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Home » How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? – Complete Guide

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? – Complete Guide

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? - Complete Guide

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship?

Casetify is happy to provide both domestic and international shipping choices. All their products are available for delivery in Australia, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, and France, among other places.

Thus, keep reading if you’re wondering how long Casetify takes to ship. We will answer all of your queries regarding it here.

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023?

Casetify typically offers two types of shipping: standard and overnight. Standard shipping takes 1-3 business days for orders to arrive. For more shipping information, please contact the Casetify Customer Care team, who will be happy to assist you!

If you want to know more about Casetify shipping, like how much shipping costs, how to order shipping on Casetify, how I can check my order status, and many more, then keep reading.

How Long Does It Take For A Casetify Case To Arrive In Australia?

Casetify mobile covers can take up to two weeks to arrive in Australia. This is because the cases are shipped from Hong Kong and have to go through customs. If you order any cover from Casetify, it will take a few days to be shipped.

If you need a faster shipping option, you can upgrade to next-day shipping at checkout, exclusively from Aceboater. Please be aware that this option may not be available for all items. To track your order, please visit the PayPal page.

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Casely’s success is based on excellent customer service. Hence they have various shipping options available so you can place your order soon. Casely’s shipping and customer service are both excellent. If you have any questions about your order, please get in touch with them at

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? - Complete Guide
How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? – Complete Guide

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship To Canada?

If you live in Canada, shipping should take 1-3 business days. If you live in the United States, shipping should take 1-3 business days. It will still take a little longer due to different postal time zones.

I wanted to make it appear that the folks who are quick to criticize this subreddit are not likely from Canada.

It’s a large country with many different zones. Thus shipping times may vary by region.

When customers complain about shipping times, Casetify takes them seriously. We want to make sure that your clothes are shipped accurately. If you have any complaints or queries, please get in touch with Casetify via PM.

How Much Does Casetify Shipping Cost?

Casetify offers free shipping on orders of $38 or more. And if you order less than $38, the shipping is about $6.

Casetify provides a wide selection of products, styles, and sizes. As a result, we provide four tiers of mailing rates.

How Can I Check My Order Status On Casetify?

Casetify is a web-based platform that enables users to create and buy personalized merchandise from leading brands.

From their website, you can quickly check the status of your order on Casetify using the tracking number on your confirmation email.

Casetify allows multiple orders to be placed per account and tracks those orders separately.

It’s easy to see which items are currently in stock. Which ones are out of stock? You can also view detailed product information. You can also view a list of variations for each item by clicking “Details.”

Why does Casetify take so long to arrive?

Several factors affect the shipping time of Casetify:

When you place an order with Casetify, it may take a few days for the case to be created and dispatched. Depending on where you reside, the package may take a few days to arrive. Thus, if you’re wondering why your new phone case is taking so long, this is likely the reason!

You can help ensure that your order comes as quickly as possible by doing the following:

  1. When placing your order, be sure to enter your shipping address correctly. Any errors in the address may cause delays.
  2. Once you obtain your tracking information from Casetify, watch it. This will give you a better indication of when you might expect your delivery.
  3. If you have yet to receive your item after a few weeks, call customer support so they can assist you in tracking it down.

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How To Order For Shipping On Casetify

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? - Complete Guide
How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? – Complete Guide

Here’s an estimate of how much your order will cost. You should charge the total amount. Please proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the country from where your order will be delivered. Choose “USPS First Class Mail” for US orders. Please select “International Shipping” for orders to be delivered outside the United States.
  2. Insert your shipping address in the supplied field. Please ensure that your shipping address is correct and complete because Casetify is not liable for inaccurate or missing addresses.
  3. Click the “SAVE” button to save your information. This is available at the bottom of the form. Then it would help if you pressed the “ENTER” key. Before you submit your order, the amount you will be charged will be revealed. If you need more help, please get in touch with customer service at

Do Casetify Ship Internationally?

Yes, they offer international shipping. is exclusively available to Canadians who live in Canada. There are no international shipping services available if you are shipping from Canada.

If you select international shipping, your product will be shipped within two business days following the purchase date.

They specialise in international delivery via courier services. They use services such as FedEx, DHL Worldwide Express, and UPS to ensure that your packages arrive safely at their destinations. Tracking numbers are included in the package with your product.


How reliable is Casetify?

Casetify is a great place to buy high-quality phone cases and other accessories. Their customers have given us a satisfaction rating of 99.9%, and we promise they will be satisfied with all of our products by offering a satisfaction rate of 100%.

They ship orders from our warehouses in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, so if you live in North America or Asia, your item will most likely come sooner than if you live elsewhere.

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Also, orders placed during peak seasons, such as the holiday season, may experience modest delays because of the increased traffic.

What Courier Does Casetify Use?

Casetify ensures that the best alternative for each consumer is found, from USPS to FedEx and everything in between.

Casetify is an internet shop. It specializes in personalized phone cases made from your photos or ideas.

Are Casetify cases bulky?

The majority of Casetify cases are slim and light. The signature cases are slightly thicker than the transparent ones, but not excessively. Due to the card slots, the folio wallet cases are also slimmer, albeit significantly bulkier than the other case types. Generally, our cases strike a compromise between protection and bulkiness.

Is Casetify waterproof?

Casetify cases are water-resistant but not entirely waterproof. We advise you to avoid extended exposure to water as this may cause harm to your case.

How do you clean a Casetify case?

Cleaning a Casetify case is best done with a soft, dry cloth. If your case is filthy, use a slightly dampened cloth to clean it, but avoid getting the cast wet. Never wash it with harsh chemicals or abrasive objects to avoid damaging your case.

Is Casetify a luxury brand?

Although Casetify is not a premium brand, its products are highly quality. You don’t have to worry about their cases going yellow over time because they’re made of anti-yellowing materials.

Furthermore, they offer a variety of different types of cases from which to choose, allowing you to select the container that is best suited to your needs. Also, their pricing is reasonable, especially considering their products’ high quality.

Conclusion: How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship?

Casetify typically processes and ships orders within three to five business days. This can vary from year to year and depends on how many orders they are currently processing simultaneously.

When your product is delivered from our facilities, you will receive a delivery confirmation email with tracking information. Depending on where you reside, it may take five to ten business days for your item to arrive after it has been processed and delivered.

The company is known for offering exceptional customer service, quick and effective order fulfillment, and selling high-quality goods. Casetify cases protect while keeping a low profile, striking the perfect mix between protection and portability. Use a soft, dry towel to clean your case.

How Long Does Casetify Take To Ship in 2023? – Complete Guide

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