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Home » Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? – Prices, Types, Locations & More

Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? – Prices, Types, Locations & More

Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? - Prices, Types, Locations & More

Many grocery and retail stores are either permitted to sell stamps or have a post office location in-store.

So if you go shopping at Safeway, one question on your mind will be, can they sell stamps? If you want to know about this, then read this article thoroughly!

You’ll find answers to all your questions about buying stamps at Safeway stores. So let’s get started:

Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023?

Yes, Safeway sell Stamps, the sale of booklets containing 20 stamps is permitted at all Safeway locations in Canada and the United States. Since Safeway is open 7 days a week, unlike the post office, consumers needing stamps can conveniently find them whenever they need them throughout the store’s regular business hours.

Continue reading to learn more about the different kinds of stamps Safeway sells, how much they cost and other information.

Which Stamps Does Safeway Sell?

Safeway sells Forever Stamps, which are stamps that can be used whenever and don’t lose value as stamp prices rise.

Safeway sells stamps that never expire, can be kept for later use, and are generally less expensive than buying individual stamps from the post office.

How Much Are Stamps At Safeway In Canada?

Safeway sells booklets of 20 stamps for around $18.40 ($0.92 per stamp), which is less expensive than purchasing individual stamps from the post office, where they now cost $1.07.

The stamp booklets from Safeway have the advantage of being both more affordable and not requiring immediate use like conventional stamps because their value stays the same with time.

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Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? - Prices, Types, Locations & More
Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023?

How Much Do Stamps Cost at Safeway In The United States?

Stamp booklet costs in the US are currently $0.55 USD for each individual stamp.

Therefore, a booklet of 20 everlasting stamps at Safeway would cost roughly $11.00 USD.

Working Hours of Safeway

Since postage stamps are simple to get, Safeway will be the ideal location to purchase them. Knowing a store’s hours of operation is a brilliant idea before going there.

Although Safeway locations are open every day, Sundays only have a few hours of service. The location of the store affects Safeway’s operating hours.

Except on Sunday, Safeway is open approximately between:

  • It opens at 8 AM
  • It closes at 10 PM

Depending on the location, Subway restaurants are open from 9 AM to 6 PM or 12 PM to 6 PM on Sundays. Furthermore. The official Safeway website also allows you to view each Safeway store’s opening and closing times.

To purchase postage stamps or other items, go to Safeway at any time during these hours.

Alternatives of Safeway for buying Stamps

If you cannot find stamps at Safeway, you can purchase them at other USPS-authorized retailers, such as:

  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Whole Foods

Why Buy Stamps from Safeway?

There are lots of benefits to purchasing stamps at the Safeway location.

Due to its 3300 active stores around the USA, it is easily reachable close to your home.

You’ll see that it provides stamps at a lower cost than USPS and other retailers. It’s because the USPS and other retailers raise the cost of stamps by $0.15 annually. Safeway, however, did not raise prices by $0.15. Consequently, you can purchase tickets at a lower cost here.

If you frequently use a mailing service, Safeway is your best choice because it sells stamps in large quantities. An individual stamp cannot be purchased from here. It provides 20 stamps per page, 100 stamps per roll, or 50 stamps for every booklet. The decision is yours.

Safeway stays open until midnight, so you may pick up stamps when other stores are closed. So getting stamps whenever you want is a blessing in disguise.

Postage stamps are also available from FedEx, USPS, and online.

How to find the nearest Safeway Store?

Luckily, Safeway has several locations around the United States, so you will undoubtedly find one nearby. In collaboration with Casa Ley, Safeway now operates 1335 locations in the US and 195 in Mexico. There are 115 branches in Colorado and 168 in Washington.

This implies that it will be easy for you to locate a retailer nearby. You only need to check the website to confirm that the store is open. You may now buy all your dairy, alcoholic drinks, soaps, and stamps in one quick, simple trip.

Additionally, you can purchase stamps online. This service is provided by Safeway, which will send stamps to your door along with the rest of your groceries.

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Which Other Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

In Canada and the US, several supermarkets and pharmacy shops and Safeway offer stamps.

While some of these shops include post offices with the ability to sell a variety of stamps and send parcels, others can offer stamp booklets. These shops are listed below:

Stores With Post Offices:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • London Drugs

Stores That Sell Stamps:

  • Walmart
  • Save on Foods
  • No Frills
  • Whole Foods
  • Costco
  • Loblaw/ Sobeys

Customers should be aware that the list above only contains chain supermarkets, even though independently owned supermarkets in your neighbourhood can also be authorised to sell stamp booklets.

You can read our related articles on whether or not Kroger, CVS, and Aldi sell stamps to learn more about the other stores that provide stamps.

Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? - Prices, Types, Locations & More
Does Safeway Sell Stamps In 2023? – Prices, Types, Locations & More

How Long Has Safeway Sold Stamps?

We discovered a New York Times post from 1988 when looking into Safeway postage stamps that described a promotion Safeway was running.

With creative couponing, retailers might offer stamps valued at $4.40 for just $4. (cheaper than you could buy them from the Post Office). According to our knowledge, this was the first instance of a large-scale retailer selling stamps below face value.

Its appearance in the New York Times demonstrates how unusual this would have been. We could not determine when they initially started selling stamps, but given that the company only began in 1915, it may have happened at almost any moment. Sadly, these events are frequently not documented.

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Can I buy international postage labels at Safeway?

Some Safeway stores may offer international postage labels, but it’s not as common as regular stamps. Contact your local store to confirm availability.

Conclusion – Can You Buy Stamps At Safeway?

20-stamp booklets of forever stamps are available for sale at all Safeway locations. Since these stamps never expire, customers can buy them and use them whenever possible.

Both both the Safeway gas station and the store’s front desk, Safeway sells stamps.

The stamp booklets at Safeway cost about $18.00 CDN for Canadian customers.

The booklets will cost roughly $11.00 USD for clients in the US. Finally, stamp booklets are sold at other supermarket retailers like Costco, Walgreens, and Walmart Superstore.

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