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Home » Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real? [2023]

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real? [2023]

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real?

When you’re looking for the perfect wedding ring, you’ll consider each ring’s unique design, whether it’ll suit the recipient and its price.

Walmart is one of the largest retail chains in the world, offering a wide variety of products, including jewellery, including wedding rings. It is the best place to buy embellished rings on a budget.

However, when wedding rings are available for such low prices, you must be wondering: are walmart wedding rings fake or real? I have done a lot of research on this. Read this article carefully to know the answer!

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real?

Walmart’s wedding rings are real, but the diamonds are of poor quality and colour, which brings down the price. Furthermore, Walmart sells 10-14K yellow or white gold wedding rings at low prices because they’re made from about 50% real gold and 50% silver alloys. While Walmart wedding rings are cheap, they are not fake.

Please continue reading to know exactly how natural Walmart’s diamonds are, why wedding rings are so inexpensive, and whether they are good enough.

Are The Diamonds In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Undoubtedly, the diamonds studded on Walmart wedding rings are genuine; diamond quality usually mirrors the amount spent on them.

Walmart’s wedding rings are made using commercial-grade stones since they are less expensive but lesser quality. In addition, diamonds are frequently clasped with low-grade metals.

Thus, if you’re wondering how Walmart sells diamond rings at such low prices, commercial diamonds have poorer clarity grading, affecting the pricing.

Many Walmart rings are graded ‘I,’ which places them in the ‘imperfect’ category, or ‘SI,’ which denotes minor inclusions at the bottom of the precise scale.

Furthermore, diamond wedding rings weighing 0.5-1.3 carats are commonly sold at Walmart.

Its more pricey options, however, are 3 carats. Because of the nature of commercial diamonds, the rings are likely to stay the same over time.

Is The Gold In Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Absolutely, the gold used in Walmart’s wedding rings is genuine. But pure 24K gold rings are not available there.

Walmart currently sells 10K yellow gold rings that are 42% gold and 58% silver and copper alloy.

So, technically, Walmart’s rings are more silver than actual gold.

Consumers will also find plenty of 14K yellow gold rings at Walmart; these varieties include a higher percentage of gold than their 10K equivalents.

Locating the official number in the ring is a fast way to identify if a Walmart ring contains real gold. You’ll notice a number stamped from 0K to 24K; check for 10K or 14K on Walmart rings.

Are Silver Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Yes, sterling silver is most commonly used in making Walmart wedding rings, as it can be sold at meager prices.

Sterling silver is relatively inexpensive compared to other alternatives to more expensive metals such as gold.

Yet, many of the wedding bands sold at Walmart are made of sterling silver and yellow, rose, and white gold alloys.

If you want real silver wedding rings, Walmart has 925 sterling silver wedding rings for less than $40. Look for a 925, 900, or 800 silver sterling stamp inside your Walmart wedding ring.

Is The Platinum On Walmart Wedding Rings Real?

Customers can buy genuine solid platinum wedding rings at Walmart.

They are, however, significantly more expensive than sterling silver or gold alternatives. Although platinum alloys are much softer than gold, they are 1.7 times heavier.

Walmart has many platinum-plated wedding rings if you’re searching for a less expensive option.

The rings are made of sterling silver and layered in pure platinum, which means that just a small percentage of the ring is genuine platinum.

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To put the price gap into context, the platinum Triskele Celtic Comfort wedding ring, for example, costs $1,974.99.

A platinum-plated variant, on the other hand, costs only $43.99. By ‘plat’ or ‘pt,’ you can tell if your wedding ring is pure (85% or more) platinum.

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real? [2023]

Are The White Gold Wedding Rings At Walmart Real?

Yes, Walmart sells actual white gold wedding rings. They are not, however, wholly constructed of gold. Sterling silver alloys are utilised to reinforce the white gold, increasing the longevity of your wedding ring.

At Walmart, 10K white gold wedding bands typically contain 41.7% gold, 47.4% silver, 10% palladium, and 0.9% zinc. Likewise, the bigger the carat, the more gold is utilised in the ring.

Why Are Walmart Wedding Rings So Cheap?

The overall quality of Walmart wedding rings matches the pricing. Walmart strategically uses lower-cost versions of authentic materials.

For example, genuine diamonds are less expensive since they are near the bottom of the clarity scale.

Furthermore, Walmart’s diamonds are categorised as G-H colours, a less expensive alternative to the more expensive D colour.

Similarly, Walmart rings are made from a variety of materials. The most typical yellow gold ring substitutes are made of 50% gold and 50% alloy metals like silver and copper.

Customers can also purchase plated rings, which are less expensive than solid metals like platinum or gold.

Are Walmart Wedding Rings Good?

Reviews indicate that customers are happy with Walmart’s wedding rings, especially the diamond-encrusted silver, sterling silver, or yellow gold designs.

Many wedding rings with platinum labels are sterling silver bodies covered with platinum, which can tarnish over time.

Furthermore, Walmart uses real sterling silver, 10K, and 14K golds, so your finger won’t become green after much use.

Walmart wedding rings are, therefore, an excellent buy, given their price point.

How Much Do Walmart Wedding Rings Cost?

Here’s the excellent news regarding wedding rings from Walmart. They are available at almost every price level. There are wedding rings that cost significantly less than $100 and others that cost more than $1,000.

Even so, not all wedding rings are offered for sale in-store. The retail stores have very little inventory. It would be best to shopped online to find an extensive range of wedding rings from Walmart.

It’s essential to remember that whenever you order from Walmart online, some things might be shipped by different businesses. To provide customers with what they want, these businesses work with Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell Rubber Wedding Rings?

Yes, rubber wedding rings are available at Walmart. They have become a popular substitute for conventional metal wedding rings and are frequently called silicone wedding rings or bands. 

Silicone wedding bands come in various colours, sizes, and styles at Walmart for both men and women. Check out Walmart website or visit a store to view their assortment.

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Do Walmart Wedding Rings Come with Warranties?

A one-year warranty is provided for diamond weddings or engagement rings. You need to keep the original receipt to prove that you made the purchase.

As long as the damage wasn’t caused by misuse, the warranty covers repairs for damage or missing stones (you must still have the stone).

The problematic element of the ring warranty is that misuse of the ring cannot result in damage. What does that mean, then? The Walmart employee who evaluates the ring will decide that. You might not be able to get your ring fixed if that employee believes there is proof of abuse.

Also, the loss of a ring is not covered by the warranty. There is no coverage if you lose your ring or it is stolen.

You can obtain jewelry insurance from specialized dealers. Some people also cover expensive jewelry under their homeowner’s policy.

Can You Return Wedding Rings to Walmart?

Like other purchases, wedding rings can also be returned to Walmart. Keep your receipt to simplify and ensure that you receive the exact amount of money back you paid.

But before we go any further a little observation. You must know its origin if you purchase a ring from the website.

Online, Walmart offers a massive assortment of goods. Yet they only directly fulfill some of the orders through the internet.

On the Walmart website, some products are available for direct company fulfillment—Walmart partners with businesses that supply other things. The businesses might have various return policies. You have 90 days under Walmart’s return policy to send something back.

Some retailers frequently only provide 30-day returns.

Does Walmart resize rings?

Walmart will only resize rings purchased from their store or website. Walmart’s partner jeweler can resize any metal that your Walmart ring is made of. Rings made of plastic or any other non-metal substance cannot be resized.

However, ring resizing may or may not be offered, depending on the business. Inquiring about ring resizing services and associated expenses at your neighborhood Walmart jewelry department is recommended.

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Is it OK to buy cheap wedding rings?

It is perfectly acceptable to purchase less expensive wedding rings if you are on a tight budget or would instead use your money on other elements of your wedding or future life together. Remember that the significance and meaning of the rings, not their cost, are what really matter.

However, remember that less expensive rings might not be as durable or last as long as more expensive ones because they might be made of poor-quality materials. You should consider spending more money on higher-quality metals and gems if you wish to have rings lasting many years.

What matters most is that you and your partner are happy with your rings and what they stand for in the end.

When should you start shopping for wedding rings?

According to a good general rule, you buy the rings at least six weeks before the wedding.

Most couples will look around for a few months before the wedding to discover the rings they like.

Can a jeweler tell me if my ring is real?

A jeweler should be able to determine whether or not your ring is real. Professional jewelers have the education and experience to recognize the various metals, gem types, and jewelry-making materials.

It’s crucial to remember that not all jewelers are created equal. It’s always a good idea to look for a qualified jeweler with a strong reputation in the field, as some may be more qualified or experienced than others. Ask about any expenses ahead of time because some jewelers could charge a fee for their services.

Where Does Walmart Get Its Jewelry From?

Walmart purchases its jewelry from a variety of international manufacturers and suppliers. They collaborate with big and small merchants to provide their clients with a wide selection of jewelry at various prices.

Will Walmart Replace a Diamond that Falls Out?

Walmart won’t replace a stone if it comes out of your ring within the first year. If you observe the stone fall out and retain it, you can have it re-set into the ring.

The business will not replace the stone under the warranty if it falls out and you lose it. Stone loss is not protected.

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Are Walmart Diamonds Worth It?

If you’re looking for inexpensive items with a lot of sentimental meaning, Walmart diamonds are a good investment. They lack the best quality, though.

Even some buyers have stated in their evaluations that the certified diamonds are not rated uniformly across the board.

Where else can I buy wedding rings?

There are many other places to buy wedding rings, including:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Online retailers
  • Custom jewelers

Conclusion: Are Walmart Wedding Rings Fake Or Real?

Yes, actual wedding rings are available at Walmart. The used diamonds are of lower grade due to their poor clarity and color ratings. Wedding rings of 10–14K yellow or white gold contain 50% gold and 50% metal alloys like silver, copper, and zinc.

Walmart sells 925 sterling silver rings. Moreover, platinum is placed over sterling silver in platinum-plated rings.

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