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Home ยป Does Planet Fitness Have Sauna In 2023? [Full Guide]

Does Planet Fitness Have Sauna In 2023? [Full Guide]

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna In 2023? [Full Guide]

Planet Fitness is known for offering a wide range of high-end services at prices that most people can afford. The Classic plan costs as little as $10 per month, and the Black Card plan costs $25 per month.

In this case, you could believe that Planet Fitness gyms would only have dumbbells and ellipticals as the only ways to training and work out. But that’s not true at all.

Planet Fitness is a gym chain that is right up there with some of the best, most well-equipped gyms around the world. So, you can always expect to be surprised by what they have in store for their users.

One question that many people ask is whether Planet Fitness gyms have saunas and steam rooms. These are both heated rooms that fitness enthusiasts use as post-workout therapy for relaxation, recovery, improved circulation, and many other health benefits.

Most gyms think having a separate room for a steam room, or sauna is a luxury.

But what about Planet Fitness? Do they offer such amenities?

Read On To Find Out.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

Most Planet Fitness gyms don’t have a place where members can relax and heal after a workout in a sauna. Saunas are a luxury that can only be found in high-end gyms that charge users a lot of money.

Since Planet Fitness is one of the least expensive fitness franchises in the world, it makes sense that they wouldn’t spend a lot of money on keeping a sauna in each of their sites.

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Does Planet Fitness Have a Steam Room?

No, there aren’t any steam rooms at Planet Fitness either. Just like a sauna, it costs a lot to build and keep up a steam room. Planet Fitness would have to raise membership prices a lot if they added steam rooms to their facilities.

Planet Fitness doesn’t have steam rooms because one of their main ways to attract people who want to work out is by being affordable.

Does Planet Fitness Have an Infrared Sauna?

Planet Fitness does have an area for infrared saunas that use a machine called “Total Body Enhancement.” It’s one of the most popular things to do at Planet Fitness gyms, and many people do it every time they work out or before they work out.

Total Body Enhancement is basically an enclosed booth that uses Red Light Therapy and Whole Body Vibration to help users get the same health benefits and feelings as going to a sauna or steam room.

Near-infrared light waves are used in this therapy to help a wide range of problems, such as inflammation, muscle pain, skin problems, etc. At the same time, a buzzing footplate makes the body feel like it is getting a massage.

At Planet Fitness, only people with a Black Card can use the Total Body Enhancement machine. It is a special feature that people who only have the basic Classic registration can’t use.

So, What Are These Infrared Saunas, And How Do They Work?

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Infrared saunas are a comfortable and easy option to steam rooms and saunas that use heat. Here, infrared radiation is used to heat the body’s core temperature instead of the air and atmosphere around the person.

The lights inside the Total Body Enhancement both give off the infrared light. The body’s cells take in even more of the radiation. The deep, penetrating action is enough to make you sweat a little, relax your muscles, and make your blood flow better.

Using Total Body Enhancement is good for your health in many ways. Near-infrared light waves have healing qualities that can help you relax, eliminate toxins, ease pain, and get more blood flowing.

Why Does Planet Fitness not Have a Sauna or a Steam Room?

Cost is the main reason why Planet Fitness doesn’t have saunas, steam rooms, pools, and other similar facilities.

Planet Fitness is a gym that focuses on having cheap memberships that start at just $10 a month. A low price doesn’t leave much room for much else.

Planet Fitness might also not have baths and other spa services for other reasons.

Is Planet Fitness a Good Gym Even Without Saunas and Steam Rooms?

Planet Fitness is one of the biggest and best gym chains in the world, both in terms of size and the quality of the equipment and services it offers.

There are a number of reasons why they don’t have saunas or steam rooms on their property. But they also have a lot of other high-end machines and tools that members can use whenever they want, like Total Body Enhancement rooms and HydroMassage beds.

Planet exercise gives you the most complete exercise gym experience you could want for just $10 per month.

What are Planet Fitness Sauna Amenity Alternatives?

Some PF gyms might not have baths or steam rooms. But there are many other things you can use instead of them.

Please keep in mind that you need a Black Card to enjoy most of these special perks.

Total Body Enhancement

The TBE booth is just a part of an infrared sauna that uses Red Light Therapy and Whole Body Vibration to mimic the healing and health benefits of heated rooms.

Many Planet Fitness members use Total Body Enhancement after working out to speed up muscle healing, help relax muscles, reduce inflammation and pain, and cleanse their bodies.


HydroMassage is an easy-to-use machine that lets people lie down and get a relaxing massage in private.

The pressure from the water jet sprays is used to work on the damaged areas and massage the body, which helps the body heal.

Massage Chairs

If you want a massage session that is over quickly, you can just use one of the Massage Chairs at Planet Fitness.

They can help with sore muscles and stiffness after a workout. They can also be a treat for your body after a hard workout to help it rest.

Tanning Beds

Planet Fitness gyms give their Black Card users free use of high-end tanning beds, which is another premium perk.

Because the UV rays from the bed lamps work quickly and well, the tanning beds at Planet Fitness work well and consistently.

Getting a golden-brown tan at Planet Fitness is a great way to make your muscles and body lines stand out.

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Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

There is no pool at Planet Fitness.

Swimming is a great way to get in shape and also to unwind and cool down after a workout. But Planet Fitness is not a good choice if you want a gym with a pool.

It costs a lot to build and take care of a pool. Planet Fitness has cheap gym memberships, and if they added pools and other high-end features, they would probably have to raise their prices to pay for the extra costs.

Many other gyms, like Equinox and LA Fitness, have pools, so if you want to find a gym with a pool near you, you can look at other places.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Spa?

Planet Fitness doesn’t have a spa and doesn’t offer spa services. Planet Fitness has great gym passes that aren’t too expensive, and if you get the Black Card, you can also use their tanning beds and hydro massage chairs. If that’s all you want, the Black Card membership ($39.00 per year plus $22.99 per month) might be right for you.

Does Planet Fitness Have a Jacuzzi or a Hot Tub?

There is no pool or hot tub at Planet Fitness.

A hot tub or bathtub is a great way to unwind after a workout, but Planet Fitness doesn’t have either. They cost a lot to build and keep up, which would likely cut the gym’s profits or force it to raise prices.

Does Planet Fitness Have Infrared Sauna or Red Light Therapy?

At Planet Fitness, the infrared sauna booth is also called the Beauty Angel or the Total Body Enhancement Machine.

In short, it’s a red light treatment machine where you stand for a short time and let the infrared rays wrap around your body. The red light colors make your cells make more ATP, which gives your cells energy.

Infrared light, not wood or electricity, is what gives these types of saunas their benefits.

This is different from the type of sauna you’re probably used to, which has dry heat that comes from steam made by pouring water on hot stones, like in traditional Finnish saunas.

Even though traditional saunas have their benefits, many people are raving about how red light therapy has helped them with their exercise routines.

Red light treatment is used in infrared saunas to speed up the healing of tissues, reduce inflammation throughout the body, improve circulation and blood flow, and detoxify the body. It works out your whole body and is a great addition to regular workouts.

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If you eat right, you’ll start to see benefits right away.

It can help your face look better, relieve pain, speed up muscle recovery, help you lose weight, and repair tissues if you use it regularly.

To get the most out of the machine, you should use it after your workouts. You can also use it before, but adding 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after a workout might take up a lot of your already busy time.

This perk is only offered at some Planet Fitness locations, so if you’re interested, you should check with the locations near you.


Planet Fitness does not have a steam room or a sauna for many different reasons. But they have a lot of other high-end services that their Black Card users can use.

Even though some of the rooms aren’t warm, Planet Fitness is still one of the best-equipped gym chains of all time.

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