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Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

The main characters in “Black Butler” include Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, Grell Sutcliff, and Undertaker. The series features a wide array of characters, each with unique personalities and roles. Feel free to ask if you have specific characters in mind or want more information about a particular character!

Oof..I’ve watched Black Butler over 50 times over and over again so I should know this right? I mean I watched the whole series and I watched the movies when I’m bored or have nothing else to watch. I mostly watch it just for fun though so like it never hurts to write things down. Hmm..I think I made a list of them some time ago so I should find it.

*walks upstairs and goes into my room and looks for my anime folder which is very thick with all my anime drawings and notes then empties it and finds what I need and goes back downstairs*

Let me see:

Table of Contents

Phantomhive Household:

  1. Sebastian Michaelis
  2. Ciel Phantomhive
  3. Tanaka Kuroshitsuji
  4. Mey-Rin
  5. Finny (Finnius)
  6. Baldo
  7. Snake (hired from Noah’s Ark Circus)

Midford Household:

  1. Alexis Leon Midford
  2. Francis Midford
  3. Edward Midford
  4. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Midford
  5. Paula

Royal Household:

  1. Queen Victoria
  2. Prince Albert (not really, just a puppet)
  3. Charles Grey
  4. Charles Phillips
  5. John Brown

Grim Reapers:

  1. Grell Sutcliff
  2. William T. Spears
  3. Ronald Knox
  4. Undertaker
  5. Ludger
  6. Sascha

Scotland Yard:

  1. Arthur Randall
  2. Fred Abberline

Noah’s Ark Circus:

  1. Joker
  2. Beast
  3. Snake (former member)
  4. Jumbo
  5. Dagger
  6. Doctor
  7. Doll
  8. Wendy
  9. Peter
  10. Kelvin
  11. Smile (Ciel Phantomhive)
  12. Black (Sebastian Michaelis)
  13. Suit (William T. Spears)

Aristocrats Of Evil:

  1. Ciel Phantomhive
  2. Vincent Phantomhive
  3. Claudia Phantomhive
  4. Angelina Dalles
  5. Azzurro Vanel
  6. Chalous
  7. Diedrich
  8. Lau
  9. Undertaker
  10. Pitt

Weston College Students (I’ll be going by the color houses):

  1. Headmaster (Undertaker)

Sapphire Owl House (or Blue House):

  1. Lawrence Bluewer (former P4)
  2. Clayton (new P4 after Lawrence is “expelled”)
  3. Housemaster Michaelis (wow Sebastian)
  4. Ciel Phantomhive (undercover)

Scarlet Fox (or Red House):

  1. Edgar Redmond (former P4)
  2. Derrick Arden (deceased)
  3. Maurice Cole
  4. Joanne Harcourt

Green Lion (or Green House):

  1. Herman Greenhill (former p4)
  2. Edward Midford (new P4 after Greenhill was “expelled”)

Violet Wolf (or Purple House):

  1. Gregory Violet (former P4)
  2. Cheslock (new P4 after Violet was “expelled”)

Misc. England Resident:

  1. Agni
  2. Arthur Conan Doyle
  3. Blavat Sky
  4. Burnett
  5. Carter
  6. Ellery Nixon
  7. Grimsby Keane
  8. Haku
  9. Hao
  10. Harold West Jeb
  11. Higharm
  12. Irene Diaz
  13. Jan
  14. Jeremy Rathbone
  15. Julius Pitt
  16. Karl Woodley
  17. Mary Jane Kelly
  18. Patrick Philips
  19. Mina
  20. Ran-Mao
  21. Vicar Rathbone (Sebastian Michaelis)

I think that’s all of them right? All character combined is about 87 so that makes it quite a lot of characters.

What is something dark from Black Butler that gets ignored?

Black Butler is a dark show/manga, but fans think this manga is not dark at all, which is odd because of the cheerful anime endings and little slice-of-life hijinks. Sebastion usually murders groups of men once a season or once an arc.

“Black Butler” (Kuroshitsuji) is a manga and anime series written and illustrated by Yana Toboso. The series is known for its dark and supernatural themes. Still, one aspect that might be overlooked or not discussed as much is the underlying commentary on social issues and the consequences of unchecked power.

One dark aspect is portraying the Victorian era’s societal issues, such as class disparity, exploitation, and corruption. The series often delves into the darker sides of the aristocracy, revealing the abuse of power, decadence, and cruelty behind the façade of high society. The characters, particularly those in positions of authority, are often depicted as morally ambiguous or outright villainous.

Additionally, the story explores the consequences of making Faustian bargains and the moral ambiguity of certain characters. The central character, Sebastian Michaelis, is a demon who serves the protagonist, Ciel Phantomhive. 

Their contract involves a dark pact where Sebastian eventually consumes Ciel’s soul. This exploration of the moral implications of such a pact and the toll it takes on the characters involved adds a layer of darkness to the narrative.

While “Black Butler” is often praised for its engaging plot, stylish art, and supernatural elements, it also serves as a commentary on the harsh realities of the period in which it is set. The series sheds light on the shadows of society, exploring themes that may be unsettling or uncomfortable for some readers or viewers.

How did the characters in Black Butler get their names? Are they based on real people?

I was waiting for someone to ask. In the case of Sebastian, yes, his name does belong to another person — and not coincidentally, either. Sebastian Michaelis of Black Butler was taken from the guy who wrote this:

Sebastien Michaelis, the french inquisitor/demonologist.

This guy is a legend in the field of demonology. His writings are hard to translate from 16th-century French, but they are one of the most extensive when it comes to classifications, expanding into angelical and demonic hierarchies.

Where can I buy affordable high-quality tape-in hair extensions?

Why did Tobopickk do that one?

Grell, also, is possibly named after someone—

Peter Sutcliffe, a famous mass murderer from the early 1980s who, wouldn’t you know it, was a jack-the-ripper copycat also called the “Yorkshire Ripper.”

Less obviously, Finnian was given his name by Ciel based on the Fenian Cycle, a composition of fairy tales centering around an adventurous and carefree protagonist and his lady. In case it isn’t apparent, this is a real thing.

Then there’s Pluto from the original anime. Though not a natural person, like the above, he does share a name with a cat, of all things —

Pluto is the name of a cat found in Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “Black Cat.” And the two animals have a lot in common: a cat and a dog. Poe’s Pluto was a fluffy, affectionate, loving black cat. 

Still, Poe’s unnamed character hated and hated the fluffy creature so much that he gouged out its eye and then hung it by the neck until it died; after that, the cat’s ghost began to haunt him like a demon, tormenting him endlessly. 

However, it was fond of his wife, the only person who could handle the creature. The torture was enough to drive the man to kill his wife, who he then tried to bury in his basement — but of course, the cat made sure she was found.

Replace Angela and Sebastian in for the characters in that story, and you almost have the dog, Pluto, though, of course, Sebastian didn’t kill Pluto, but Ash/Angela. He might’ve if he were allowed to, though. 

The more mean he was to Pluto, the more affectionate the dog got and the more; consequently, Sebastian was irked by the hellhound, which only Angela could control. And let’s not forget the choke collar Angela had around his neck.

Whelp, I’ve said my piece. I will come back with more as I come upon them.

Who is the best character in Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler? Why?


1- Ronald Knox. Sure, he may be a flirt, but at the same time, he manages to get his work done. I was like that at school: laid back and bored, but finished my work on time. Plus, he has fantastic hair. Yana Toboso has made it canon that he’s between 22 and 25.

2- Agni. I love him because he was once a man who had done terrible things, and for that, he was going to be hanged. However, Soma changed that, and thanks to him, Agni became a much better man. Agni will do anything to protect Soma, always putting him and others first. Agni has also given food to needy people with Soma’s help, serving curry buns or an Indian dish involving rice.

3- Othello. As soon as this Reaper appeared, I immediately liked him. Othello works in the Forensics Division in the London Branch, and he’s quite a character. Othello has a love for licorice, as he always carries with him a small tin full of it. 

Othello is fascinated with technology and can’t help himself as he tries to dismantle the machine. Othello tends to think things out; when he does, he ignores those who might even be speaking to him. While his fashion choice of footwear is tacky, he’s just adorable!

4- Fred Abbeline. While I find his twin brother Edward an annoyance, I love Fred. While most of the force hated Ciel, Fred worked with him as if it were his job. It wasn’t about someone’s status; Fred just wanted to ensure that people were safe and justice was rightfully served. He would be a Father, too, and he would have made an awesome one.

5- Dagger. Like Othello, he’s an adorable character. He has a crush on Beast and goes as far as to sacrifice his life for hers, along with protecting her body from a particular demon. There have been a few instances where he would act silly but not overdo it like Druitt. Dagger would make an adorable boyfriend to any girl.

Which Black Butler characters do you adore, and why?


Reasons why I love Sebastian:

  1. He’s A Devil- I love him because of his devil person.
  2. His Obsession Over Cats- As we all know, Sebastian loves cats because where he comes from, they don’t exist.
  3. His Way He “Teases” Ciel- His teasing makes me laugh. Sebastian has to say something negative about it whenever he does something terrible or brilliant.
  4. How He “Complains” About His Uniform If It’s Messed Up- Whenever Sebastian has to rescue Ciel and messes up his uniform, he always says, “I was hoping I wouldn’t have to use this…Oh my, my uniform is in shreds. I was hoping I could mend them but I suppose I cannot..”
  5. His Says- I love it whenever he ends a sentence or answers someone’s question with, “I’m Just One Hell Of A Butler.” I love it!!

Reasons why I love Grell:

  1. His Love For Red- I love the color red, and he does too, which makes us a match… (just kidding)
  2. His Love For Sebastian- I LOVE it when he always meets up with Sebastian and says Seba-Chan to him. It just makes me scream on the outside, and I love it! (I also ship them, so be quiet!)
  3. His Personality- I love his Personality. He’s evil, funny, loveable, and mischievous. I mostly love how he acts all loveably with William T. Spears when he catches Grell doing something he wasn’t supposed to be doing in the first place.
  4. His Looks- I love his looks. I can’t say anything except that I love his red everything.

Pictures of Sebastian and Grell: They go well perfectly!!!

Who is the most ignored character in Black Butler?

William T. Spears is. William is pretty uptight, never smiling or laughing. He works in the management Division’s London Branch, ensuring the work gets done. Whenever Grell screws up, it’s up to William to collect the souls or investigate the goings-on of souls as he did in Book of Circus.

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

He’s the reason Grell and Ronald are still alive. Because of those two, he has two jobs, including watching Grell and Ronald. William may appear cold and emotionless, but he cares about those two.

The perception of which character is the most ignored in “Black Butler” can vary among fans, as different individuals may have other preferences and interpretations. However, one character that is sometimes overlooked is Mey-Rin.

Mey-Rin is a maid in the Phantomhive household known for her poor eyesight and seemingly clumsy demeanor. She is skilled with firearms and has a background as a sharpshooter. Despite her talents, her character development is less prominent than some other servants in the series.

Compared to characters like Sebastian Michaelis, Ciel Phantomhive, or even other servants like Finnian, Baldroy, and Tanaka, Mey-Rin’s backstory and personal development receive less attention in the narrative. She often serves a supportive role, and her moments of significance may not be as emphasized as those of other characters.

It’s important to note that perceptions of overlooked characters can be subjective, and different fans may have different opinions on which characters deserve more attention or exploration in the series. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who do you ship in Black Butler?

I don’t favor ships too much, except OCs. If I had to pick two I like, it’d be Mey-Rin x Sebastian and Ronald and William. I’m not a fan of Mey-Ron, which a handful of people like, rather than this one. I love Mey-Rin and Sebastian together, because they seem similar.

Both of them seem innocent and gentle before turning around and becoming deadly. Mey-Rin may usually be clumsy, but she’s a good shot. She’s grave when she shoots, going along with her movements and voice change.

As for Sebastian, he appears to be a gentle soul, but being a demon, he’s sadistic and deadly as well. While Mey-Rin is human and Sebastian is a demon, they go well together.

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Oddly, Ronald is my anime crush, but I like the Ronilliam ship. I follow slaveofliberty on Tumblr and love seeing Ronald and William together.

While most Black Butler fans love Grelliam, I can see this one working better. William is a strict man who appears cold and doesn’t know how to keep a conversation, making him awkward. Then there’s Ronald, a fun guy who is laid back and comfortable in any situation.

He could easily make William less tense with two opposites and Ronald, a very confident man. It may take a while, but it’s possible Ronald could turn William’s cold heart warm.

Note: It’s a ship; Ronald is as straight as a ruler and would never date a guy. Look at Ronald’s face when he had to reenact the Titanic scene with Grell.

(Ronald: Oh God, why can’t it be a woman?) Besides, William may or may not like Grell. It’s not been confirmed by Yana herself. We only know that William is Grell’s true love, not Sebastian. I’m disabling comments if people get butthurt with the Ronilliam ship. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What do you think of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler?

Spoilers: If you haven’t seen the later chapters of Black Butler, don’t proceed. You’ve been warned. I will talk about posts I’ve been seeing in my Tumblr feed. The pages were in Japanese print, meaning they have yet to be released in the U.S.

Sebastian Michaelis, let’s see…I’m not exactly a fan of his, but he is a pretty intriguing character. Sebastian is a demon, and having no form when first appearing, he took the form of a Butler to blend in with humans. 

Due to the latest pictures of Sebastian in the manga, demons are genuinely the most frightening characters. I originally came for the demon, but now I’m staying for the Reapers.

However, being a demon with Ciel Phantomhive as his Master, I must admit that Sebastian can do anything. Now, I can’t hate that; it’s pretty impressive! The man can cook, clean, run errands, do any Circus trick, etc., all without failure. Sebastian does everything flawlessly and can do it in seconds with tasks that typically take hours.

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Even so, there are a few things about Sebastian that keep me from really loving him. Being a demon, Sebastian doesn’t feel any love or any emotion. If Sebastian extracts information, especially from women, their weakness is pretty much sex. It’s one of Sebastian’s ways to get information much more accessible, rather than simply talking to them.

Lastly, Yana has finally shown more parts of Sebastian’s proper form, not just the boots. Sebastian has many eyes that remind me of Hermaeus Mora from Skyrim, three horns, and deadly sharp teeth. While Sebastian appears very attractive, his proper form could give someone nightmares for the rest of their lives. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What is the plot of Black Butler?

In the Victorian era, the Queen, ravaged by the loss of her beloved prince Albert, entrusts any “dirty” tasks (underground work) needed to keep the Empire from harm to a family: the Earls of Phantomhive.

A dire and grueling task that now occurs on the shoulders of twelve-year-old Ciel, on the surface a young entrepreneur and millionaire, under the facade a ruthless noble tasked with easing the worries off the Queen – a lapdog that bites rather than barks.

At his young age, Ciel has gone through a lot and his sarcastic cynicism clashes with his childish looks. He is keen to use his exterior charm to get what he wants, especially in front of people who don’t know him well.

He works together with people who assisted his father, the previous Earl. It’s to be noted that many of these people are different from what you would call reliable in a business meeting, and they sometimes get on the Earl’s nerves.

Not everyone, however, is on his side. Ciel relies mainly on his highly efficient butler, Sebastian, who is the Queen’s lapdog’s operative arm aside from straightening the wrongs of his bumbling servant body. But nothing is what it seems.

Ciel is not the only one who keeps secrets and appearances. And Sebastian is more than he lets know. He is, in fact, one hell of a butler! Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What do you think of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler?

He is one hell of a butler. I swear, he is everything anyone would want. He’s the best chef, guard, and friend. He’s the best devil, and I wish he were my butler. He is my FAVORITE character (besides Grell Sutcliff). I love everything about him. 

One thing that makes him unique is that he’s never died. In the first book, when Sebastian is going to rescue Ciel, he gets shot over ten times, and he’s not dead. Then again, he’s not supposed to because he made a deal with Ciel, and he’s from the underworld, so it makes sense.

Sebastian Michaelis is a complex and intriguing character in “Black Butler.” As a demon butler, he is a central figure in the series, and his personality and abilities contribute significantly to the narrative.

Here are a few aspects that stand out about Sebastian:

  1. Elegance and Politeness: Sebastian is known for his impeccable manners and refined demeanor. He carries out his duties as a butler with grace and sophistication, adhering to the highest service standards.
  2. Supernatural Abilities: As a demon, Sebastian possesses extraordinary strength, speed, and agility. His combat skills are unparalleled, and he often demonstrates his magical powers as elegantly and efficiently as possible.
  3. Loyalty and Contract with Ciel: Sebastian’s loyalty to Ciel Phantomhive is a central theme in the series. The Faustian contract they share adds depth to their relationship and introduces moral dilemmas as Sebastian is bound to consume Ciel’s soul upon completing their agreement.
  4. Sense of Humor: Despite his demonic nature, Sebastian exhibits a dry and occasionally dark humor. This adds a layer of complexity to his character, making him more than just a severe and stoic figure.
  5. Mystery and Enigma: Throughout the series, there are moments when Sebastian’s true intentions and feelings are shrouded in mystery. This ambiguity keeps the audience engaged and adds an element of unpredictability to the character.
  6. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Fans appreciate Sebastian’s multifaceted nature, blending elegance with a darker, supernatural side. His character contributes significantly to the Gothic and magical atmosphere of “Black Butler,” making him a memorable and iconic figure in anime and manga. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who is your favorite Black Butler character besides Sebastian and Ciel?

The Undertaker for many reasons. I LOVE eccentric characters, first and foremost. DON’T READ PAST THIS POINT; I WILL BE SPOILING THINGS FROM THE BOOK OF ATLANTIC AND A LARGE PORTION OF THE MANGA!!!

You have been warned. His motives interest me quite a bit. He is one of my favorite anime/manga antagonists ever. His reveal as a reaper made him pretty badass ngl. I’m very intrigued about what Yana Tobaso plans on doing with his character in the manga. I don’t understand why he needed Our Ciel arrested or at least wanted. 

He seemed to care about the Phantomhives deeply, which we know because of his crying while talking to Diedrich about how every part of Vincent turned to ash via his mourning chain with Claudia’s hair in it. 

I have to say him collecting blood to make blood transfusions to revive Real Ciel was quite an interesting plot point that is currently going on in the manga (as I’m writing this, we’re presently in chapter 173). 

Anyway, his character is written brilliantly and exemplifies a great twist villain. I’ve rambled enough. I’m sure you all get the point. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who is your favorite character in “Black Butler”? My favorite is Ciel.

As much as I would love to say Sebastian is my favorite, and as accurate as that is, I would have to take a different route and go with Undertaker instead. My reasoning for that is simple: have you seen the Undertaker?

In Black Butler, the Undertaker is shown as nothing more than a kooky character who mysteriously has contacts everywhere he goes for reasons that all (or most) already know why that is.

Undertaker likes to laugh due to his enjoyment of humor and also loves to seek laughter from people around him. His character is mysterious yet lovable even after all the things he’s done; it’s part of his charm.

He is very calm, serious, and always one step ahead of others as they don’t know what he’s after or why he’s doing what he’s doing, another reason why he is mysterious.

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

The Undertaker is a man with long gray hair, partly tied in a single braid on the right side of his head. He had black fingernails and a jagged scar across his face, neck, and left pinky finger. He also has chartreuse glowing eyes, which he usually keeps hidden under his hair.

He also often dresses in a black robe, a long crooked top hat, and a gray scarf strapped across his chest and knotted by the hips. He wears black earrings, an emerald ring on his left index finger, a band of prayer beads around his neck, and, formerly, a chain with six mourning lockets around his hip. Depending on the day and what’s happening, what outfit you will see him in will vary.

His fashion style and everything about his characteristics is a view no one (including me) hates seeing. Undertaker is an eccentric, enigmatic individual who giggles frequently, appreciates laughter, enjoys frightening others and provoking reactions with his strange mannerisms, and spends considerable time in coffins. I have always found this adorable; oddly enough, it’s true.

Undertaker is (or was) a Grim Reaper. He is also a former Aristocrat of Evil and an informant to the Phantomhive house since Vincent Phantomhive’s time. He used to work as a funeral director for normal society.

He has quite a story and a past that only a few facts are known about, but his character is my favorite, along with Sebastian. Let’s pick a less evident character because have you seen Sebastian? There isn’t anything to hate, not much at least.

I HOPE I HELPED. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Who is your favorite Black Butler character besides Sebastian and Ciel?

Grell Sutcliff. He may be a villain, but he does have a thing for fashion. He only wears red, one of the three colors I like. I always thought he was a good guy, like, for real, I did, and he seemed like a scared character. 

I love everything about him (even though he killed Madam Red, AKA Angelina Dalles-Burnett). He is a tempting character, but he does have a sweet spot for Sebastian Michaelis, which is funny.

“Oh, Bassy, I do love red the most. Hair, clothes, lipstick, I love them to be red. That’s why I love using fresh blood to do makeup for those ugly women.” – Grell Sutcliff.

Knowing how much Grell loves Sebastian, he always calls him Seba-chan. His whole character screams Love and Death (in my opinion). Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Can Sebastian Michaelis die (Black butler)?

Originally Answered: Can Sebastian Die (Black Butler)?

Though it hasn’t been directly said, I think he can be killed, but it would be tough. When he fought Grell, he made it seem like he could kill him with his Death Scythe or at least send him to another dimension, most likely back to Hell. 

I don’t get why people like Claude and Ash would fight him if they knew he was immortal since he could constantly win. Going back to Ash, who is also superhuman, it appeared that Sebastian could kill him or send him somewhere else that isn’t Earth. (However, his body was still there, so I think he was just dead.)

Back to Grell. Sebastian did seem to show just the slightest bit of fear at being cut by the Death Scythe (But who wouldn’t?), and he can be wounded. I think it’s just that no one has been skilled enough to kill him, but he might be able to die. This is purely speculation, though, so I wouldn’t take anything I say too seriously. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Why isn’t the Butler in Black Butler African American?

Originally Answered: Why isn’t the Butler in black Butler African American?

I assume you’re wondering this due to the name. I’ll admit, I also wondered this in the beginning. I wonder if you’ve seen the show, as when you think about it, it makes sense because the Butler is a demon. I assume you didn’t know this (which you certainly would have had you seen the show) or didn’t think about it. 

If the fact that the Butler is a demon isn’t reason enough, or you’re just curious about what other reasons I may have come up with, read on. I will warn you now; this answer will contain spoilers (that I will suitably warn for), so be prepared. Also, it’s very long, so there’s a TL;DR at the bottom.

Reason One: Part of it is likely due to who the writer is and the demographics: the Japanese. The original title is “Kuroshitsuji,” some of the confusion over the title may be an odd translation of Kuroshitsuji to Black Butler. I will be the first to admit that I know very little about the Japanese language, and I want you to get the right impression. 

am NOT saying that the translation is wrong. I AM saying, however, that the English and Japanese languages and cultures are very different. Due to this, it may be the case that the part of the title that says “Black” likely does not mean anywhere close to the word for African Americans in the Japanese language and quite literally means the color, which is likely because the Butler, Sebastian Michaelis, is a demon.

Speculative Reason Two: If you want to try and find a more in-depth answer that relates to the plot, it could just be due to that (Reason 2a) period (which I will address momentarily) and (Reason 2b) the fact that as a demon, Sebastian can likely change how he looks.

Reason 2b: Being able to change how he looks may be why Sebastian seems so similar to Ciel’s father (a manipulative way to gain trust) – though it could also be a flimsy character design. 

There is also proof of Sebastian being able to change his appearance towards the end of Season One when *SPOILER ALERT* it heavily alluded that Sebastian turns into a cat and watches over Ciel when he doesn’t want to be actively present due to his current issues with Ciel.*END SPOILERS*

Reason 2a: Now, to address where I mentioned the period. Here’s what I am NOT saying: African Americans did not exist. Do not take that away from this. Here’s what I AM saying, however: in that period, it would have been seen as much more ‘classy,’ so to speak, to have a Caucasian butler and much more inconspicuous. 

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

In that period, as you may well know (I can’t imagine you not knowing), racism ran rampant and was very real (and it still is!) and had very lasting effects. 

It’s not clear when precisely in the 19th century Black Butler takes place (though if it were supposed to take place in this universe, it would have had to have been the late 19th century due solely to the existence of phones and cars, meaning this had to have taken place in 1885 at the earliest. 

This is called into question, however, due to Queen Victoria. She ruled until she died in 1901, but the show implies her husband’s death is recent when he died in 1861.) EXACTLY when it is, however, is only somewhat relevant as long as you take in the rough period.

In this time, it would have been much more suspect for Ciel (the Earl) to have had an African American butler who was able to get away with some of the things that Sebastian was (due to the blatant racism.

 Sebastian’s charm may not have worked as well due to the disgust many people felt towards anyone who was not white, or people would have thought it odd if it did), which includes but is not limited to (*LIGHT SPOILERS, NOTHING IMPORTANT*): attending high scale parties, entering into competitions (I can think of at least 2 of them), etc., etc. 

*END SPOILERS* Had Sebastian been African American, it could also be argued that he would have stuck out like a sore thumb. There were African Americans in England in that period.

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Yes, but not a great many of them, and they didn’t indeed start immigrating on a large scale until late into the century, which, although while mainly fitting of the presumed period, his position of power as an African American most certainly would have made them an object of even more considerable interest stemming from 

  • 1.) The rarity of African Americans, 
  • 2.) the high position of power as an African American, 
  • 3.) Ciels Earldom (the elites did love to gossip) and 
  • 4.) *SPOILER* Ciel’s disappearance and reappearance into the world with a new unknown butler *END SPOILER* would have made them much too attractive for the socialites to ignore. 

This would have been inconvenient for plot reasons because =Ciel and Sebastian needed to keep a low profile for their crime-solving and to *SPOILER* ensure that Ciel could take revenge, allowing Sebastian to eat his soul. *END SPOILER*

You probably didn’t want some of that info as it’s not the most relevant and more of a ‘what if he was,’ but oh well. A complete answer is better than a flimsy one. Or not. At least it won’t get collapsed.

TL;DR: Basically, the download is you’re asking about the title, and it’s called Black Butler because the Butler is a demon. Another reason the title is misleading is that it could be a language difference (translated from Japanese to English), or he could not be African American because of the period the story takes place in combined with demon powers. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What is a black butler?

I’m considering that you wanted to ask this: “what is Black Butler”.

It’s a japanese animated series (anime), with the original name of “Kuroshitsuji”. It tells the story of an english earl in the XIX century, Ciel Phantomhive, owner of Phantom Company, that produces toys and candies (in the series, is revealed that he is the queen Victoria’s subordinated too, and solves crimes and troubles that are in the english’s underworld, Ciel is often known as the “Queen’s Guard Dog”). Ciel is just 12 years old (in the seasons and movies’ advance, he will be 13 and 14 years old).

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?
  • Ciel Phantomhive

He’s an earl in this age because his parents were murdered (by someone unknow until now) when their mansion taked on fire. After this happening, he was kidnapped by (an unknow group too, as I remember) and tortured for a few hours. So, his suffering drew attention of a demon, that was intersted in having a contract with him. When he accepted the deal with this demon, he was turned in a human butler form. Ciel gave him the name of Sebastian Michaelis, after realizing that the demon will need a name for working in his mansion, and better pretending to be a human, of course.

  • Sebastian Michaelis

The series develops with Ciel Phantomhive’s highest desire: discover who murdered his parents, and have revenge, with Sebastian’s preterhuman habilities. I suggest you to read the manga, the anime is well made, but has a lot of non-canonic happenings when compared with the manga.

I sicerely apologize for any mistake, I’m not an english speaker land’s native. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What is Sebastian from Black Butler’s occupation?

Sebastian Michaelis is a demon who serves as the butler to the main protagonist, Ciel Phantomhive, in the manga and anime series “Black Butler” (also known as “Kuroshitsuji” in Japanese). 

While he appears to be a traditional butler, his occupation is as a demon contracted to serve Ciel and help him achieve his goals in exchange for Ciel’s soul. Sebastian possesses incredible supernatural abilities, including superhuman strength, agility, and regeneration, and can transform his appearance to fit any situation. 

He is incredibly skilled in butler service, from cooking and cleaning to fighting and assassination, and is entirely devoted to serving his master.

Sebastian Michaelis, the main character in “Black Butler” (Kuroshitsuji), is a demon who works as a butler. He serves Ciel Phantomhive, the young head of the Phantomhive family. Sebastian is not an ordinary butler; he possesses superhuman abilities, including incredible strength, speed, and the skill to excel in various tasks.

Sebastian’s primary duty is to carry out any orders from Ciel, who made a Faustian contract with Sebastian. According to the contract, Sebastian is bound to serve and protect Ciel until the young master’s goals are fulfilled. In exchange for his services, Sebastian will eventually be entitled to consume Ciel’s soul.

Sebastian’s role as a butler is a central element in the series, and his character is known for his unwavering loyalty, impeccable skills, and a distinctive blend of elegance and malevolence. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What is the anime Black Butler about?

A young, orphaned boy deals with the devil in exchange for his soul. The story is based in Victorian England.

To be very detailed:?Young Ciel Phantomhive is known as “the Queen’s Guard Dog,” taking care of the many unsettling events in Victorian England for Her Majesty. 

Aided by Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye?

In Ciel’s past lies a secret tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness—during one of his bleakest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, bargaining his soul in exchange for vengeance upon those who wronged him. 

Today, not only is Sebastian one hell of a butler, but he is also the perfect servant to carry out his master’s orders while anticipating the delicious meal he will eventually make of Ciel’s soul as the two unravel the mystery behind Ciel’s chain of misfortunes, a bond forms between them that neither heaven nor hell can tear apart. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

What are some prime examples of Butler’s fictional characters?

Crichton is from JM Barrie’s play The Admirable Crichton. It was made into a viral film in the 1950s, with Kenneth More playing the main character and a relatively stellar British cast.

Crichton and his employer’s family are wrecked on a tropical island, and his knowledge helps them revive bu. While they are there, he eventually becomes at the top of the totem pole.

The family thinks he is terrific and swears eternal gratitude to him for their survival, but they are rescued. There is a bitter moment when they get back home, and everyone slips back into their usual roles, with just a slight hesitation from Crichton.

It is extremely dated now, but the film is on YouTube. I still find it amusing, and the very end of it quite sad. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

Is Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler classed as a ‘he,” a ‘she,” or a ‘they’?

Oh my God, I am so glassed. I will not lie because Grell is one of my all-time favorite characters. Will Grell 100% is a transgender woman in the manga. Sometimes, She is referred to as a man in the anime, but in the manga, grell will refer to herself by female pronouns.

She has winced and even said that she wanted to have her crush, Sebastian Babies, but then says that she can’t reproduce like a woman.. no sometimes the characters in the anime do and have referred to her as a male most of the time now they mostly not say any pronouns from what I’ve been seeing now you can correct me if I’m wrong.

It’s just how I hear it and see it. Grell updates. Typically, people, when they’re calling her a man, will be overdramatic and say that’s not a way to treat a woman or as different things than just that she is a woman. In one episode, I’m unsure if this was fan-made, but she does say, and I quote, “Do you think I’m the type of woman you can just buy with money?” 

She causes her old woman again, so I’m pretty sure she is a transgender woman, as I said. However, another theory about this is that to become a Grim Reaper, I’m pretty sure that you have to kill yourself in your living life because the Grim Reaper they are. I’m pretty sure that was a punishment. Please correct me if I’m wrong again.

I’m trying to go for a memory from what I heard. I haven’t watched a black butler in years, but my theory is she killed herself because she wasn’t a woman and she didn’t like the skin that she was in. She got to become a Grim Reaper for punishment as she committed suicide, but yes, to clarify, she is a woman, and she should 100% be referred to as one. Who are all the characters in Black Butler?


That’s hard. None of the recurring characters are annoying; most others will leave soon enough. I have more characters I want to see more of than less of. However, there is one character I’m already tired of.


I’m already tired of Real! Ciel. He’s annoying already and killed one of the original cast members. Honestly, I already want him gone, even though he confirmed a prominent theory in the fandom that was around even when I was a part of it years ago.

So yeah, I don’t feel like anyone has overstayed, but I still dislike them. Here are the people I can think of in Black Butler, but I warn you I might miss some; or a lot. Here we go:

  • Sebastian Michaelis
  • Ciel Phantomhive
  • Elizabeth Midford
  • Edward Midford
  • Bard
  • Madam Red
  • Who are all the characters in Black Butler?
  • Mey-Rin
  • Finny
  • Nina Hopkins
  • Ronald Knox
  • William T. Spears
  • Grell Sutcliff
  • Alan Humphries
  • Eric Slingby
  • Othello
  • Lawerence Anderson
  • Who are all the characters in Black Butler?
  • Rudgar
  • Sascha
  • Joker
  • Beast
  • Dagger
  • Snake
  • Jumbo
  • Peter
  • Wendy
  • Baron Kelvin
  • Undertaker
  • Who are all the characters in Black Butler?
  • Lau
  • Ran Mao
  • Vincent Phantomhive
  • Rachel Phantomhive
  • Doll
  • Charles Grey
  • Charles Phipps
  • Who are all the characters in Black Butler?
  • John Brown
  • Wolfram
  • Sigluend (pretty sure I spelled her name wrong)
  • Paula
  • Viscount Druitt
  • Alois Trancy
  • Claude Faustus
  • Hannah Annafellows
  • Thompson
  • Timber
  • Canterbury
  • Tanaka
  • Fred Abberline
  • Pluto
  • Angela Ashford
  • Ash Ashford
  • Mina
  • Prince Soma
  • Agni
  • Bravat
  • Rian Stoker
  • Queen Victoria
  • Lawerence Bluer
  • Cheslock
  • McMillan
  • Edgar Redmond
  • Herman Greenhill
  • Gregory Violet
  • Clayton
  • Derrick Arden
  • Cole
  • Francis Midford
  • Edward Abbeline
  • Prince Richard
  • Luka
  • Thomas Wallace

Who are all the characters in Black Butler?

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