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Home » Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2023? [Price + Types]

Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2023? [Price + Types]

Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2023 [Price + Types]

Sending letters can be a challenge when you need postage stamps available. Then, you’ll have to go to stores outside or buy online through the USPS. However, their service could be faster, and the delivery of stamps may take 5-7 days.

Most people go to staple stores expecting to find stamps. So, does Staples sell stamps? Let’s find out in this guide.

Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2023?

Yes, Staples does sell stamps. Staples carries a wide variety of custom business stationery and accessories. You can also buy pre-inked stamps at Staples stores and a limited selection of stamps for postage.

Staples have a complete package for anyone who writes letters. They have letterheads, envelopes, labels, notes, and many other items available.

However, Staples only sells stamps in its stores. That’s why you cannot buy them online.

What Type of Stamps Does Staples Sell?

Staples sells regular, forever, and first-class stamps in its stores. You can purchase a booklet or a roll of 100 stamps. They also have a 6-stamp booklet that is perfect for mailing.

It is important to remember that the availability of stamps may vary from each store.

Does Staples Sell USPS Stamps?

Yes, Staples sell USPS stamps.

You can also buy USPS stamps at the same price through the USPS website or from other merchants that offer postage stamps, such as Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS.

Does Staples Sell Forever Stamps?

Yeah, Staples sells Forever stamps in various amounts. You can buy booklets of 6, 11, or 20 stamps.

If that isn’t enough, Staples sells a roll of 100 Forever stamps for a reasonable price.

What Is The Price Of Postage Stamps At Staples?

Staples sells a booklet of 10 stamps for $9. Similarly, a 6-stamp extensive booklet costs $11.40. Staples sells a roll of 100 Forever stamps for $90.

Prices vary according to the size of the booklet. Also, costs in other states may be higher or cheaper.

Therefore, it is realistic to assume that a regular booklet of 10 stamps will cost at most $9.

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Does Staples sell Individual Stamps?

Unfortunately, Staples does not offer single stamps. The retailer sells the tickets as booklets or rolls.

How to Find the Nearest Staples Store?

You can easily find the Staples stores closest to you by using the Staples Locator on the official site.

You see a form there. Hit “Search” after entering your current city and state. It will display the closest Staples location, complete address, and phone number.

Does Staples Sell Stamps In 2023? [Price + Types]

Why Should You Buy Stamps From Staples?

Staples has made its mark ever since it was opened in 1986.

Staples should be used to purchase stamps because it is open every day of the week. Yes, the majority of Staples locations are open on weekends.

Moreover, Staples offers a comprehensive solution. Such includes document boxes, letterheads, stationery, office supplies, and envelopes. Stamps and letters go together with these products.

The reasonable pricing at Staples is another benefit. In comparison to USPS, you will only pay a little for stamps. Staples charges the same as USPS for all stamps.

While Staples cannot sell postage stamps online, they may make an exception if you order other things. In this manner, you can purchase stamps while lounging at home.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Staples accept PayPal?

No, Staples does not accept PayPal. However, Staples also accepts credit cards, gift cards, checks, visa cards, American express, master cards, and gift cards.

Does Staples make custom stamps?

Yes, Staples allows you to create unique rubber stamps for your company. You can use their design templates to create your custom rubber stamps. Customized stamps are offered in various sizes, designs, and ink shades. Only delivery is provided for custom stamps.

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Does Staples have a faxing service?

Yes, Staples offers faxing services. At Staples, you can send and receive faxes. Local faxing costs approximately $1.79 per page to transmit and $1 to receive. At a Staples site, you can share files, create copies, scan documents, and perform various other tasks.

Does Staples offer Notary services?

Yes, Staples doesn’t offer notary services. Documents are not notarized since Staples does not have a Notary Public on staff. But Staples also provides a few other in-store services, such as document scanning and photo printing.

What kinds of stamps does Staples sell?

Only non-denominational Forever stamps are available from Staples. Both individual stamps and stamp books are available for purchase at Staples. There are 20 stamps in each book of postage. Moreover, the cost of stamps is identical to that of the US Postal Service.


All office supplies and stationery can be found at Staples. In the US, they have more than 1500 locations.

Consequently, if you are out of stamps, Staples can rescue you. You can purchase all the required goods by going to the nearby Staples location.

In addition, Staples has more than 40 warehouses around the nation. Hence, even if an item is out of stock, Staples will likely replenish it shortly.

Buying all of your office supplies at Staples is an excellent convenient choice.

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