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Home » 15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Manhattan, New York 2023

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Manhattan, New York 2023

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Manhattan, New York 2023

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Manhattan, New York 2023

Manhattan is often the first city that comes to mind when thinking of New York. The borough of Manhattan is very well known, and there are countless things to do there. Visit Manhattan if you want to have fun day and night; You have made the right decision.

Manhattan has everything tourists love about New York City. It has landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and Grand Central Station. The attractions in Manhattan are both famous. Many museums and art galleries may be found all across Downtown Manhattan.

Let’s discover the Manhattan attractions you must take advantage of while there. These are Manhattan’s top attractions, whether you are visiting for the first time or the hundredth time.

1. Central Park

There is no need to introduce Central Park. The 843-acre park, which is probably the most well-known park in the country, should be included on any agenda for New York.

Entry to Central Park is free. Consider treating yourself to a tour or one of the Central Park attractions. Every day, walking excursions leave from Central Park West. A day at the Central Zoo or a boat excursion on Central Park Lake are more options.

For a stunning Manhattan skyline view, Sheep Meadow in Central Park is yet another excellent location to check out.

2. One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center Manhattan
One World Trade Center Manhattan

The tallest building in the country is One World Trade Centre. The tower, a part of the World Trade Center complex, was built in 2014 as a tribute to the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. Visitors are welcome to pay their condolences and take in the splendour built in the memory of the victims.

The One World Observatory is the most prominent part of the One World Trade Center. One World Observatory sits dizzyingly high on the building’s 100th, 101st, and 102nd floors. One of the best things to do in Manhattan if you want an aerial view of New York is to take this tour.

Restaurants and interactive exhibits are also offered at the Observatory. While flying through the clouds, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a nice lunch. The Sky Portal feature should also be explored.

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3. Radio City Music Hall

Want to go to the theatre? In Midtown Manhattan, Radio City Music Hall is a magnificent art-deco theatre.

You may discover special events, stage performances, movie screenings, and concerts in Radio City. And you must visit Radio City Music Hall if you are in Manhattan over the holidays. A Christmas Spectacular runs throughout the holiday season and includes appearances by the Radio City Rockettes.

One of the most fun things in Manhattan is a trip to Radio City Music Hall. Make sure to schedule some downtime in your schedule. Tours at Radio City Music Hall cost $31 at the venue or are free with a New York Pass.

4. Empire State Building

Empire State Building: Things To Do In Manhattan
Empire State Building

One of the most popular destinations in New York is the Empire State Building. Two observatories on the 1,454-foot-tall tower in the center of Manhattan offer breathtaking city views.

The highest structure in New York isn’t the Empire State Building. However, it is undoubtedly the most well-known skyscraper in New York City. The art deco colossus is a unique feature of the Manhattan skyline and has repeatedly been chosen as the country’s favorite piece of construction.

The 86th or 102nd floors are available for visitors to choose from. The only vantage point on the 102nd floor is worth the extra cost to get there. Get your Empire State Building Skip the Line Tickets from this page.

5. Attend A Madison Square Garden Event

Madison Square Garden is well-liked by both residents and tourists. The arena, located in the heart of Manhattan, accommodates concerts and sporting events.

The type of Manhattan attraction where you can attend an event solely relies on the dates you are there. You’ll need to rely on luck, be flexible, and be open-minded unless you schedule your trip to coincide with an event that interests you. Nevertheless, it’s all a part of the trip.

Check out the arena schedule online to discover what events you could go to while visiting New York. Watching a performance, concert, or sporting event at the arena is a Manhattan must-do.

6. Go to Canal Street to shop

In New York City, many of us choose to window shop rather than make purchases. There are many high-end shops and designer labels in the city. But if you want to find good deals, head to Canal St.

Canal Street connects various Manhattan neighborhoods, including Little Italy, Chinatown, and Soho. It is frequently referred to as a gentrified neighborhood in New York City, and in recent years, its reputation has been sharply improving.

There are many clothing stores along the route and street sellers selling imitations of designer goods. There’s no better place to shop if you want to save money.

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7. Grand Central Terminal 

Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal

Why is it a well-liked tourist destination if you’ve never heard of Grand Central Terminal?

Grand Central Station serves as more than just a transportation center for Manhattan. It may be the most opulent train station you have ever seen, with golden accents and chandeliers.

The station is now viewed as representing prosperity, renewal, and the American Dream. Additionally, it makes for a reasonably fantastic photo site and a great spot to get a coffee and people-watch.

8. High Line

The High Line is a unique urban park. It is a leisurely park that may be explored in an hour or two and is less than two miles long. Since it was constructed above the former New York Central Railroad, it is elevated and offers a unique vantage point over the congested Manhattan streets it travels through.

This park will help you save money if you visit Manhattan on a tight budget. The best part is that it is one of the best things to do in Manhattan and is entirely free to see.

While strolling through the park, you can see the Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building. Who needs a tour when you can go to High Line for nothing?

9. Rockefeller Center

One of Manhattan’s most visited tourist destinations in Rockefeller Center. The complex, which has many department stores, is ideal for a day of shopping.

But Christmas is when the Rockefeller Center comes to life. There is a giant Christmas tree and a seasonal ice skating rink during the holiday season. The Rockefeller Center is a terrific place to put on your skates. Manhattan is known for its ice skating rinks at Christmas. There will be a lovely celebration because of the exciting mood.

All year long, Rockefeller Center is a shoppers’ paradise. However, it would help if you emphasized going in December for holiday pleasure.

10. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market: Things To Do In Manhattan
Chelsea Market

Another mall to visit when in Manhattan is Chelsea Market, speaking of shopping.

But by now, you should be aware that Manhattan offers more than simply standard shopping centers. Chelsea Market has everything from hawkers selling food on the street to department stores. Even better, Artechouse NYC is an art gallery with various modern art exhibits.

The market is situated in the Chelsea neighborhood’s Meatpacking District. It goes well with a trip to High Line Park or the Whitney Museum of American Art.

11. Liberty Island

One of the best things in Manhattan is visiting Liberty Island, which is one of New York City’s most recognizable landmarks.

The Statue of Liberty is located on the island, and tourists can get close to Lady Liberty by going up to the observation deck at the statue’s pedestal. Of course, Liberty Island offers more attractions than just the Statue of Liberty.

Give yourself enough time to explore the museum, sculpture park, and Flagpole Square. The plaza is a great site to end your visit to Liberty Island and has some of the best views of Manhattan. Read the entire guide. Advice for Traveling to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

You can reserve this 90-minute trip to explore the famous landmarks of midtown and lower Manhattan on a semi-circular excursion if you don’t have time to visit the Statue of Liberty. View Ellis Island and Lady Liberty. Sail up the East River, past the Battery, and down the Hudson. To get to the United Nations, you’ll cross the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg Bridges. After that, you’ll turn around and go back to Pier 83.

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12. Ellis Island

Ellis Island
Ellis Island

There is a lot of history in the Big Apple. New York City has many museums, particularly in Manhattan. However, Ellis Island is the ideal location in New York City to immerse yourself in history.

Millions of immigrants made their first contact with the United States on the island, which was established as an immigration post in 1892. Today, you can visit the historic immigration complex and take a guided tour of the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration. Many people find visiting Ellis Island emotionally taxing, especially if they have ties to the station because there are so many personal tales to hear.

When visiting Manhattan, incorporate a trip to Ellis Island to grasp New York City and its colonial past fully. Reserve a spot on the well-regarded Liberty and Ellis Islands Guided Tour. On the ferry to Liberty Island, you can board using Reserve Line Access.

13. Bryant Park

Okay, we’ve now covered a variety of Manhattan parks. What distinguishes Bryant Park from Central Park or the High Lines, then?

Bryant Park is, to begin with, smaller than Central Park. It has a communal vibe and is considerably more walkable if you only have a little time because it is only 9.6 acres. Office workers can frequently be seen relaxing while strolling or sitting during their lunch periods.

Free movies are shown in the park during the summer, and an ice skating rink pops up during the winter. The New York Public Library is situated directly close to the park. It is best done in conjunction with a trip to the library’s reading room. You can always stay inside the library on a wet day and leave briefly to visit the park when it’s dry.

14. Try New Find In Hell’s Kitchen

For foodies visiting Manhattan, head to Hell’s Kitchen. The top nightclubs and restaurants in New York City may be found in this fast-paced area.

Want some pad Thai from the street? Or opt for Uzbeki or Argentinean food instead of Thai. In Hell’s Kitchen, anything is possible, so follow your appetite. The area offers a wide variety of dining alternatives, making it a perfect destination to visit and try new delicacies.

15. NBC Studio Tour

NBC Studio Tour: Things to do in Manhattan
NBC Studio Tour

If you love television, visiting NBC Studios is one of the top things to do in Manhattan. The studio is the location for filming programs like The Voice, America’s Got Talent, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The tour’s attractions include a 4K short film introduction in a dedicated theatre space and visits to at least two studios. The trip also visits a unique studio where you can make your show.

An NBC studio tour is a good activity in Manhattan for anyone interested in television production or a die-hard fan of one of the studio’s series.

How To Get To Manhattan?

Unless you live nearby or have a road trip planned, flying is the best way to travel to Manhattan.

It’s also relatively simple to go to Manhattan from the airports in New York. All three of New York City’s airports may be reached by public transportation, although John F. Kennedy International Airport is the most well-known and convenient.

You can quickly complete the final leg of your journey from JFK by boarding the AirTrain, then transferring to the Long Island Railroad or Subway.

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Getting Around Manhattan

When navigating Manhattan, we advise doing as the locals do and taking the train. Not only is taking the subway in New York City a must-do, but it is also far less expensive than a taxi or an Uber. Because of its excellent connectivity, taking the subway is frequently faster than sitting in traffic.

If you pick your lodging area correctly, you’ll discover that you can also walk to numerous attractions. While taking a water taxi around Manhattan is an exciting option is always an option.

If you want to see many places, The New York Pass offers skip-the-line access to several of Manhattan’s most prominent attractions and includes the Hop on Hop off Bus. Details can be found here.

Best Time To Visit Manhattan

Year-round, Manhattan is great. You’ll benefit from milder weather to enjoy the parks and greenery in the late spring and summer. The borough transforms into a lovely place in the fall as the changing leaves alter the city’s look.

However, Christmas in New York is the most enchanted time to visit Manhattan. You’ll find ice rinks and Christmas trees around the neighborhood, and many of our listed destinations hold unusual activities during the holiday season.

Where To Stay In Manhattan?

Here is a link to our in-depth article about the top hotels in New York. If you have the chance, thoroughly assess which areas of Manhattan might be ideal for you. Even though you should always check for properties with great reviews, location is frequently more crucial than the hotel itself.

In a hurry? Here are some fast picks for accommodations in Manhattan.

Luxury ($300 USD and Up): Times Square EDITION Hotel
Mid Range ($150-250 USD): Hilton Garden Inn Times Square
Budget ($100-150 USD): Park Central Hotel New York


New York City, Manhattan, is a beautiful city to explore. There are countless things to do and see, and you can access well-known sites and attractions outside your door.

In terms of architecture, culture, and history, Manhattan is one of New York’s best boroughs. We hope your enthusiasm for your planned vacation is sparked.

Manhattan is typically the first borough that comes to mind when considering New York. The borough of Manhattan is well-known, and there are countless things to do there. Visit Manhattan if you want to be entertained day and night; you’ve made a wise decision.

Manhattan embodies all that tourists adore about New York City. It has landmarks like Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and Grand Central Station. The attractions in Manhattan are both well-known. Numerous museums and art galleries may be found all across Downtown Manhattan.

So let’s get into the Manhattan attractions you must attend when you are there. These are Manhattan’s top attractions, whether you are going for the first time or the hundredth time.

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