Than Milwaukee?

Lowe’s stores and website don’t sell Milwaukee tools, but they do sell a wide range of other brands and goods.

Lowe’s sells many well-known tool names, such as DEWALT, CRAFTSMAN, Kobalt, PORTER-CABLE, FLEX, Bosch, SKIL, and Metabo HPT.

Lowe’s also has good deals on a wide range of tools, including both corded and cordless power tools.

Can You Buy Milwaukee Tools Online?

If you don’t live near a Home Depot or a Sears, you can use the internet to find the tools you need and send them straight to you. Almost all of the above hardware shops have online stores where you can buy things and have them shipped directly.

What Products Do Milwaukee Make?

Milwaukee is known for its wide range of tools, such as corded and cordless power tools, hand tools, screwdrivers,  knives, and tool combo boxes.

Milwaukee makes more than 500 different kinds of tools and 3500 different kinds of items, which makes it one of the top hardware companies.

Techtronic Industries owns the Milwaukee brand, made in the United States since 1924.

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Are Milwaukee Tools Good?

Reviews of Milwaukee goods show that people like this brand of tools.

Online reporters have said that Milwaukee tools have more power than their competitors and that their cordless tools have more advanced batteries.

Which Retail Stores Carry Milwaukee Tools?

We’ve noticed something interesting about Milwaukee’s well-known “exclusivity agreement”: it only applies to Lowe’s. In other words, Home Depot said that the brand could sell in either their shops or Lowe’s stores, but not both.

On the other hand, small chains? As far as this deal goes, they seem to be “fair game.” It means you can get Milwaukee at any of the following places:

  • The Home Depot. It is pretty obvious. Yep. Most people who want to get Milwaukee tools head to the Home Depot because of their famed feud with Lowe’s. It’s the most well-known place to get this brand.
  • ACE Hardware. While ACE may be smaller or more popular than Home Depot, they are allowed to carry Milwaukee.
  • Red Tool Store. It is not a major chain, but you can find them here if you have one near you.
  • Northern Tool. Northern Tool, another smaller chain, sells them too. They are mostly active online, though there are a couple of fantastic stores you can find nationwide.
  • Sears. Yep. Good ol’ Sears Roebuck does it too. While this chain department store is not healthy, many people still rely on them to get their tools. Milwaukee is one of their more popular options.

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Lowe’s doesn’t sell Milwaukee goods and hasn’t since 2008.

After their contract ended, Lowe’s and Milwaukee were in a legal dispute, so Lowe’s did not sell Milwaukee’s goods.

Milwaukee products can be bought at Home Depot, a competitor of Lowe’s, as well as in local shops and online.

You can also buy Milwaukee tools right from their website. Lowe’s doesn’t sell Milwaukee tools, but they do sell tools from other makers.

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