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Home » How To See Friends Activity On Spotify In 2023? [Complete Guide]

How To See Friends Activity On Spotify In 2023? [Complete Guide]

How To See Friends Activity On Spotify In 2023? [Complete Guide]

One of the most popular music streaming services worldwide is Spotify. There are numerous methods to keep up with most of your friends’ activities on Spotify, which will have 182 million subscribers by 2022.

Both the Spotify mobile app and the Spotify desktop client allow you to view the music your friends enjoy. In this post, learn how to find and add new friends to follow, as well as how to enable or disable the Friends Activity pane on the right side. If you want to ensure your friends know what you’re listening to on Spotify, we’ll also explore how to hide your personal listening activities. Read on to find out.

Can You View Friend Activity In Spotify?

Viewing Friend Activity is now only available on desktop, but Spotify aims to make it available on mobile. Oddly, Spotify still needs to offer the option on its mobile app, given the social aspect of Friend Activity. But according to TechCrunch, Spotify is developing a new “Friends” option for its mobile application that functions similarly to the desktop experience.

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Like to Friend Activity, the Friends tab displays the music users are now listening to or places a time stamp next to the track they last played. ‘Weekly Picks,’ ‘On Repeat,’ and recommendations for friends to follow are also shown. Spotify is currently testing the Friends tab, so it may not be officially added to the service.

How to See Friends Activity on Spotify?

Spotify Desktop’s Friend Activity feature should display the music a user’s friends are playing. If not, it will display the most recent music they heard and when it was last played. The song, artist, album, or playlist they are now listening to or the last time they played a track will all be displayed when they click the track’s details link. After playing a sample, users have the option to store it in their personal Spotify library or download it for offline listening if they so choose.

Spotify advises updating the desktop application or the operating system of the desktop computer, restarting the app, signing out and back into Spotify, or completely reinstalling Spotify Desktop if the Friend Activity sidebar doesn’t appear to be updated in real-time. Users should also confirm that their friends have enabled Friend Activity on their end.

See friends activity on Android

Using an Android device with Spotify loaded, see what your pals are up to:

  • Open the Spotify app
  • Tap Home
  • The activity should bring up a list of all relevant info about people that follow each other, along with tracks played recently, etc.

See friends activity on iOS

On the iPhone version of Spotify, especially, to view friends’ activity:

  • Open The Spotify App
  • Go to Home > Activity > People > Friends to find friends.

You will be shown details about everyone you follow, including recently listened-to music. Any further actions taken in relation to them, such as liking specific songs or playlists, following or unfollowing users, etc.

See friends activity on Windows

To see what your friends are doing on your desktop – For this kind of move:

  • One must first click on Friends, located under the People panel.
  • Followed swiftly by hitting the “Recent Plays” option before viewing details connected here!

See friends activity on MacBook

Here, click on the Friends links on the People page and then choose the Recent Plays option below it, letting you see the music immediately.

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How to See More Friends’ Activity on Spotify?

You can add yourself to their list of fans to see more of what your friend does on Spotify. It will give them a place to show you their music and let you see what they’re listening to.

You can also add friends from their page or invite them from the app’s “People” page.

How to Fix Spotify Friend Activity Not Working?

If your Spotify Friend Activity isn’t working correctly, ensure both profiles are linked properly before trying anything else.

If everything looks fine but still doesn’t work, restart both devices and try again. It should fix most problems with this feature not working right.

How to get rid of the friend activity tab on Spotify?

Suppose you no longer want to see what your friend is doing on Spotify. Then, check your account settings and uncheck the “Friend Activity” box under “Social Settings.” It will get rid of that tab for you.

Is Friend Activity On Spotify Only For Premium?

No, all Spotify users can see what their friends do for free. With a free account, you can see and follow what your friends are listening to. You can also look at their playlists and like, comment on, or share songs with them.

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How to Hide Your Listening Activity on Spotify?

Listening activity: If you turn this choice off, everything you listen to on Spotify, like playlists, stations, albums, and everything else, will be turned off.

Private session: If you turn this feature on, your listening history stays hidden until you stop Spotify, don’t use it for six hours, or turn it off.

Make secret: If you turn this option on, others won’t be able to see what you’re doing, but only in a specific playlist where the secret mode is set. If you play music that isn’t on your playlist, your followers will still be able to see it unless you also use one of the other two choices above.

Can You See Who Listened To Your Playlist On Spotify?

The Friend Activity feature on Spotify shows what other people are listening to on the app, but it doesn’t tell users if their friends or followers have listened to their playlist. Even who liked or saved a mix isn’t shown by Spotify. Users can only see how many times a playlist has been saved.

The best way for users to find out if their friends have listened to a playlist is to go to Friend Activity and see what they’ve been listening to. If a bunch of songs from that mix were all on it, they might have listened to it. But this isn’t a sure thing. The best way to determine how popular a Spotify mix is is to look at how many people have saved it.


If you want to know how to see friends’ activity on Spotify? The “Friends Activity” tool on Spotify is reasonably new. It’s an excellent way for users to track what their friends are listening to and discover new songs, artists, and playlists they might like.

You can see what your friends have been up to recently and get suggestions for music you might like with just a few clicks.

The “Friends Activity” feature on Spotify is a great way to find new music you’ll like, whether you’re listening alone or with friends. So try it today—you might be shocked by what you find!  Thank you For Your Read.

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