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Home » 16 Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma: Top-Rated Attractions 2022

16 Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma: Top-Rated Attractions 2022

Best Things To Do In Tulsa

16 Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma: Top-Rated Attractions 2022

Visit Tulsa on your next weekend trip to see this unique city in Oklahoma. Art lovers can explore the Philbrook Museum of Art in a beautiful Italian Renaissance villa surrounded by gardens, visit the Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa Art Deco Museum or 108 Contemporary. For couples, top things to do in Tulsa, OK, include Woodward Park and the Tulsa Farmers Market.

1. Philbrook Museum of Art

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma
Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Located south of downtown Tulsa, the Philbrook Museum of Art is housed in part in an impressive villa designed in 1927 by architect Edward Buehler Delk. Situated on 23 acres of land, the Italian Renaissance villa was built for Waite Phillips, a wealthy oil tanker. 

He gave the mansion in room 72 to the city of Tulsa in 1938, and the museum opened a year later. Its impressive collection includes works by notable artists such as Picasso and Andrew Wyeth. 

The museum offers tours of the exhibits and collection highlights every day, led by experienced teachers. A walk through the beautiful gardens is one of the best things to do in Tulsa, OK.

Address: 2727 South Rockford Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma

2. Gilcrease Museum

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Named for Thomas Gilcrease, an oil tanker and avid art collector, the Gilcrease Museum houses one of the world’s largest art collections from the American West and several artefacts from Central and South America. 

It is located on North Gilcrease Museum Road, northwest of downtown Tulsa, and is one of Tulsa’s top attractions. The museum sits on 460 acres, 23 of which have been converted into themed gardens. 

The museum strives to provide educational opportunities and offers classes, events, programs, and workshops. There are public tours of the permanent collection led by trained teachers, and the museum also offers special group tours.

Address: 1400 North Gilcrease Museum Road, Tulsa, Oklahoma

3. Tulsa Farmers Market

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Located on 15th Street in Tulsa’s “The Cherry Street District,” the Tulsa Farmers Market is a famous market that offers fresh, locally produced items during the year’s warmer months. 

It was first opened in 1998 and was initially called Cherry Street Farmers’ Market. The goal of the market is to sell only local, seasonal, and sustainable products. The market has grown to include nearly 100 vendors, starting with just a small group of vendors, largely thanks to community support. 

After experimenting, the market has expanded, opening several new markets elsewhere. The market is open on Saturday mornings from April to October. 

A visit to the farmers market is one of the best fun things to do in Tulsa on a romantic date: you can enjoy delicious snacks and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Read on for more things to do in Tulsa this weekend.

Address: Cherry Street Farmers Market, 15th Street between S. Rockford and S. Quaker, Tulsa, Oklahoma

4. Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa, OK

Located in Tulsa’s Brady Arts District, the Woody Guthrie Center is a museum dedicated to the life and work of Woody Guthrie, a celebrated American folk musician, singer, and songwriter. 

It is an interactive museum that allows visitors to view Guthrie’s instruments, artwork, letters, notebooks, photographs, and other notable pieces of historical memorabilia. 

The centre also shows a biographical film and presents folk music events. The Woody Guthrie Archive is a fascinating section of the museum, as it contains the world’s most extensive collection of Guthrie-related material.

Address: 102 East Mathew B. Brady Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

5. The Woodward Park and Gardens Historic District

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Woodward Park and Gardens Historic District is an arboretum, botanical garden, and public park on South Peoria Avenue. Named after Helen Woodward, the park was established in 1929. 

Woodward Park sits on 45 beautiful acres of land and consists of several specialized gardens, such as the Tulsa Rose Garden. These formal terraces were established in 1935 and contain over 9,000 roses, representing an impressive 250 varieties. 

Listed on the US National Register of Historic Places, the park is also known for its upper and lower rock gardens. The park’s other cool features include a glass conservatory and sunken garden, among other treats.

Address: 2101 South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

6. KEO Restaurant, Tulsa, Oklahoma

KEO is not your typical Asian restaurant. When preparing food, chefs and kitchen staff always keep three fundamental principles in mind:

  • Good health
  • Fresh produce and ingredients delivered daily
  • A passion for Asian cuisine 

KEO’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai and Cambodian traditions. The kitchen even prepares gluten-free or vegetarian versions of some of their delicious dishes.

Naturally, the restaurant serves traditional sake and Asian cocktails with lemongrass or lychee and offers selections from rich collections of wines from Austria, Italy, France, and New Zealand.

Address: 3524 S. Peoria, 918-794-8200; 8921 S. Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma

7. Spa Lux

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

A pampering day at Tulsa’s Spa Lux is one of the best gifts you can give that busy workaholic in your family, and don’t forget yourself! Daily stress, long to-do lists, and the pressure of responsibilities leave imprints on our bodies and minds. 

Enjoy a day of relaxation in the soothing and elegant space of Spa Lux, where the de-stressing begins at the entrance. The best way to use their services to their full potential is to choose one of the spa packages. 

Whatever you choose, it all starts with a foot bath, an incredibly soothing and relaxing service that will put you in the right frame of mind. If you select the Total Body Deluxe package, you will receive a 55-minute body mask, an 85-minute Swedish massage, a 30-minute revitalizing scalp treatment and an 85-minute facial, and they’ll even treat you to lunch.

Your escape package includes a 55-minute Zen hot stone massage, a 55-minute purifying clay body mask, and a 30-minute personalized mini facial. You can start or end it with a complimentary time in the sauna or steam room with whichever package or treatment you choose. 

When you finish, you will wonder why you waited so long and when you will return. You can start or end it with a complimentary time in the sauna or steam room. When you finish, you will wonder why you waited so long and when you will return. 

You can start or end it with a complimentary time in the sauna or steam room. When you finish, you will wonder why you waited so long and when you will return.

Address: 8922 South Memorial Drive B, Tulsa, OK 74133

8. Tallgrass Prairie Table

Tallgrass Prairie Table, an incredible restaurant driven by the farm-to-table principle, was founded in 2014. Since then, it has become a famous and beloved favourite. It has three cosy dining rooms that are tastefully decorated in a rustic style. 

Crystal chandeliers made by a local artist add just the suitable elegance. One of the dining spaces has a direct view of the open kitchen, allowing guests to get a plain sight of all the action.

The bar is located in the second room, with a large communal table. To get to the back room, which seats fourteen people, you must pass through charming wooden barn doors that enhance the restaurant’s character. 

Executive Chef Michelle Donaldson is passionate about sourcing most of her ingredients from local farms, making her famous Duck Confit Jambalaya and other dishes even more delicious. Tallgrass Prairie Table also serves local ales on tap, craft cocktails, and various selections from a boutique wine list.

Address: 313 East 2nd Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

9. Tulsa Art Deco Museum

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Located in the lobby of Tulsa’s historic Philcade Building on South Boston Avenue, the Tulsa Art Deco Museum is a boutique museum with a remarkable collection from Tulsa’s Art Deco era. The building in which the museum is located in a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture.

 Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Tulsa’s Art Deco district, the Tulsa Art Deco Museum also hosts events like afternoon tea parties and the Deco Ball. 

The museum offers guided tours by trained teachers, available upon request. The museum is open Monday through Saturday, and there is also a gift shop. 

Address: 511 South Boston Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

10. Sushi Hana, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sushi Hana is a modern Japanese fusion restaurant. Owner Kenny Chan met three sushi masters in the Big Apple and invited them to create something wholly new and exciting in Tulsa.

Each chef has a different cooking style, ensuring that your dining experience at Sushi Hana will be unique. The team constantly presents new recipes and specials, and even the most seasoned connoisseur of sushi will be pleasantly surprised. Some of the favourites at Sushi Hana include the lobster handle roll, the tuna shack, and the pepper steak teriyaki.

Address: 9904 Riverside Pkwy, Tulsa, Oklahoma

11. Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame is housed in the former Tulsa Union Depot, a historic Art Deco building from 1931 that originally served as the central train station in downtown Tulsa. 

After extensive renovations, the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame began using the facility in 2007 to showcase individual blues, gospel, and jazz musicians, as well as Oklahoma state music groups. 

The building is now called Jazz Depot – it is a museum with artefacts, memorabilia, and photographs related to Oklahoma musicians. It is also a venue for concerts, art programs, and other events. Educational programs include after-school programs, a Performing Arts Academy for children, and more.

Address: 111 East First Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

12. STG

STG is a unique restaurant whose name means “Specialty and Traditions, Guaranteed”. STG’s philosophy to approach its culinary practice is simple: be faithful to an exact process. 

The pizzas here are baked at 900 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 seconds, the same process that chefs use in Naples, Italy. The cooks are meticulous in their cooking and always insist on the best.

Only one type of tomato is used in STG: La San Marzano La Regina tomatoes. Every tomato is inspected, ensuring that each one is perfect. The kitchen imports a particular type of buffalo milk and wheat flour mozzarella directly from Naples. All other ingredients are sourced locally.

Address: 114 S Detroit Ave, 918-960-2011; 233 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa, Oklahoma

13. 108 Contemporary, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Located in the renovated Mathews Warehouse Building on East Brady Street, 108 Contemporary is a museum located in the Brady Arts District. The museum focuses on contemporary crafts and features works made from ceramic, fibre, glass, metal, paper, wood, and other materials.

Preserving Oklahoma’s Native American culture is also one of the museum’s goals, displaying impressive baskets, beads, pottery, and rugs. The museum also recognizes the importance of education and offers a variety of lectures, videos, and workshops.

Typical programs include topics such as the “Statewide Weaving Project: The Unbearable Absence of Landscape” and “Art Badge for Explorers.” The museum also has a gallery and shop open Wednesday through Sunday.

Address: East Mathew B. Brady Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma

14. Andolini Pizzeria, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Andolini Pizzeria is operated by the Bausch brothers and their partner John Davey, who own and manage some of Oklahoma’s most authentic Italian restaurants.

“This is not like Naples here. It is Naples,” they say. The team constantly improves their skills by travelling and searching for new techniques and frequently participates in various pizza competitions worldwide.

Some favourite specialities include White Pizza, Vesuvio, The Clemenza, and Andolini Pizzeria also offers a wide variety of craft beers to accompany your meal.

Address: 1552 E 15th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma

15. The Tulsa Garden Center

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Located just south of Woodward Park, the Tulsa Garden Center, part of the Woodward Park and Gardens Historic District, is housed in the David R. Travis Mansion, a 21-room mansion built in 1919 that sits on acres of land. 13. 

The centre’s mission is to provide the community with opportunities to learn about gardening and the environment while preserving the historic mansion. 

Inside, you will find many photographs of the mansion taken at different times throughout its history. The centre offers a variety of classes, events, and shows and has an extensive library of more than 5,000 books. The centre is open Tuesday through Saturday.

Address: 2435 South Peoria Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma

16. Tulsa Zoo

Best Things To Do In Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Tulsa Zoo sits on 85 acres of land on East 36th Street in Mohawk Park, which is one of the largest urban parks in the US. The zoo is a non-profit organization involved in conservation efforts. 

It also focuses primarily on education and each day offers a variety of talks and demonstrations in many of its exhibits. There is a petting zoo called the Children’s Zoo, where children can get up close to various animals such as emus, kangaroos, llamas, otters, prairie dogs, and others.

Exhibits include Africa, Asia, oceans and islands, the American rainforest, and many other fascinating locations. The zoo is open every day. A visit to the zoo is one of the best things to do in Tulsa with kids.

Address: 6421 East 36th Street N, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Things To Do In Tulsa

Is Tulsa worth visiting?

It is not only Tulsa’s past that makes it a worthwile place for travelers to visit. Long called one of the country’s best-kept secrets, the city is known for its art deco architecture, underground arts scene, and better-than-the-coast food and drink.

Is Tulsa OK cool?

The second-most populated city in the great state of Oklahoma, Tulsa is absolutely brimming with culture and points of interest. Deriving much of its wealth from the oil industry, Tulsa has shown to be one of the most fascinating cities in the midwest today. Fun things to do in Tulsa will be all around you.

Is OKC or Tulsa better?

Tulsa is greener and hilly, OKC is flat and prairie. Tulsa is more Native American in it’s history, OKC is more Land Run. OKC has changed a lot in the years since the bombing, has had a lot of growth, has become a little more like Tulsa, but it will always be more country.

Is Tulsa OK Safe?

According to data collected by the FBI crime reports in 2019, Tulsa is safer than 2% of the cities in the United States. The truth is, every city has good and bad areas – and Tulsa is no exception. Based on facts and figures, you will find that Tulsa suffers from high crime rates that are located in specific areas.

Does it snow in Tulsa Oklahoma?

Yes, Tulsa Oklahoma gets snow. Tulsa is located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma – which is right, smack-dab in the middle of the U.S. This means that Tulsa gets all the different kinds of weather – snow, ice, tornadoes, heat, rain, wind, and everything in between.

Why do people move to Tulsa Oklahoma?

A big reason to consider a move to Tulsa would be its family atmosphere; it offers something for everyone. Besides the low prices on family-sized houses and the low cost of groceries and healthcare, Tulsa and its surrounding areas offer great school systems and plenty of youth activities.

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