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Why does Beth hate Jamie?

Why does Beth hate Jamie?

Why does Beth hate Jamie?

In the TV series Yellowstone, Beth Dutton has a volatile relationship with her adopted brother Jamie. Beth hates Jamie because he betrayed her trust when she was a teenager:

Initially, Beth’s enmity against Jamie came from her asking him to help her when she became pregnant with the child of her and the then-ranch hand, Rip. Jamie takes her to a clinic that serves Native American women and is told that ALL abortions that the clinic provides require that the recipient be sterilized.

Is anyone else perplexed as to why Beth Dutton loathes Jamie so much for her sterilization when she begged him as a teenager to help her take care of it at any cost? On Yellowstone TV show

Beth Dutton is written as being a shrewd and successful businesswoman who also has alcoholism, is woefully immature, and suffers from at least one mental illness. While such people exist, they rarely reach the levels of success that the series demonstrates her achieving, as they can rarely hold things together long enough to be successful.

The series never balances that dichotomy, so the character comes across as highly vindictive rather than damaged and sympathetic.

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At her age, it’s pointless for Beth to hate Jamie for taking her to the reservation abortion clinic, especially (and the series avoids this completely) since it would have been explained to her what exactly would be done to her.

Indian clinics that used to provide abortions and accompanying sterilizations didn’t usually lie to their Native clients, and they certainly wouldn’t have done so to a White female client to avoid being sued and perhaps even having their license taken away. Beth receiving an abortion at any point after the 1970s would have KNOWN that sterilization was going to happen, although she may not have completely understood the gravity of that occurring.

The series implies that Beth saw Jamie’s actions as a betrayal and somehow believes she had no responsibility for what happened to her. While that’s understandable to a minor degree, the series makes Beth an emotionally unstable adult instead of a woman approaching middle age who made terrible decisions and now has to deal with the consequences. 

It’s bad writing because they decided to add the child character of Carter as Beth’s “adoptive son.” Yet, they have left him mainly by the wayside as her maternal instincts seem to have been limited to the episode introducing him and a few episodes beyond that event.

Beth’s anger at Jamie for his actions involving her father and Jamie’s decisions about the Yellowstone are sensible. However, her anger about her decision to abort her and Rip’s child decades earlier makes little sense unless we (the viewing audience) are supposed to believe that she profoundly has a mental illness and has done little to nothing about addressing that issue. That’s another sign of bad writing.

Why does Beth hate her brother Jamie in Yellowstone so much?

Beth got pregnant via Rip. She asked Jamie to take her to an abortion clinic. They couldn’t go to the one in town because everyone knew they were Duttons, and word would get out.

So they went to the one that services the reservation. The problem is that the reservation clinic was required to sterilize every woman seeking an abortion. I am not sure if this was an Indian law or a federal. Jamie didn’t tell Beth about the sterilization. She thought she was getting an abortion.

Beth asked Jamie’s help for an ABORTION, not sterilization. But Jamie took her to a Native American clinic that, at that time, required sterilization when they conducted abortions. Jamie didn’t intend for her to be sterilized, but he didn’t know that she would be when he took her there.

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But Beth didn’t want to be sterilized; she just wanted to have an abortion. She didn’t want to give up her chance to have other children for the rest of her life. So, if I were a woman in this situation, a teenager getting an abortion, not knowing that it would be my only pregnancy because someone else (the clinic) decided I needed to be sterilized to stop me from having more possible abortions, then yeah, I would be a little bit pissed too.

Pro-choice means having the ability to choose whether to keep the baby or not AND whether I want to be sterilized or not, NOT have that choice taken from me.

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What is the difficulty between Beth and Jamie in the show Yellowstone?

Initially, Beth’s enmity against Jamie came from her asking him to help her when she became pregnant with the child of her and the then-ranch hand, Rip. Jamie takes her to a clinic that served Native American women and is told that ALL abortions that the clinic provides require that the recipient be sterilized. 

Jamie didn’t tell Beth about this; for some reason, neither did the doctors/nurses who performed the procedure. Beth was given a complete hysterectomy and is unable to bear children as a result.

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that Beth resents what she believes is her father’s special treatment of Jamie. After Jamie becomes even more compliant to his father’s will following his (Jamie’s) murder of an investigative reporter and his father helps him “clean things up,” Beth grows even angrier at Jamie, especially since her relationship with Rip, the unknowing father of her child begins to bloom in earnest. She treats him with even more contempt and barely disguises it from others.

In Season 4, Beth discovers what Jamie does: That their “father” John Dutton, is not Jamie’s biological father and that Jamie is adopted. Beth’s anger grows even further, and she continues to bait and threaten Jamie by both exposing his parentage AND perhaps informing Rip (then her husband and now the ranch’s enforcer) that he helped her abort their child. She keeps her knowledge of this from their father, and that includes her foolishly following Jamie to the site where he (Jamie) dumps the body of his birth father, whom he murdered, and videoing that occurring.

In Season 5, Beth becomes unhinged and openly threatens Jamie repeatedly. Unfortunately for her, Jamie decides to betray his “family” once again when he moves to have his father, elected Governor of Montana, impeached for using his office to benefit himself while costing the state billions in potential revenue. 

Jamie seems to care no longer what Beth thinks. He pointedly informs her that the location where he dumped his biological father’s remains is a mass graveyard used by their family with the full knowledge of their father and, now, her.

Soooo.Beth starts off being angry and resentful that Jamie took her to get an abortion and didn’t tell her that sterilization was part and parcel of that occurring in the past. Her rage at him increases as her relationship with Rip leads to marriage, as the family’s ranch comes under more significant threat, and when she discovers that her “brother” Jamie is not a biological relative.

How would you handle the likes of Beth Dutton in the TV series “Yellowstone”, in real life?

Could you give her a taste of her own medicine? Call me vindictive, but I wouldn’t say I like that character. She is a ruthless, spoiled princess who tears down other people, including her siblings. Jamie, we have seen, but there is jealousy with Kayce, and I predict he will be her next target.

 If Lee hadn’t died, she probably would have made his life miserable, too. Someone like that is nothing but a big bully who enjoys ruining other people’s lives because it gives them some satisfaction. I only hope that in the end, karma comes back at her big time by killing off her precious Rip.

What is the difficulty between Beth and Jamie in the show Yellowstone?

She is unable to have children and blames Jamie for that.

In Beth’s teenage years, she became pregnant and sought help from her older brother, Jamie. 

His response was to take her to an abortion clinic outside of town, but the issue with the free clinic is that when a patient receives an abortion, they are required to undergo sterilization. When the receptionist reminds Jamie of that, he agrees, gets Beth out of the truck, and doesn’t tell her. She is unable to have children and blames Jamie for that.

Do people hate Beth (Kelly Reilly) in ‘Yellowstone’?

Yes, I hate her. She’s way too much. She is the show’s star, and everyone else is her minor supporting characters. She constantly has something nasty to say. She needs to get over her shit with Jamie and take some responsibility for her actions. 

They were both young when she got theabortion/hysterectomy. She also talks shit on men while she’s far from a 10. By the way, her character is 35 and looks like she’s 44. 38 at best. She’s not ugly, but not high and mighty like her character acts. If an episode started with her getting shot in the head, and they never even addressed it, I would be so happy.Why does Beth hate Jamie

In a “Yellowstone” flashback, Jamie takes Beth to get an abortion at a reservation clinic. The clinic requires sterilization. Is this based on fact?

Yes, most medical procedures are done in a sterile environment.

A sterilized sheet can be laid under and over a person to establish sterile surroundings.

Giving birth, as an example, is a stunningly messy process. This is not shown on tv. Mom’s Blood, sweat, and saliva get everywhere. Once you pick up the sterile sheets, Mom can be cleaned up.

Most early abortions are very tidy (not going to explain), but just in case, they will provide a sterile field to manage the risk of infection.

Why does Beth hate Jamie so much in Yellowstone?

As Beth keeps reminding viewers, she has been perpetually angry at Jamie for how Jamie inadvertently made her sterile by helping her get an abortion when they were both teenagers.

Does Beth ever forgive Jamie?

Terrified of her father finding out, she confided in Jamie to help her get an abortion. Jamie took her to a clinic on the Broken Rock Indian Reservation to keep it secret but held the fact Beth would also be sterilized from her. Once she learned the truth, she could never forgive him.

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Why did Jamie sterilize Beth?

When Beth was a teenager, she got pregnant. She sought help from Jamie, who assisted her efforts to get an abortion. But, to keep the pregnancy from leaking to the press and embarrassing the family, Jamie took Beth to a free clinic on a Reservation, where sterilization was mandatory with abortions.

Why was Beth’s mother so mean to her?

We never see that on screen, nor does anyone ever reference that as a possibility. However, Beth’s blind allegiance to her father and the strangeness surrounding their relationship is something that, if it had existed before Evelyn’s death, might also explain some of her mother’s irritation and harshness toward her.

Why does Beth hate Jamie?

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