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Should I watch One Pace or One Piece?

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece?

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece?

There may be a bit of confusion here. “One Piece” refers to the popular manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. On the other hand, “One Pace” is a fan-made project that re-edits the One Piece anime to follow the manga’s pacing more closely, cutting out filler content and reducing the overall episode count.

If you’re a purist and want to experience the story as the creator intended, you might prefer reading the original “One Piece” manga. However, if you enjoy the animated format and want a more streamlined version of the anime with less filler, you could give “One Pace” a try.

Choosing between “One Piece” and “One Pace” depends on your preferences. If you enjoy a more extended, immersive experience and don’t mind filler content, go for “One Piece.” If you prefer a more condensed version focusing on the main plot, you might enjoy “One Pace.”

The recent hype surrounding the One Piece live-action has many wanting to dive into the sprawling anime, but its massive episode count (over 1000!) can be intimidating. It has sparked a debate: One Piece or One Pace?

One Piece: The original anime stays faithful to the source material, but its pacing can be slow, with extended flashbacks, filler episodes, and drawn-out scenes. It can test the patience of newcomers.

One Pace: A fan-made project, One Pace edits the anime to match the manga’s pacing better. It removes filler, shortens unnecessary scenes, and maintains a more consistent tempo. This is faster and arguably more streamlined, ideal for those who want to catch up quickly.

Should I watch One Piece?

No. Please don’t watch it.

It’s awesomeness is too much to handle for ambivalent minds.

Chances are you’d never be the same again after watching this. You might end up as one of the hardcore fans.

So, don’t.

You have been warned.

But should you choose One Piece or One Pace?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Here’s a breakdown:

One Piece:

  • Pros: Faithful to the source material: You experience the whole story as Oda intended, including world-building and character development details that One Pace might cut.Emotional impact: Extended scenes can build tension and make impactful moments more powerful—risk of spoilers: One Pace can skip minor plot points, potentially spoiling future events.
  • Cons: Slow pacing: You can feel sluggish and test your patience, especially in later arcs.Filler episodes: Some arcs are bogged down by non-canon filler, distracting from the main story.Time commitment: With 1000+ episodes, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

One Pace:

  • Pros: Faster Pace: Saves time, making binge-watching and catching up more manageable. Focus on the core story: Cuts out filler and unnecessary fluff, keeping the plot streamlined. More exciting: The faster Pace can make the action and adventure more exhilarating.
  • Cons: Missing content: Cuts can omit character moments, world-building details, and subtle humour.Potential spoilers: Minor plot points skipped in One Pace might be revealed later in the original anime.Not official: You’re watching a fan-edited version, not the creator’s intended vision.

Ultimately, the choice is yours.

  • Newcomers: One Pace might be a good starting point if you’re worried about the time commitment. You can always switch to the original later for the whole experience.
  • Long-time fans: One Pace can be a refreshing alternative if you’re familiar with tracery and want a quicker rewatch.
  • Purists: If experiencing the manga in its uncut, unedited form is essential to you, stick to One Piece.

No matter which you choose, the key is to enjoy the journey! One Piece is a unique and epic adventure, and it’s up to you to discover it in the way that best suits you.

Bonus tip: Consider the “East Blue movie,” which condenses the early arcs into a high-quality film. Before diving into the anime, it’s good to taste One Piece’s world and humour.

Remember, there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to experience One Piece. Welcome to the fandom, and enjoy the adventure!

Please convince me to start watching One Piece.

It’s shit, who can watch a series in which a protagonist is a rubber-man. What fun would it be anyway?

That’s what I used to think before watching One Piece. I had only heard about it earlier and watched a few anime clips, but I decided to watch it when I seriously had almost nothing to watch. So, the day I started before I knew was on episode 10.

Days kept on going, and so did the episodes. Before I knew it, I was addicted to watching it, but soon after reaching a certain point, I decided to take a break as the story started cooling down, so it was around episode 250 something episode.

 After two weeks, I decided to give it another chance, and surprisingly, the story suddenly started picking up the pace. I kept watching it and catching up with the anime.

This journey was totally like an emotional roller-coaster. 

There were times my head was boiling with anger just to hit the characters who were talking shit about Luffy and his mates, and there were many other similar incidents. There were also emotional scenes in which I felt almost throbbing after watching. The action and fighting scenes in the anime are genuinely unique (something I was not expecting).

In short, One Piece is one of the best anime I’ve watched, and believe me, I’ve watched too many.

Why should I consider watching the anime “One Piece”?

My anime journey started with Naruto… I finished the Shonen episodes in 3 days, and by the end of the week, I was already caught up with Naruto Shippuden in real-time (This was when I had just joined my first job…). The waiting made me restless. I was hooked on anime and thought, why not catch up on all other anime series meanwhile…

If you have seen Naruto, it is perhaps one of the greatest animes ever made. And I wanted something of that calibre to be my next anime. So, like any other anime fan, I googled the list of top anime to be watched. After a lot of research, I selected One Piece.

The animation was crappy, and the MC was a nincompoop. To be honest, it is atrocious. How did this end up on the best list? One Piece had 600-odd episodes then, and I decided to give myself 30 episodes before deciding whether to stop. Around that time, the Arlong Arc starts. I was still not convinced, but I decided to end the arc. Then came the episode that nailed the craze of One Piece straight to my heart.

The Walk to Arlong Park!!!

I tell you… My goosebumps got goosebumps at this scene. This was also the first time the One Piece theme was played during a fight… And that’s it… I needed no more convincing… 2 years and 780 episodes later, I think if you ask me why you should consider watching One Piece, it is because of

  • The characters: An Idiot captain, the badass first mate, The perv cook, the greedy navigator, the lying sharpshooter, the queer archaeologist, the reindeer who is a doctor, the cyborg shipwright and the dead singer! Could you get a crazier team together? Their boat scenes are a fantastic watch.
  • The backstories: Right from the Arlong Arc to the Enies Lobby Arc… The backstories of the main characters have torn their fans into tears. Why just the Straw Hats? Even the villains sometimes have crazy backstories (**cough Senor Pink… Hardboiled **cough). These help associate with a character to such an extent that you feel you are in the story.
  • The villains: On my!!! The villains in this story are just too fantastic. Arlong, Kuro, Buggy, Akainu, Crocodile, Enel, Cipher Pol, Doflamingo, Blackbeard, Big Mom, and Kaido, to name a few… Extremely unique characters and picturization ( you start hating them), great side characters and exquisite story build-ups… Each villain has tested Luffy to his limit until he has devised a creative way of beating them.
  • The Fight scenes: I will always remember Enel’s face when he realizes his powers are useless against Luffy. Or the first time Luffy uses gear second against Blueno. The way Luffy comes out of the Dolphin’s mouth and punches Hardy. When Zoro cuts Daz Bones, a man of steel, when Sanji kicks Vergo to save Tashigi, I can go on and on.
  • The Epic Scenes: If I were to describe One Piece in one line, it would be, ‘One Piece is a collection of Epic Scenes,’ and I wouldn’t be the least bit wrong. I have cried when Going Merry was burnt, I have called when Ace died, I have jumped with joy when Sogeking burnt the World Government flag, I ran around screaming in my house when Luffy landed the first punch on Doflamingo, I have seen the scene where Luffy kicks some Pacifista -ass in Sabaody on loop, I can’t stop the flow here.
  • NAKAMA: This word defines the anime. Initially, the anime subbed Nakama for friends. But then they changed it and kept it as Nakama in English as well… because English didn’t have a word for Nakama. It’s more than friends… nakama is an emotion!!! And the extent to which Luffy is willing to push himself for his nakama is just mesmerizing.

And that’s all the story is all about. A crazy crew on a crazy journey to achieve their dreams, fighting legends along the way, growing and developing along the way. They are redefining the idea of friendship and taking us on a journey… the Journey to be the Pirate King!


I forgot to add an essential part of One Piece:

  • Dialogues: This is like the garnishing of the dish. As if everything else could have been better, some dialogue hit the right note every time. I am adding pics for those (ceremoniously downloaded from Google) cause somehow that’s how I would see them…

When Sanji refuses to join Luffy’s crew:

  • Doflamongo’s Immortal Lines:
  • The end of Impel Down. Bon Chan’s sacrifice will forever remain in our hearts.
  • He may be the Ero-Cook. But he is also a man of the highest principles…
  • This dialogue is epic!!!!
  • *Sob* The whole arc! Every scene was coloured with EPIC juice!
  • Hear Hear!
  • The best dreams often have the most superficial reasons!!!
  • And how can I forget…
  • Edit:
  • Adding 2 pics.. 1 due to reader demand, two due to manga updates…

When Zorro takes all of Luffy’s pain after his fight with Gekko Moria… there is blood everywhere, and when Sanji asks Zoro, all he answers is “Nothing”… talk about the most badass first mate in the history of first mates…

  1. The transformation of Carrot!

Which is better, Naruto or One Piece? Why?

Ahhhhh, that’s a question I would love to answer.

We’ll break it down into different categories.


Naruto is about a kid with a demon inside of him, making him hated by the entire village. Despite this hatred, he continues to defy the odds. He becomes a great ninja, better than anyone could expect, and eventually becomes almost a god while still chasing his dream of becoming Hokage, the leader of his village.

Just before the pirate king Gol D. Roger (not Gold) is about to be executed, he declares that his treasure, One Piece, is in the Grand Line. It is set in a new pirate age. Monkey D. Luffy, the rubber kid, is inspired to become the pirate king while making his dream crew.
You can’t compare storylines, so I won’t judge this part.


Naruto started off doing badly with worldbuilding. It picked up once Shippuden started Shippudentart dwelling in other countries, such as the Sand Village, Cloud Village, and Land of Iron. The downside is these things, only in the leaf village, were never really dwelled into. We know the basics, but for example, the hidden rain village looked very industrial with the metal pipes and constant rain. We also could have learned why the obscure cloud village was predominantly black characters. Things such as those examples could have been explained in more detail.

Hidden Rain Village

Hidden Cloud Village

One Piece is one of the best, if not the best, with worldbuilding. While some things are yet to be explained story-wise, almost every place has uniqueness. We have Skype with its unique culture and inventions, the different seas, Whole Cake Island and its massive amounts of candy-made things, and Thriller Bark being a whole island and ship, impelled down. Its unique world is located inside the prison and many other places. What makes it even better are the places based on real-life locations.

Eneis Lobby

Whole Cake Island

Punk Hazard


Naruto did a fantastic job of making some unique and exciting characters. Some include Itachi, Gaara, Lee Orochimaru, Madara, and Obito, to name a few. One of the best things about Naruto is that you see the motivation behind why everyone does what they do. Madara felt shunned by not being Hokage, Gaara and his mistreatment by his entire village, Itachi and his twisted past, Obito by seeing Rin die, and Lee’s lack of ninjutsu or genjutsu talent. The downside is many others were only dwelled into a little when they could have been, such as the other Kage, Akatsuki members and many more.

One Piece does an even more impressive job with characters. We see the backgrounds or will see the backgrounds of many characters in the future. We know how Big Mom came about everything she did, beginning to learn more about Ace and Whitebeard; we know about Sanji and his terrible past, Robin and how she became the last person from her island. Even some minor characters get dwelled into.


Naruto did an excellent job with how it was written. However, at some point, things got messy. First, we started with Nine Tails and him being a demon; later, it turns out he’s only 1/9 of this massive monster. You thought Pain was the main villain? Nope, it was Obito—no, wait, Madara was using him. But wait, Madara was being used by Black Zetsu and Kaguya. The Byakugan got shafted after the original chunin exam, and the Sharingan got everything, only to be brought back with all the Ootsutsuki. Sarutobi is said to be the best Hokage, only to be retconned later; Hashirama has sage mode and wood release without explanation.

We never got to see the ten tails in full form, though it was stated they would have lost. If it got there, it could have been added during the flashbacks. Initially, there was only the sage of 6 paths, then later, his brother is dropped in randomly only to be given a minor role compared to his brother. It is what hurts Naruto. So many open doors left open with no explanation. Much of it has been made up as it was going. However, one thing Naruto did was make everything fit and make lots of progress quickly. Fights lasted 3–5 chapters while still being able to make progress with other things happening outside of the battle.

A great example was the Sasuke retrieval arc. Choji vs Jirobo, Neji vs Kidōmaru, Kiba and Akamaru vs Sakon and Ukon happened in about 20–25 chapters. Another great thing was breaking things down, such as Shikamaru vs Temari, for one example.

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

One Piece is one of the best-written manga ever. From the flashbacks to foreshadowing and character development. Things such as Blackbeard being hinted to be more than one person, secrets to the world government, Enel being hinted towards making a return and much more. The downside of these things is that fights get dragged on for so many chapters. One Piece fights are shown on two pages a chapter, for 30 chapters before it is finished.

An example of this is Luffy vs Katakuri. It was drawn out for many chapters. We have yet to get a single panel for some. Also, many arcs were drawn out, such as the whole cake island. Many arcs could have fit more in, but some panels were used for useless dialogue.


Naruto takes the cake on this one. We got many terrific fights, such as Gaara vs Lee, Itachi vs Sasuke, Naruto vs Sasuke 1 & 2, Madara vs the Shinobi alliance, and Jiraiya vs Pain. Recently, one of the best, if not the best, was the anime version of Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki—even the very analytical fights with characters such as Shikamaru, Shino, Itachi and more.

One Piece fights always seem better in the manga to me. We have been given some amazing fights, but they don’t stack up to Naruto. Much of this concerns special effects that are less frequent in One Piece than Naruto. We’ve gotten Luffy vs Katakuri, Luffy vs Lucci, Marineford, and my favourite, Straw Hats vs Kuma. Another downside is that many that revolve around Luffy are far shorter than Luffy’s fights.

Emotional attachment

This will be the last part I do. I’ve talked wrong about Naruto for some parts, but this takes the cake. There have been many parts where I’ve almost cried. This has a lot to do with character development. One Piece has so many characters that you do not get attached to them AT TIMES.

It’s tough for me with One Piece. I have yet to watch 99% of the anime. I started a few days ago. I’ve only seen YouTube clips of some. I’m more of a manga reader. TheThe parts I know that have made me or others emotional have been Ace’s death, the Straw Hats defeat by Kuma, and Robin at Eneis Lobby.

One Piece is the best and greatest ever. It’s all based on opinion. Many do not get into One Piece because it can sometimes be goofy or because of how some characters and stories are written. However, to those who feel that way or are afraid to read it, please do. Stick through with it. Sometimes, it can get tedious or drawn out, but it all plays a part in the story.

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

It is also extremely long, but it is worth it. With Naruto, please watch it. It is beautifully written, and almost every arc has several memorable moments. When things finally start to tie together, you will not be disappointed. You may be frustrated with some details in both, but if you look past them, you will see these are some of the best anime/manga ever.

Edit: I noticed how I put some real-world influences in One Piece but not Naruto. Susanoo in Japanese mythology is the Shinto god of storms and sea who was banished from the heavens by the creator god by guess who?? Izanagi. Ichiraku Ramen exists in real life near the university Kishimoto went to. Susanoo’s sister is named Amaterasu. Kaguya was inspired by the story ‘The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.”

Which is better, Naruto or One Piece? Why?

There are so many answers with a variety of opinions. I’ll try the categories attempt since I see others doing this, but there are some flaws here and there,.


Naruto’s story is a good one with twists and turns to keep the plot lines progressing. But the amount of out-of-context occurrences is too much to overlook unthinkingly. While One Piece moves more slowly, the events are paced, and the adventure theme takes shape.

Naruto – 8/10, One Piece – 10/10


One Piece is supreme here; with the entire world being explored and developed, it’s quite the sight to behold from Oda. Naruto has incredible world creation and timeline development/explanation, but we didn’t see the entire world much. Mainly, the other Great Villages were never shown in their whole light besides flashbacks.

Naruto – 9/10, One Piece – 10/10


Naruto is above One Piece. One Piece fights have been hyped up, etc., but never compared to Shinobi fights that we still fawn over, like the chunin exams and, to the more end, War Arc fights. One Piece has recently been having more hyped fights. However, Naruto takes the cake.

Naruto – 10/10, One Piece – 9/10


With this on the list, it’s just free points here for Naruto, considering One Piece is low on emotional events compared to Naruto’s multiple funerals and death/redemption scenes.

Naruto – 10/10, One Piece – 8/10


Naruto pissed me off here, I’ll be honest. The entirety of Naruto’s training and his pursuits were to save Sasuke. This dude wanted to fight you and kill you several times, yet you chase after him? Yeah no. That’s not a plot line. It’s a plot hole. Naruto knew him for four months before he went crazy after the chunin exams; I don’t know how you would go to that extent and put your life on the line for someone who doesn’t like you and saw you as a wall he would have to jump over. Okay, the Naruto rant is over.

One Piece’s plot is to find the One Piece/become the Pirate King to turn the world upside down and acquire the most freedom one man could ever have. Smaller plot lines are arranged around this one for the Straw Hat Crew, but they all converge on Luffy’s primary goal.

Naruto – 8/10, One Piece – 9/10


One Piece is possibly the best manga I’ve ever read and one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. But Luffy hasn’t changed much since the series’ first episode, if at all. He’s still goofy, and that could be said to be his Will, but I don’t see it as that; I see it as a lack of development after multiple traumatic events like Ace’s death, Sabo’s return, etc.…

Naruto evolves from being goofy THROUGH Boruto to being a semi-serious Hokage and going from the village clown/imbecile to the village’s saviour. He indeed DEVELOPED throughout his journies and fights with a multitude of opponents.

Naruto – 10/10, One Piece – 8/10


The chakra system was likely the best system ever created (besides maybe nen), pre-Shippūden. I wouldn’t say I like how hand signs were removed by the end of Shippuden, and chakra was semi-reworked to develop more characters with new and more powerful abilities.

While One Piece Devil Fruits have always remained the same outside of the mystery surrounding Blackbeard’s multiple devil fruits, with Haki introduced later in the story, the system is genuinely the best between these two.

Naruto – 9/10, One Piece – 10/10


Naruto -> 8+9+10+10+8+10+9 = 64

One Piece -> 10+10+9+8+9+8+10 = 64


What is your opinion on how One Piece is unravelling? Do you find the pacing slightly off in Wano, or does it fulfil your expectations?

Of course, we must make a difference between the manga and the anime here. I will cover the manga first and then leave a few notes on the anime.

So, for anyone saying that the manga of One Piece could be faster in pacing, he has most likely never compared it or even read it. Because the pacing in One Piece is breakneck, it has over 1000 chapters and is still far from the end. Why is that?

Because pacing has nothing to do with the amount of information a series offers.

Just because One Piece has many chapters doesn’t mean that it’s slow in pacing. It provides more information and has a more remarkable story, so it has more chapters than many others.

To show this, let’s make a simple experiment. We will compare it to Naruto and Bleach’s two most obvious choices.

I will now pick three random pages from any chapter from all three and show them to you. You can do the same if you want.

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

(•) One Piece

(•) Naruto

(•) Bleach

Do you see the difference here? One Piece has the most interaction and text bubbles in almost every chapter and arc. If you don’t believe me, go and open ten pages of each manga and tell me which has more. Bleach has the most minor interaction since most of the pages are pure fighting, with Naruto being 2nd and One Piece the first.

And no, this doesn’t say anything about the quality of any of the series; that’s not the point. It simply describes the pacing and shows why One Piece has more chapters. It’s merely a bigger story.

We can do another experiment and look at each arc’s different scenarios and locations.

For example, the Pain Arc in Naruto covers almost entirely the view from Pain vs. Naruto, with a few pages covering the interaction between the Konoha Shinobi. But the Pain arc focuses primarily on Naruto vs. Pain fighting.

Let’s take One Piece in Wano as a comparison.

We have the following scenes:

  • Franky vs. Sasaki
  • Nami & Usopp vs. Ulti & Page One
  • Killer vs. Hawkings
  • Robin & Brook vs. Black Maria
  • Samurai vs. Beast pirates
  • Inuarashi & Nekomamushi vs Jack & Perospero (actually two different scenes)
  • Jinbei vs. Who‘s Who
  • Worst generation vs. Yonkou
  • Which then shifts to Law & Kid vs. Big Mom
  • Zoro vs. King
  • Sanji vs. Queen
  • Luffy vs. Kaidou
  • Momonosuke & Yamato are doing their stuff
  • Whatever the Fck Orochi is doing

So you see, the amount of interaction and different scenarios is enormous. This is because One Piece tells a story from different points of view instead of focusing solely on their main characters. There are also way more named characters than in almost every other series. Heck, we have more information about the backstory of Senõr Pink than we have about Sakura.

So you see, the pacing in the One Piece manga isn’t slow. It’s fast considering the amount of information and story we got until now. And Wano is even for One Piece off the charts with the amount of content. It’s a huge arc with tons of information. Almost all of the chapters were interesting; whether you liked the scenarios of some side characters or not is personal taste. But it’s by no means slow in pacing.

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

As for the anime… well, it feels slow in pacing, but it isn’t. There’s not much behind the manga because we have 1053 episodes covering roughly 1030 chapters as I write this. However, Some scenes are stretched, especially in Wano, which gets annoying. The pacing feels so slow because some side scenarios take too long.

This scene, for example, was covered in one page of manga, including the previous scene and the reactions of everyone around there. You read this page in about 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, the anime covers the same scene within 1 to 2 minutes and repeats it in the next episode. To some extent, it’s evident that the anime takes more time to show scenes; it’s, after all, a moving show, while the manga is just drawing scenes. But sometimes, it just takes too long. But it’s not longer than any other comparable series. Like the manga, it has to show more scenarios and spread more information while having the same screen time.

The only thing I hate about the anime is the Recap…. It takes too long. Sometimes, the recap and the opening take about 6 minutes, leaving around 16–18 minutes of the actual episode. So that sucks.

But overall, I’m enjoying Wano in the anime because of the beautiful animation. And in Luffy vs. Kaidou‘s case, I hope they drag the fight longer. But if you’re interested in following the story, the manga is more accessible and better.

I hope that helps; thank you.

Why should I consider watching the anime “One Piece”?

Okay!! Let me tell you a story. I have seen countless anime series and was a big-time Dragon Ball and Naruto fanboy; I have been watching Naruto for as long as I can remember. Naruto was the most excellent protagonist ever. And yes he is right?.. So one day, I went to one of my closest friends, and he was watching some anime with not very good animation; when I asked him what’s he watching, he stared at me in awe and said, you don’t watch One Piece. I was like Nah, man, I don’t watch this shit. He then started talking about One Piece, like how it’s the most incredible anime series ever!! Of course, I ignored him…Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

But he kept pushing me every time I saw him,” Did u watch it, Did u?”. So finally, one day, I decided to see it. It was like three years ago, and lemme tell you, One Piece is the goddamn GOAT. Mahn, after the very first episode, one Piece became my thing. It has every content you look out for in a series spread throughout in equal proportions: the ever-awesome action, emotional content, brilliant storyline, family values, and bonds of friendship.

The single edition of the One Piece manga has been running for over 20 years and is still among the top sellers and forever one of the three anime series. Well, one Piece has over 800 episodes, and it took me almost two years to follow up the current arc. So many adventures, notorious pirates ruling the world, the corrupt world government, the whole concept of Devil Fruits and the sheer determination and willpower of the greatest hero ever Monkey.D.Luffy makes One Piece a must-must watch. You can only really call yourself an otaku if you have watched One-Piece.

I’ve made it to the Alabasta arc in One Piece. Should I read the arc (manga) or watch the arc (anime)?

You should watch the anime.

It depends on whether you like manga or anime, but I recommend anime. You can hear some OSTs that make the arc a lot more hype. The yelling of Luffy also makes it better.

Not a very detailed response, but I recommend anime. Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

Which is better, One Piece or Jojo?

You want war, don’t you?

Jojo is way older than One Piece

just like DBZ was the pillar of the Big Three

but Jojo is………….bro, where do I begin?

jojo started some of the best anime tropes

one of the best well-known tropes started by Jojo is Yandere

did you know Yukako Yamanashi from Jojo is the first Yandere?

Jojo is beautiful in every way possible

from all the beautiful history combined with songs and weird yet cool characters

now don’t tell me, “but other anime make history refrence too!!”

no, you geek, Jojo combines history with its story and not only gives the references

, it makes you love Jojo once you start reading it, yet it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I will admit that

everything is well made in it, from gut-wrenching stories to emotional stories

I have always loved the artwork; even the background characters are loveable,

then there are well-written villains

did any of us feel sympathy for Dio? No, in the slightest.

Did any of us feel bad for Pucci? No, or very little,

did we all see how fantastic the character N’doul was from part 3.


Did the deaths catch us off guard? yup, it did……………

the quote is Chef kiss

Father…Rest in peace. Let the smoke guide your soul to heaven. But I ask you for a final favour: let the flames burn with your strength.” – Jonathan Joestar

“Perhaps… Perhaps the time he foretold has come. If this is my destiny, I accept it.” – Will Anthonio Zeppeli

“What is “Courage”? Courage is owning your fear!” – Will Anthonio Zepelli” Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

and funny valentines quote on society, which is so true

“Suppose that you were sitting down at a table. The napkins are in front of you, which napkin would you take? The one on your ‘left’? Or the one on your ‘right’? The one on your left side? Or the one on your right side? Usually you would take the one on your left side. That is ‘correct’ too. But in a larger sense on society, that is wrong. Perhaps I could even substitute ‘society’ with the ‘Universe’.

The correct answer is that ‘It is determined by the one who takes his or her own napkin first.’…Yes? If the first one takes the napkin to their right, then there’s no choice but for others to also take the ‘right’ napkin. The same goes for the left. Everyone else will take the napkin to their left, because they have no other option. This is ‘society’.” – Funny Valentine.

That funny valentines quote shows a lot about Araki’s mind and also shows how creative he can be

he is not at all like other authors

he uses whatever he can

he is like a child who has been given books based on history, a music CD with a pencil and a book

he used things well and made something brilliant

now let’s talk about our beloved mangaka himself, araki………..

he is my biggest inspo!!!

And it’s my dream to meet him!!

Here, let’s have a look at his past life.

Hirohiko Araki was born in Sendai, Japan, on June 7, 1960, into a middle-class family. His father was an avid manga reader, and he passed on his passion to him. Hirohiko was the eldest of three siblings and grew up with two younger sisters. He later claimed that his younger identical twin sisters frequently opposed him and that he spent most of his childhood locked up in a room with nothing to do but read manga comics borrowed from his father. Please keep reading to celebrate his special day right here.

He said his father loved the art and owned a vast collection of illustrated books and books showing ancient Japanese artwork. All this collectively helped Hirohiko develop an interest in becoming an artist. Manga is one of the primary symbols of Japanese culture, and the art is still popular among the general public. Hirohiko understood the significance of manga and decided to become a manga artist when he was young.

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

When in school, he showed his manga drawings to some of his classmates and received praise. He made his first manga drawing when he was in fourth grade. Since then, he nurtured the dream of becoming a manga artist.

In the first year of high school, he submitted his work to a local magazine but faced rejection. He became insecure after learning several younger artists had been featured in the magazine. He could not accept the rejection and worked on a new manga all night. He then left for Tokyo, the headquarters of the publishing company Shogakukan, which had earlier rejected his manga. He then entered the Shueisha office to deliver his pitch. Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

The company’s chief editor criticized his work and asked him to rework it. Hirohiko worked on it, and it was eventually selected to be published. The manga was titled Poker Under Arms.

Following his high school graduation, he joined the Miyagi University of Education, and around the same time, he was honoured at that year’s Tezuka Awards.

He came up with the manga named JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which narrated the story of two brothers, with the central point of the conflict being their father’s inheritance. As the manga progressed, many more elements, such as vampires and magic realism, were added. The manga became an instant success, as it was published in Weekly Shonen Jump.

It was also the first “truly international” work published by Hirohiko Araki and contained elements of Western pop culture. The manga has sold 100 million copies and has become one of the most successful mangas ever. It has become a franchise, leading to many one-shot mangas and video games. The story has been divided into eight story arcs, with all of them featuring eight different protagonists with the name JoJo.

Several anime films and series have been made on the manga, while their English versions have been handled by Viz Media since 2005. Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

wow………. isn’t this all amazing to hear? Araki not only made the Jojo manga but also made other manga manga. To

Araki is also a big fan of western culture, and I think it would be evident to every Jojo fan

before I take a leave; here is some fantastic Jojo fan art!

<the art of Diego/Dio Brando is my favourite>

“Impossible? We did a lot of impossible things on this journey. I’m tired of hearing that things are impossible or useless. Those words mean nothing to us.” – Jotaro Kujo

always remember this quote if you are going through tough times………….

in the end, I think everyone knows my answer

it’s Jojo

I don’t care if piece fans get offended

for me, Jojo is a masterpiece and will always be

old is gold

and if the Big Three fans say old is gold

then jojo, dbz, berserk is the diamond mine

What should I watch, One Piece or One Pace?

This has sparked a debate: One Piece or One Pace? One Piece: The original anime stays faithful to the source material, but its pacing can be slow, with extended flashbacks, filler episodes, and drawn-out scenes. This can test the patience of newcomers.

Is One Pace faster than One Piece?

One Piece is 45% faster to watch compared to the original One Piece anime. That’s more than 137 hours saved!

Is one Pace better than the original?

Having watched both, I believe that One Pace should be the norm. It’s far better, especially once the gaps are filled, and the arcs they first did are re-edited.

Should I watch One Piece or not?

Whether or not to watch One Piece depends on your interests and the type of show you prefer. This show is a fantastic investment for fans of the shonen genre, especially if they have watched Naruto and Bleach, the other two members of the famous “Big Three” of shonen anime.

Why do I see 444 every time I think about someon

Should I watch One Pace or One Piece

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