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Home » Are Pistachio Oreos Discontinued? – Complete Answer [2023]

Are Pistachio Oreos Discontinued? – Complete Answer [2023]

Are Pistachio Oreos Discontinued - Complete Answer [2023]

Oreos come in a variety of tasty and occasionally odd tastes. Recently, there has been much discussion about the discontinuation of Pistachio Oreos.

Many Oreo lovers are unhappy about the possibility of losing access to these green-hued cookies because they have always been a favorite. So, what’s the story? Are Pistachio Oreos discontinued? Here’s the complete answer

Are Pistachio Oreos Discontinued?

Sadly, it appears that Pistachio Oreos might be permanently discontinued. The cookies were discovered on Walmart’s shelves with a “discontinued” sign, and Nabisco has not announced whether they will return.

This news has disturbed fans of the cookie, and many have expressed their disappointment on social media. Some even demand a complete boycott of Nabisco goods until their preferred Oreo taste is returned.

While it has yet to be confirmed, it is growing increasingly likely that Pistachio Oreos are no longer available. If you enjoy these cookies, we advise stocking up now while supplies last!

You Can check the oreo flavors availability here: Check Oreo Flavours Availability

Why Were Pistachio Oreos Discontinued?

Pistachio Oreos were a limited-edition flavour released by Nabisco in 2018. Although they received a positive response from consumers, the taste was only intended to be available for a limited time and eventually closed.

The demand for pistachio Oreos was insufficient to keep them in production, or the company wanted to make space for new tastes. The decision to discontinue a particular flavour is often based on various factors, including sales performance, consumer response and overall brand strategy.

Will Pistachio Oreos Ever Come Back?

Unfortunately, it looks like Oreo does not intend to bring pistachio Oreos back into the market.

However, this option has undoubtedly been criticised, and Oreo has yet to announce bringing pistachio Oreos back in several years.

Oreo has had several situations where flavours have returned more than five years later, but occasionally as a limited-time event or in collaboration with particular stores.

Therefore it’s possible that they could come back at some point.

That being said, you should prepare to stock up if that ever occurs! Pistachio Oreos will likely be cancelled again, even if they make a brief comeback, as they were undoubtedly discontinued due to low sales.

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Is there any flavor similar to Oreo pistachio cookies?

Yes, So many people agree that Oreo Pistachio and Oreo Mint cookies taste very similar. Both contain delicious and thinner traditional oreo cookies sandwiched between layers of luscious, green creme filling. 

You can try Oreo Mint if you wish to experience the flavour of Oreo Pistachio. Although the taste is different, it can be a good alternative.

What does OREO Pistachio thin taste like?

With a Pistachio cream filling inside the biscuits, Oreo Pistachio thin features the traditional dark chocolate Oreo cookie but is even crispier than usual. The cream filling has a delicious pistachio taste. Several individuals believe the crème filling flavours are like pistachio ice cream.

Because the cookies are so much thinner and crisper, they taste like bliss. Also, the cream filling has a rich, thick texture and a distinctive pistachio flavour. Although many individuals appreciate the flavour of the filling, other people think it has a slightly artificial flavour—YouTube review of Oreo Thin Pistachio Cookies.

What Oreo Flavors Have Been Discontinued?

Oreo has introduced numerous flavours over the years, a few of which have since been dropped. The following are some of the Oreo flavours that have been discontinued:

  1. Marshmallow Crispy Oreos
  2. Brownie Batter Oreos
  3. Limeade Oreos
  4. Swedish Fish Oreos
  5. Red Velvet Oreos
  6. Watermelon Oreos
  7. Candy Corn Oreos
  8. Blueberry Pie Oreos
  9. Cinnamon Bun Oreos
  10. Waffles and Syrup Oreos
  11. Lemon Twist Oreos
  12. Pumpkin Spice Oreos
  13. Birthday Cake Oreos (original version)
  14. S’mores Oreos (limited edition)

Be aware that some flavours that have been discontinued can still be accessible in specific areas or nations or as limited-edition releases. In addition, depending on customer demand, Oreo might bring back more discontinued varieties in the future.

Are Pistachio Oreos Discontinued? - Complete Answer [2023]

How Many Oreos Are In A Pack?

It Depends on the container size and Oreo cookie variety, and there may be fewer or more Oreos in a pack. The most typical packaging sizes and the quantity of Oreos they include are listed below:

Original Oreo cookies: A standard pack of original Oreo biscuits typically contains 36, while a family-size pack often contains 48 biscuits.

Oreo Double Stuf cookies: A standard box of Oreo Double Stuf typically has 24 cookies, while a family-size pack typically has 36 cookies.

Oreo Thins: A standard Oreo Thins pack often has 36 cookies, and a family-size pack typically has 72 cookies.

Oreo Small Cookies: There are typically 12 distinct packs of Oreo Mini Cookies in a pack, with between 3 and 4 cookies in each pack.

The quantity of Oreos in a pack may vary significantly depending on the manufacturer and packaging. Therefore it’s crucial to remember that these are only broad approximations.

Do Oreos Have Dairy?

Yes, Oreos do contain dairy. Dairy items like milk, butter, and cream cheese are used to make the cookies. You must avoid these cookies if you are allergic to or allergic to dairy.

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Are Oreos Vegan?

Oreos are not vegan, unfortunately. The cookies’ cream cheese and milk are made from animal sources. If you’re looking for a dairy-free option to Oreos, there is a vegan option you may try:

Oreo has recently released a vegan version of their cookie called “Oreo Thins Vegan,” which uses a plant-based cream filling instead of dairy.

Do Oreos Contain Gluten?

Yes, gluten is included in Oreos. Wheat flour, a form of gluten, is used to make cookies. You should avoid these cookies if you are allergic to or intolerant to gluten.

What Is The Difference Between Double Stuf And Mega Stuf Oreos?

Double Stuf Oreos and Mega Stuf Oreos are two types of Oreo cookies that vary in the amount of creme filling they contain.

Double Stuf Oreos: These have about twice the amount of creme filling as the original Oreo cookie, hence the name “Double Stuf.” According to Nabisco, Double Stuf Oreos have 2x the creme serving as regular Oreos.

Mega Stuf Oreos: These cookies have even more creme filling than Double Stuf Oreos. According to Nabisco, Mega Stuf Oreos have 3x the creme filling as regular Oreos.

Double Stuf and Mega Stuf Oreos have more creme filling than the original Oreo cookie.

Do Oreos Have Chocolate In Them?

Yes, Oreos do have chocolate in them. The Oreo cookie comprises two chocolate wafers sandwiched by a sweet, creamy filling.

It’s important to note that while the traditional Oreo biscuit contains chocolate wafers, different varieties of Oreos come in golden wafers, cinnamon wafers, or even red velvet wafers varieties. Nonetheless, Oreos’s conventional chocolate wafer version makes up most of all sales.

Are Oreos Good For You?

No, Oreos are not healthy for you. The cookies include gluten and high sugar, and saturated fat content. There are many other things you can pick from if you’re seeking a healthier snack option.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Oreos?

Depending on storage conditions and packaging, Oreos’ shelf life can change. In general, if maintained in an excellent, dry location away from direct sunlight and heat sources, unopened packages of Oreos can remain up to six to nine months after their “best by” or “use by” date.

Oreos should be kept in an airtight container after being opened to stop them from going bad or absorbing moisture from the environment. Opened Oreo packages can remain fresh for up to two to four weeks if properly stored.

Do Oreos Need To Be Refrigerated?

Oreos don’t require refrigeration, so no. Because they are shelf-stable, Oreos can be kept at room temperature in an excellent, dry location, away from heat sources and sunshine.

Keeping Oreos in the fridge can make them stale faster since the cold and moisture can change how they taste and feel. Also, if Oreos are not properly wrapped, they may acquire flavours and aromas from other items in the refrigerator.

It is preferable to store Oreos in their original packaging or in an airtight container at room temperature to keep them as fresh as possible. To keep Oreos from getting mushy or sticky if you live in a warm, humid region, you should store them in the pantry or a cool, dry cabinet.

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Which Is The Rarest Oreo Flavour?

The rarest Oreo flavour is difficult to identify because it fluctuates based on the region and the season. Oreo has launched many limited edition and seasonal varieties over the years.

The “Candy Corn” taste, introduced in 2012 as a limited-edition Halloween flavour, is one of the rarest flavours to date. This taste wasn’t offered in succeeding years and was only available briefly.

Another rare flavour is “Watermelon,” made available in 2013 as a limited-edition summer taste but never made again.


Unfortunately, pistachio Oreos have been permanently discontinued, and we’ll unlikely see them restored to shelves soon.

It’s a big waste because it was one of my favourite flavours that weren’t the typical everyday variety!

However, if you want to build something similar, there are some alternatives and recipes accessible.

I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news. I genuinely hope that these Oreos will one day be brought back. Please use the comment section below to express how much you want them to return. Maybe someone from Oreo will read them; who knows?

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