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Home » Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5? [UPDATED 2023]

Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5? [UPDATED 2023]

Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5? [UPDATED 2023]

If you are a gamer looking for the latest and greatest console, you must have considered buying the PlayStation 5. But still wondering where to buy PlayStation 5?

Staples is a well-known office supply chain selling electronics, including gaming consoles. Surprisingly, office supply retailers also sell PlayStations.

Now, The first question that comes to mind is, Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5 in 2023? Here’s a quick answer for you:

Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5?

Yes, Staples does sell PlayStation 5. But the availability may differ from store to store. You can also buy PlayStation 5 from Staple’s official website.

Most of the time, Staples has a few PS5s in stock. They do not restock PlayStation 5 frequently. As a result, you won’t always find a PS5 at Staples.

As of 2023, Staples also sells joysticks for the PlayStation 3.

You can call the Staples store closest to you to determine if they have PS5 in stock. They can also inform you when PlayStation 5 is available again in their stocks.

Where Can I Buy PlayStation 5 at Market Price?

You Can Buy PlayStation 5 at Market Price from these places: 

  • GameStop
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy

In general, they sell everything, including PS5, at market prices. You can also find deals for holidays and other special times.

You can also buy PS5 from John Lewis and Currys PC World. They will offer full combo pack deals at the same cost as the market.

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What Stores Are Selling the PlayStation 5?

These are some popular stores where you can buy the PlayStation 5:

  • GameStop
  • Very
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target 
  • Best Buy
  • John Lewis
  • Currys PC World
  • Game
  • Scan
  • AO
  • BT Shop
  • EE
  • Argos
  • Sony Stores

Some stores, like Staples, also sell PS5 occasionally. But it’s not part of the normal stock. So, you didn’t rely on it.

The safest shopping places are Walmart, GameStop, Target, and Best Buy. These are popular grocery stores that are always stocked.

So, it’s likely that you’ll find the console there.

Does Staples Have Xboxes?

Yes, Staples sell Xbox. They have a whole different section for accessories for Xboxes.

Staples sells Xbox consoles, both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Besides that, they also have games that are only for Xbox. There are more games than just Halo and Gears of War at Staples.

In 2023, Staples sells controllers, joysticks, chat headsets, racing wheels, travel carrying cases, storage expansion cards and dual throttles for Xbox consoles.

Does Staples Sell PlayStation 5? [UPDATED 2023]

Is PlayStation 5 Worth It?

Yes, PlayStation 5 is worth the price and wait.

People still wonder if the PS5 is worth the money after more than a year. With the PS5, it’s safe to say that Sony took a big step.

The console was made for games of the next generation. PS5 has become more valuable as time has gone on and more exclusive games have come out.

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Some features, like the ability to record in 4K HD, made the PS5 even better. Still, many stores are selling this console for much more than that.

It’s best to stay away from them. Find a store that sells the PS5 for the going rate. Then you’re good to go!

How much is a PlayStation 5?

The price of a PlayStation 5 varies by model and by any games or accessories that come with it. The standard PS5 console without a disc drive costs around $399, while the PS5 console with a disc drive costs around $499.

Prices of PS5 are depending on the store and any discounts or sales that are going on at the time. Check your nearest store or visit their website for the most up-to-date pricing information.

How to find a Staples store near me?

You can find Staples Store nearest to you by following these steps:

Step 1: Visit Staples Store Locator.

Step 2: Enter your city and state or zip code, or You can also use Store Number if you have one.

Step 3: You can also click on the GPS icon, and it will automatically get your current location and show the stores near you.

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In conclusion, Staples does sell PlayStation 5, but its availability varies from store to store. The PS5 is also listed on the Staples website. Once PS5 is out of stock in Staples, they don’t get new stock in quickly.

Some Staples stores may have a PlayStation 5, but that’s only sometimes the case. If you want to buy a PS5 from Staples, you should contact the closest store to find out if it’s in stock and when it will be restocked.

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