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Home » Where can I find my routing and account number at Woodforest mobile banking?

Where can I find my routing and account number at Woodforest mobile banking?

Where can I find my routing and account number at Woodforest mobile banking?

Where can I find my routing and account number at Woodforest mobile banking?

Woodforest’s ABA routing number is at the bottom of your checks and deposit slips. The routing number is the first nine digits, starting from the bottom left numbers. 

Routing numbers vary by state. For example, Woodforest’s routing number is 314972853 for eight states and one county in Texas. 

You can also find your bank’s routing number by checking your bank’s online portal or mobile app and any account statements you may have access to. 

This is not professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor about your particular circumstances is best.

Woodforest National Bank’s routing number is 314972853 for eight states and one county in Texas, while its routing numbers for other areas vary.

In Woodforest mobile banking, you can find your routing and account numbers by following these general steps. Keep in mind that the specific steps might vary based on the app’s updates or changes, so it’s always a good idea to refer to the most recent version of the mobile banking app:

Log In:

  • Open the Woodforest mobile banking app on your device.
  • Log in using your username and password.
  1. Navigate to Accounts:
  • Look for a section or tab that lists your accounts.
  1. Select the Account:
  • Choose the specific account for which you need the routing and account numbers.
  1. View Account Details:
  • There should be an option to view additional details or account information.
  1. Find Routing and Account Numbers:
  • Look for a section that includes the account number, routing number, or account information. It might be labeled as “Account Details,” “Account Information,” or similar.

Contact Support:

  • If you do not need help finding the information within the app, consider contacting Woodforest National Bank’s customer support. They can guide you where to locate this information in the app or offer the details directly.

Remember that for security reasons, banks often prioritize protecting sensitive information. If you still cannot find the information through the app, contacting customer support is a reliable way to ensure you get accurate and secure assistance.

I’m three years late in answering this question, but for anyone who might stumble upon this, click on either checking or savings to get your account number on the mobile app. Then, you will see the current balance under the available balance, and next to the current balance will be your bank statements. You’ll want to go into the statements and then choose any statement. Your number will be under the account type and number below your name and address.

It doesn’t appear you can use the mobile version to find your number for the website, so you’ll have to go to regular site access once you log in. It should load you onto your account screen, then click on whichever account you want. Once you’re there, the statements will be on the left side of the screen under transaction history, and from there, they’ll be the same as the app.

Contact the bank directly. When you opened the account, you probably had several ways to contact them:

  • Telephone number
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Physical location of one of the bank’s branches

Your bank probably sent you some written communication (email, text) with their contact information.

One of these pieces of information may even have their routing number and your account number on it.

 If you have received checks, the routing number will be on the bottom, lower left of the check, and your account number will be the middle string of numbers at the bottom.

The routing number is 314972853. You should find your account number in the information you received when you opened the account.

Where can I find my routing and account number at Woodforest mobile banking?

To find your routing and account number in Woodforest mobile banking, you can follow these steps:

Log in to your Woodforest mobile banking app.

Navigate to the account for which you need the routing and account number.

Look for an option to view the account details or settings. The routing and account numbers are typically listed there.

Contact Woodforest customer service if you need help locating this information in the app.

That info should be on your checks and any deposit slips you have. You can also call or visit your bank and have the personnel show you.

Where can I find the Woodforest National Bank routing number?


The routing Number for Woodforest National Bank in Georgia is 314972853 for all Counties. The routing number 314972853 is valid for all transaction types, including Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, e-transfers, etc.

How do I find my routing number for Woodforest Bank?

It might be on the bank’s website, at the bottom of a check, or you could ask the bank during business hours.

If someone has my account and routing number, how can they take money from my account?

Someone with your account and routing number can transfer their money to your account.

How can I check the link to my mobile number with my bank?

Well, there are several ways to know whether your mobile number is linked to your account number or not. You can go to any branch of your bank & ask them if your mobile number is linked or not. But I am assuming that you cannot visit the branch, so here are several ways

1- Every bank has a toll-free number for balance inquiries. Just give a missed call at their toll-free number with your registered mobile number. You’ll get a message about your available balance if your number is linked.

2- Another way is to do any transaction from your atm debit card. If you get the message about the transaction, it indicates that your mobile number is linked to your account.

These ways can solve your query.

Happy banking 🙂

If someone has my account and routing number, how can they take money from my account?

Yes. Easily.

First, you can safely ignore anybody talking about passwords, safety devices, MICR encoding, signatures, or other technologies designed to make checks fool-proof. They are confused and don’t know what they are talking about.

I can have checks professionally printed with your account details at Walmart. 

I then use my bank’s software to scan your “check” and deposit it into my account. The check clears the Federal Reserve system in a day, and your account is debited. There is zero human involvement in the process. Of course, I could save time and $10 by printing your checks on my laser printer, too.

ACH draft. I could enter your details into my bank’s system and transfer money from your account into mine. Banks usually verify external accounts using trial deposits, but I know several banks that do not. These ACH transactions have zero human involvement.

I can use your details to pay my bills at several merchant websites. AT&T is one such merchant.

I could make fake checks and write them at a supermarket. Cheap, high-quality fake ID is easy to come by.

How can I use a bank’s routing and account numbers?


I live in the States and recently needed to provide my bank’s routing number and checking account number to get paid for some editing I did for a Dutch author who lives in Barcelona. He had to have his bank send an electronic cashier’s check to my bank through a bank in New York City. (My bank is in Texas.) It could have been more straightforward, but it worked. Also, although I don’t know this author, we are both friends with someone I know well, so it felt safe.


Each bank has its unique routing number, which is the same for all accounts at that bank.

Each bank assigns unique account numbers for each account at that bank. If you have several accounts at the same bank, you will notice the routing number is the same for all accounts, but the account numbers are different for each account.

You can use your bank routing and account numbers for various things. You need this information to order new checks. The most important use is for direct deposits such as paychecks. Ensure you provide your employer with the exact numbers (preferably a canceled check). Both numbers are critical.

Can you use someone else’s bank routing and account numbers for fraud? I hope you’re not asking this question for some nefarious reason. Punishment and jail time are not fun. Could you not do it? Don’t

The image below is a graphic I created similar to checks in the United States. The bank’s routing number is to the far left at the bottom of the check, and the account number is to the right. The “8103″ at the far right on the bottom of the check is a repeat of the check number in the top right corner.

Graphic by Sarah Madden


I’ve been the victim of someone fraudulently using my bank routing and account numbers; it was not pretty, and there’s a warrant out for his arrest in two counties.

When my local cops did some research, they realized a warrant was already out for his arrest in a neighboring county. He mistakenly used my bank routing and account numbers but his actual name and address. Plus, I researched precisely when those checks were cashed (TeleCheck keeps meticulous records) and gave that info to the cops. They were able to pull some video, so I hope they caught him!

—Sarah Madden, copyright 20 May 2018 (updated 20 November 2023)

ORIGINAL QUESTION: How can I use a bank’s routing and account numbers?

How can I get my account number and routing number?

I am still trying to figure out what I want to do to get my routing number and account number for my Paychekplus number. You used to go on there and get your info, but now I wonder why everyone has a part in this. Wow, this is wild.

How can I get my account number and routing number?

Log into your mobile app, in the account summary screen, and click the account you need the number for (ex, everyday checking account). Once in the account, click the last four digits of the account number on the upper left-hand side, and boom, you have the entire account and routing number

Where can I find my bank account’s routing and account numbers?

Your account number is on bank statements and checkbooks and is also available when you log in with your user ID and password.

The routing number is not readily available. You can call the bank’s customer service representative. If you are tired of listening to their hold music most of the time, you could renew your acquaintance with the branch staff and visit them. and ask.

Or you can ask Sunder Pichai.

If someone has my account and routing number, how can they take money from my account?

I can think of three ways; there might be more, but all are unlikely serious frauds.

  1. Someone could use your account number on a ‘counter check’ and withdraw cash as you at a branch. In this case, the teller would not have correctly verified identity.
  2. Someone would set up an ACH draft to transfer funds out of your account through ACH to someone claiming you had authorized them to take those funds. The bank is supposed to check these sorts of things out to prevent this from happening, and there will be a straightforward trail to follow to see who got the money.
  3. Someone would counterfeit checks with your account number and RT printed at the bottom and then pay with the checks or cash them. Checks are rugged enough for check printers to get right. The exact positioning of the numbers is essential; the paper, watermarks, micro printing, and ink are magnetic. This makes this scenario unlikely; however, the person presenting the check could print whatever name they wanted on the check. Then, because the name doesn’t have to match the account to go through, they would use any valid-appearing ID that matches the name printed on the checks.

As mentioned, there may be more ways for this to happen. These are serious crimes and are unlikely to be successful for various reasons. The perpetrators are very likely to be caught. It would help if you were advised not to try any of them.

How can I check the link to my mobile number with my bank?

I suggest you an easy tip.

Install the BHIM App and register it with your mobile number.

Then, click on your Bank Name.

If it detects your bank, your mobile number is linked to your account; otherwise, no!

I want to know which mobile number is linked to my bank account.

I want to know the process how to to link it

How can I access an online bank account using only the account and routing numbers?

It sounds like you are up to no good if you don’t have an ATM or identification showing down the account. Be aware that bank transactions can be traced to the computer who made them. If instead of planning a theft, get a job.

How can I check the link to my mobile number with my bank?

  1. Your mobile number is already linked if you are receiving messages from your bank regarding various schemes and debit and credit messages.
  2. Go to your bank with your passbook. Ask them about the mobile number that is linked to your account.
  3. If you have already provided the mobile number and want to avoid going to the bank, give a missed call from your mobile to the number provided by the bank for a balance inquiry. If you receive the balance, then your mobile number will be linked. You can find the mobile number for the missed call on the bank website.

I have to check my mobile number using my bank account number.

If you have an Internet banking facility for your account, go to manage profile, where you will get your registered mobile no.

How do I find my routing number on the Woodforest app?

Routing Numbers. Woodforest’s ABA routing and transit number are located at the bottom of your checks and deposit slips. The routing number is the first nine digits starting from the bottom left numbers.

How do I find my account and routing number on my mobile app?

On your phone

  1. Log into your bank’s mobile app.
  2. Look for terms labeled “information on your account 0r account information”.
  3. Once there, navigate to options that provide “routing number.”
  4. The routing number should be clearly labeled.

How to find the account number and routing number in online banking?

Find your routing number via online banking by logging into online banking and selecting the applicable account. In the top box, you’ll see the account nickname, the last four digits of your account number, and the routing number. If you also need the whole account number, select the last four digits of the link.

What bank routing number is this: 073972181?

MetaBank routing numbers for wire transfers

The routing number for MetaBank for international wire transfers is 73972181.

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