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Home ยป NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2023: When Will Santa Be At My House?

NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2023: When Will Santa Be At My House?

NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2023: When Will Santa Be At My House?

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas! For over 60 years, NORAD has been using its high-tech satellites and radar to follow Santa and his reindeer on their magical flight. It’s one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I can’t wait to see where is Santa Claus heading next!

So in this article, we will explore: When will Santa come to your house? What Country Is Santa In Right Now? How to track current location of Santa Claus and many more fun things.

I know, now you can’t resist tracking Santa, so let’s find out:

When Will Santa Be In The USA?

As of 3:06 AM, Santa is currently flying in USA, And he reached Tacoma, Washington, United States according to NORAD’s Santa Tracker. I hope Santa has given you a gift.

Keep reading to know more about Santa’s Location!

When Will Santa Be At My House?

It is impossible to know when Santa will come to your house, because I do not know your exact location. But according to NORAD, Santa visits everyone’s house when childrens are sleeping.

If yours kids are still awake when Santa comes to your house, he will skip to the next house. And when the childrens sleep, he will come again.

What Country Is Santa In Right Now?

As of about 3:18 AM EST on Christmas Day, Santa is now moving across the Comox town in Canada and is on his way to Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada.

Earlier he’d been tracked heading across Asia, Africa, Europe, and then South America.

Santa has distributed 7,226,124,572 Gifts till now, I hope you also get one!

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How to Track Santa Claus by NORAD?

Here is the step by step process to Track Santa:

Step 1: Go To NORAD’s Santa Tracker tool.
Step 2: You’ll See Santa’s Live Location there.

Is NORAD Santa Tracker Down?

As of right now, 3:15 AM EST at December 25th, 2023, NORAD Santa Tracker is Not down and running normally.

Norad Santa Tracker Not Working: How To Fix?

NORAD Santa Tracker Live 2023: When Will Santa Be At My House?

If NORAD’s Santa Tracking is not working on your Mobile/PC, here are the troubleshooting tips for you:

Clear your cache

Sometimes, old cookies and caches can prevent the page from loading fully. So you have to clear your browser’s cache to access the NORAD Santa Tracker tool. If you don’t know how to clear your browser’s cache, then try Searching on Google about it!

Try a different browser or device

If you still can’t Track Santa after clearing caches, try to use your other device. Your current device may not support NORAD’s website.

I have only these methods to troubleshoot NORAD Santa Tracker. According to your issue, there may be more fixes for it

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